The Western Ghats region is a rich habitat for different species of flora and fauna. The region has many things to offer you while you go on a trip. There are mountains, valleys, hills, waterfalls, trekking spots, and homestays. When you plan a trip, you must make sure you are planning with comprehensive trip ideas. The place where you stay will become the most important item because around that your whole trip is planned.

There are thousands of estate homestays in and around the Western Ghats belt. A prudent traveler will always compare stays before making any booking. The reason for a thorough comparison is that you will have a better perspective of your entire vacation planner. If you see our portal, we have curated only the best stays in the Western Ghats region. If you want to customize your trip then you can access the comparison feature by filling out a simple form on our portal.

What are the things to note while planning a trip to the Western Ghats region?

  • You need to be aware that the Western Ghats region is known for its forest cover. Most of the homestays are located in the greenery and could be away from the city center.
  • At some destinations you have stays located remotely, so we recommend you carry all your essentials before visiting the stay.
  • Carry all necessary things like umbrella, jackets, caps, trekking shoes, torch before traveling to the Western Ghats stays.
  • Chemists will be within the town limits and you must carry all your necessary medications while going on a trip.
  • Banks at ATMs would not be easily accessible during your stay and better carry sufficient funds in cash or digital mode to make your payments.

    Top Western Ghats Stays in Karnataka

  • Homestays in Thirthahalli – Thirthahalli is a destination near the Western Ghats belt and a small township on the riverbank. There are several stays in the estates of Thirthahalli with adventure activities and a swimming pool for your trip.
  • Homestays in Coorg – The Kodagu district in Karnataka is one of the top destinations for nature lovers planning a trip. You can plan a weekend trip to Coorg from any major city in Karnataka.
  • Homestays in Chikmagalur – Chikmagalur is a beautiful coffee land in Karnataka with several hill stations and waterfalls for your trip. We have some of the best homestays in Chikmagalur with coffee estate surroundings.
  • Homestays in Agumbe – The Western Ghats belt passes through Agumbe near Thirthahalli. The hills and mountains in and around Agumbe are spectacular and popular for sunrise and sunset visits.
  • Homestays in Sakleshpura – This place is well known for ages for coffee, pepper, and spices cultivation. The stays here are nestled in the quiet villages and in the foothills with waterfalls and trekking spots nearby.

Best things to do in the Western Ghats Stays

A traveler will find umpteen number of things to do while planning a trip. You need to shortlist what makes you happier when you are on a trip. We have listed some of the top picks that our guests who visit the Western Ghats stay told us for our query like ‘how did you spend time during the trip’? What are the most interesting things to do?

  • Trekking
  • Hiking
  • Kayaking
  • Waterfalls Visit
  • Campfire in the estate
  • Just lazing in the estates
  • Village walk
  • Nature trails