My Holiday Experience in Karnataka!!!

Last month I got continuous 4 days holidays and started looking to explore a destination in Karnataka. I live in city and work as a software consultant. My schedule doesn’t permit to spend leisure in outstation places. I have to be wired all the time and be in touch with my clients. Luckily I got a complete leisure of few days and away from work. Then the plan of visiting Karnataka came to my mind. Me and my wife started surfing online for information and holiday packages. Then we got a grand opportunity of holiday package to Malnad in Karnataka.

Karnataka, a perfect blend of art, culture, history and literature is also offered us a great holiday. Our mundane activities kept us so busy that we had almost forgotten the greener part of the earth. This was literally felt when we landed in Malnad, the land of forest and greenery. It was an amazing journey that we began from the capital city of Karnataka to the deep jungles of Malnad region. We had booked a homestay in Karnataka for our accommodation and food.

The travel executive had planned our itinerary so well with intertwine of adventure and rejuvenation for us. The time management was incredible, the spread sheet we received before leaving our offices was self explanatory and advice to take the best route reach the place. We reached the homestay without any hassles, and the roads very good and full with greenery on both the sides. It was a refreshing experience for a guy like me who was abandoned to enjoy the beauty of nature.

If I keep writing this travelogue, this could be a never ending task for me. I can recollect each lovely moment we spent during our holiday which brought me and my wife back to nature. The Homestays in Karnataka can offer you a full package with food and accommodation and other recreational activities. We booked our holiday through resourceful portal called Travel Malnad and that made all the difference and we completed our holiday with fruitful memories. I wish to make a similar trip in Karnataka that can help me rejuvenate myself.

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