Malnad is a region wrapped with greenery and blessed with enchanting beauty of natural wonders everywhere. You will encounter a lot of landscapes where you would like to click relentless photos on your travel camera. Travel Malnad a premium holiday service provider is striving from past 10 years to successfully create happy traveler footprints in Malnad Karnataka. The team is a headed by a professional holiday and hospitality entrepreneurs. You holiday in Malnad will be the best as it will be planned with customized inputs as per your requirement.

Beyond history and art in the region Malnad is a hub of agricultural activities in Karnataka. While you visit Malnad take from us itineraries that help you visit agriculture plots and processing units where you see the actions. The major part of agricultural lands are utilized for paddy, coffee, tea, areca, pepper, cardamom and floriculture. Choose stay at villas, cottages, homestays, resorts booking through Travel Malnad and experience the authentic lifestyles of Malnad people.

There are multiple destinations in Malnad that you can cover ranging from 2 nights to 3 nights. If you are a nature lover and just want to laze on the riverside, read books, go far estate walk, sip hot coffee amidst plantations, then you choose one destination only for your entire trip. This allows you have ample time for relaxation along with sightseeing visits. There are several options in our itinerary customization which help you know places to cover and make prudent decision.

Travelers visiting Karnataka for the first time and exploring Malnad region must be aware some of these things noted below:

  1. Malnad is a green belt and you see a lot of forests and estates in your destination.
  2. The stays listed on Travel Malnad are fully secured and safe for your family visit too.
  3. Some of the destinations are Eco sensitive places and activities such as trekking, hiking, and mountaineering, camping would be strictly prohibited or requires necessary permissions by local authorities.
  4. Open area cooking is prohibited: If you are traveling in a group and planning to camp on an open site or someplace where you think you can cook and party, then do not venture doing it. There are vigilant groups to maintain the cleanliness of the places and you would be royally penalized too.
  5. Do not throw waste at roadside. Its illegal and there is law in place to penalize the offenders. We care for you, so we share this to you with utmost concern.
  6. Please reconfirm the permissions and authorization by local authority if the stays encourage you to camp or trek in eco sensitive forest regions.
  7. Trespassing in forest region is strictly prohibited. Do not get lured by agencies or companies sitting in cities offering you holiday packages including trekking and camping on hill tops illegally.
  8. Enjoy your vacation by witnessing the beautiful Malnad and contribute to nature in securing and safeguarding its sanctity.
  9. If you love plants, then there are a lot of nurseries which we have direct contact. Buy saplings for lowest price and plant them to make earth more green by your small effort. You will be thanked for it by the birds when the tree branches out.
  10. In case if any homestay or resort claim that they have free access to the forest and guests can do there whatever they want. Beware of such bogus promises. As the forest law is strict you would be in trouble for trespassing.


Choose a Malnad Stay for your next Trip:

There are a lot of travelers who simple love to stay at a serene location in Malnad. The answer to this is given by Malnad Stays that are available for your comfortable accommodation and holiday. Being a pioneer in this journey Travel Malnad has offered stays for thousands of travelers from across the globe. You can experience the authenticity of the place by staying at one of our homestay or resort. It takes only a few minutes for you to compare and book a nice stay.


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