The sky was clear, the land was green everywhere, roads were good and we were driving amidst the Malnad region in Karnataka which is the paradise on earth for nature lovers. It was spring season and a new life, new beginning for all of us. We had taken a break from our routine and mechanical work life and hit roads exploring the glory of nature. Why we chose Malnad as our destination? This was our much debated and discussed topic before the start of our travel.

We will be honest with you. Our team is one of the senior most software engineers’ team in a leading MNC in Bangalore. Our work schedule demands us to be on our toes all the time clearing project leads and executing projects internally in the organization. The team was overwhelmed with the work pressure and wanted a break to unwind ourselves. Thus came the idea of doing a trip any of the top destinations in Karnataka.

We did a lot of research on this topic and everyone had different perspective about holidaying. Some were keen on a beach holiday place and some voted for coffee estate and some were neutral and ready to blend in for any holiday plan. Thus we concluded the Malnad as our destination of travel with places recommended by team. The expert team at TravelMalnad helped us a lot by providing us meticulous details of travel planning to even taking routes while in Malnad.

The best part about TravelMalnad was not responding like typical travel companies but with lot of care and true reasons to help us and make our trip a great one. We all congratulated them heartily for this fantastic trip for us. Once we were on the move we realized how important it was to have contacted the right people who are domain experts. We all have come back to work with a great deal of enthusiasm and fully charged. We are definitely going to make a revisit to the places we have covered in Malnad.


Mr Ram