The debate of cuisines as a science, as a cultural result, like a chef’s expertise, is everywhere. We would love to take up the topic of cultural reasons for the evolution of Malnad cuisine. The cuisine experts who traveled with us in the journey of understanding the cuisines of Malnad gave us different observations. There is a lot of proof that the cultural preferences of people helped evolve different dishes in a cuisine.

The journey of a simple Jackfruit Kadabu in Malnad would show us footprints of how people from the Coastal region in Karnataka could have brought it to Malnad. It gives us a whole picture of the migration of the population from Coastal to Malnad for trade, agriculture, and many other reasons.

Once people started living in the Malnad region their food habits took slight changes in the tinge of salt or spices. But a whole lot of things in the way they prepared food remained most similar to the region they came from. Yes, there are some original dishes in Malnad cuisines that got evolved as the seasons demanded change.

For instance, horse gram soup/rasam (Huruli Saaru) is prepared at most of the Malnad homes during the rainy season. The monsoon season in Malnad means paddy cultivation using Bullocks in the farms during ancient times. The horse gram kept the bullocks warm, so people cooked it and took out the soup to have it themselves while the horse gram was served to the bullocks.

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There are other dishes too which must have the important ingredients from Malnad Recipes. You will not get the same taste if prepared with different standards of ingredients. Raja, Maharajas of Karnataka, has hailed the tastes and health benefits of several Malnad cuisines. The books of history also mention the Malnad food that’s been spoken about by great people from yesteryears.

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