Mother Nature can long lasting and effective impact on human souls in terms of refreshing and rejuvenating them. The more time we spend amidst the nature means that we are becoming healthier and younger. Between the work schedules and busy office life we would not get time to often spend time in the nature or there could be a possibility you have your home in the city and do not have a farmhouse or any such set up back in a village. Here is what that can intersts you in our services. We are experts in delivering farmhouse, estate house, homestay… experiences for travelers coming to the nature.

Malnad region in Karnataka which is a popular nature holiday destination in South India receives several hundreds of thousands travelers every year. Every traveler can have a unique preference while traveling to these destinations, travel malnad is striving to deliver these by customizing the holiday packages. The streams, valleys, mountains, waterfalls… all will be before your eyes while traveling in Malnad region of Karnataka. Plan your itinerary with our holiday experts and know what you will be doing for the days and nights you are going to stay in nature.

We recommend activities like trekking, farming, local lifestyle experience, local cuisines, swimming in water streams, estate walks, hiking the mountains… to rejuvenate you amidst the nature. What is required to do these acitivities? You need a safe place most importantly and a proper guide to all the acitivities without wasting any time.

There are many places to stay in the Malnad region and travelers can shop online at travel malnad to get rate compression and free quote facility. We advice you to take online reservation atleast 2 weeks prior to your travel to malnad region in Karnataka. Since there are many properties it can confuse you while making choice. Speak to our customer support for more information on the place you want to travel and get appropriate Karnataka homestays accommodations facility.