We are living in a world where we have no time or very less time to indulge in activities amidst nature. Why is it so? Are we materialistic or losing touch with nature in the quest for prosperity and career trajectory? The world without nature is a world unthinkable. We all need nature and we all are responsible for its conservation. Apart from the forest areas mostly monitored by Forest Departments in this country, the greener patches are created and maintained by the agriculturists. This argument holds well across India, where we have largest areas of cultivated lands in the world.

When we talk about agriculture lands in Karnataka we can never miss the name called ‘Malnad’, which is one of the greenest regions. The plantations in this region include crops like Coffee, Tea, Arecanut, Rubber… The area comprises several hotspot tourist destinations like Coorg, Chikmagalur, Sakleshpur, Thirthahalli, Sagar, Sringeri… We are the pioneer company who started promoting Malnad as a whole destination offering different holiday experience for our guests from all over the world. We take pride in the fact that we have served more than a lakh tourists till date.

Currently we have hundreds of best quality homestays and resorts under our umbrella to offer for our guests who come to these destinations for a real nature holiday experience. As the popularity of these places grew multifold, the number of holiday homes also has increased over the years. However, we can proudly say that we have the best list of homestays and resorts which are cherry-picked by our quality control team on a regular basis. These are monitored for hygiene and hospitality upgrades required to offer pleasant holiday experience for our guests.

The rich vegetation of this region is not only a treasure for the Green Reserve in the world but also a preserved asset for the country. Many lovers of nature who has visited the region has applauded the care taken by local people in preservation and development of natural resources in Malnad.

Holidaying ideas in Malnad

As you are already given a gist about the destination Malnad, now we will give you some ideas and activities tips to do when you holiday with us.

  1. Do short treks, mountain walks or hiking to get a glimpse of several plants and bird species.
  2. Wild life safaris conducted by Government are a nice escape to the deep forest areas in Malnad.
  3. Take our local guides who will explain the history of the place along your short treks.
  4. There are several unexplored but very beautiful waterfalls in Malnad, take information from us before visiting the destination.
  5. Plan your itineraries with us and know how you can connect between different places without wasting much time on your precious holiday.
  6. Choose our estate homestays and resorts to live planters’ life in Malnad.

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