This generation of travelers are living in a tech world where booking tickets to rooms is seamless. To be sure of what you get on a holiday one need to deal with professional service providers. There could be thousands of accommodations in a given destination and that can confuse travelers while making right choice. How to choose the best option? Travel Malnad has simplified the process of homestays booking in Malnad Karnataka with its technology and ground level verification. This has brought a tinge of happy experience for travelers in the services rendered for bookings done through our portal since 2005.

The portal has made sure that only verified stays are given for users to book online. By doing this we are very happy to tell you that the experience of holidaying in Karnataka is best assured all the time for every bookings made on Travel Malnad. Every year several new stays get added up to the kitty of travel malnad booking portal and all of them are duly verified on a regular basis. Only those who comply with our terms get on board.

Several people visit us from across the borders every year across the seasons. Visitors have loved us for a simple fact that our services never over promise and under deliver. Our travel expert team is always getting up to date with the industry every quarter adding new features and technology. Continuous evolving mentality has enabled us to constantly analyse the reviews of our visitors to improve our services. Travel Malnad’s compare engine is user-friendly helping to save time in booking homestays in Karnataka making a prudent choice.