There were times we used to go and see cities with our family members and enjoy the modernity. When modernity became norm of the day it is evident that a lot of travelers today want to visit their routes that is nature. We all know that nature has a tremendous healing touch on human beings. Many people feel that they are deprived of visiting nature since they work in a city or live in a 24×7 busy schedule. The fact is we should make room for visiting nature quite often and heal our soul and body.

How many of you have heard about the Maland region in Karnataka? No wonder that the name of this region is derived from its literal meaning that is ‘Land of forests’. You love greenery? Have you trieed trekking? Have you ever bathed in a stream? Shown your children how streams flow? You could do all these wonders by visiting Malnad region in Karnataka. For a nature lover this place is a real wonder and a paradise of estates, streams, mountains, lush greenery, clean oxygen, waterfalls…

While planning your trip to Malnad make sure you know a bit about the place and surroundings. Reason is very simple; some people living in posh localities of an urban set up tend to expect their gated community experience again when they are holidaying in these areas. No! Don’t expect it. Leave all your stress, city life, urban lifestyle… and simply come to nature. That is what you have to expect, its nature and you are caressed by the Mother Nature which you can never afford in a bigger city.

The splendid beauty surrounding the Malnad region creates an enchanting effect on the visitor. No matter whether you are vistiing for a weekend or for a complete week stay in Karnataka, you will return with fond memories. There are many sightseeing places you can cover while visiting malnad region. Plan your itinerary well in advance to have a better time management. We booked homestays in Karnataka located in Malnad region and had a mindblowing holiday experience for a week long stay. To get further information on malnad holiday packages contact travel malnad customer support team.