Nature is offering everything to human beings selflessly. The sun doesn’t shine for itself, rivers don’t drink its water, trees don’t eat their own fruits, and flower’s fragrance is not for itself. The rule of nature shows that living for each other is the essence of life. Sharing is the way of caring for each other.  If you observe the grass doesn’t strain to grow or flowers doesn’t struggle to blossom. It’s always naturally simple and easy for nature.

Humans have a lot to learn from nature spiritually. When you visit nature even for a brief period you can see its tremendous influence on you. Imagine you are spending a complete weekend just sitting amidst greenery doing nothing but meditating and relaxing. You can relax your mind which deserves a break from its hectic thinking schedules. Give a break to your self and spend time silently scaling a mountain in Malnad or meditating amidst plantations.

Dedicate your trip completely for relaxation of your mind. You can feel the enlightenment you can derive from each moment that you spend in nature. Take a silent walk inside the estates or by climbing the mountains. The stillness of nature teaches you to breathe blissfully & listen to self silently. All your anxiety, restlessness subsides and slides into a deep awareness of the self. Which in turn influences your thought process. These things may seem difficult in the beginning. Once you get a hang of how to achieve tranquility of your mind it will be an enabling experience. There are several destinations on our portal for you to choose to stay amidst nature. As we call it Nature is only Zero Kms when you visit Malnad Karnataka.