Best hacks to save big while booking stays in Malnad

All of us love to travel and feel happy when we can save money while booking our trip. If you are someone who is not happy paying more for less service then, welcome to the club, we all are in the same boat. We would wonder how is it possible to save money when companies charge exorbitantly quoting that they are offering professional service.

Hospitality is one industry where you do not find a perfect yardstick to measure the services offered by different hosts for a given period of stay or duration of the holiday. We have been working for more than 10 years in the Malnad Homestays services and our one motto is to give our users transparent information.

You would be surprised to learn the fact that there are umpteen companies out there offering homestays with hidden information and varying pricing model. We have a strict no rule wherever the transparency is hidden or morphed to trick the customers. We are booking the best Malnad homestays for our guests with the best offers and customized holiday packages. We do not charge any fees or booking charges for the guests.

Travel Malnad® was the only company 10 years back when Malnad Homestays booking services were launched online. Our company promoters are extensive travelers before they got into the travel business. The reason our founders launched the company is to provide travelers a fair idea of what it will be like traveling in Malnad.

How to save big while booking Malnad Homestays?

There are different segments under Malnad Homestays services and you can compare quotes online on our portal. If you have already browsed through different Malnad destinations on our portal, then you would have realized that their several options and you can easily customize your booking to save money. There are several ways to save big while booking a homestay on our portal to any of our listed homestays in Malnad.

Tips to customize and save money while booking homestays;

  • Choose a meal plan as per your duration of time spent in the homestay. We can deduct the meal that you are not availing of.
  • Opt for a bed and breakfast package so that you need not have to return always to the homestay for food. By doing this you are not only saving on food part but fuel to your vehicle.
  •  Always go with the fixed menu buffet food plan. The spread will be good and more items are offered compared to what you order on the Ala-Carte model.
  • Hire cabs or jeeps that are close to homestays than from the main town. The kilometers between Malnad homestays and town will always get added to your vehicle bill.
  • It is better to take inputs from the hosts at your homestays, as they are locals and love to help you. Do not fall prey to companies that offer camping in the hills or forest areas. Forest entries during the night are banned in Malnad and no such camping or night trekking is allowed.
  • Speak to TravelMalnad® experts for customizing malnad trips.
  • BEWARE of fake companies and individuals who claim to be representing TravelMalnad® or partners with us. We have our own customer support numbers 9480565888 / 9480595888. Always happy to assist on whatsapp or by phone call.