We feel delighted and relaxed by travelling and exploring new places. Beyond all that, in our subconscious we will be gaining a lot of concrete perspectives about life and lifestyles by just visiting and staying in some of the places on earth. The touch of philosophy to travelling can give you a different angle and point of view to analyze things around you in the present world. Lot of things would look different and your vision can be much clearer and focused just by travelling to new regions rather staying at one place.

Generations of travelling community has experienced the mysticism of nature by staying amidst the woods or forest areas or hill stations. When you are spending time amidst the green pastures of Malnad we can guarantee that you will have rejuvenating experience for your mind and body. Currently the Malnad region has gained multifold increase in traveler footfalls every year with consistent pace. Reason for this surge is very simple, greenery has a natural relaxing factor in it to your mind and soul.

Once you perceive travelling as a philosophy in life it becomes lot more meaningful and enhances your thought process in a big way. Why travel has always been considered as famous pastime? It’s proven in the history that human beings seek knowledge and imagination by visiting different places on earth. We at Travel Malnad are a group of extensive travelers who believe in the philosophy of travelling and decided to bring you closer to the Malnad forests and its special powers to make you a more rejuvenated person.

There are several small hamlets, beautiful villages, tiny townships, waterfalls, hill stations, adventure zones, wildlife, rafting, safaris, campfires, hiking, trekking…. in malnad region. That you can enjoy during your holiday in Malnad region. We have listed the best homestays and resorts with attractive offers for your comfort. Spend some time on our website and book below homestay / resort online using your credit/debit card or net banking online.

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