Homestays in Coorg, Karnataka

Coorg is also called as the Scotland of India. The valleys, waterfalls, hill stations, homestays and resorts in exotic places in Coorg have given thumbs up response from the travelers. Those who visit Coorg have never forgotten to mention to their friends and family after their return that it’s the best blend of adventure and rejuvenation. Those who have chose to stay in the estate or plantation ambience have had a great experience of enjoying the fruits of nature.

Coorg is one of the regions in Malnad that has a heritage and history to its tourism background. From the days of British era in India, Coorg was termed as the Scotland of India and a summer retreat. The climate here is cool and moderate during all seasons. Homestays in Coorg offer a typical experience of the lifestyle and food habits of the Kodagu. There are many homestays located amidst the valley or in hill station and travelers will sure enjoy the hospitality of the hosts in Kodagu.

There are several homestays in Coorg and some of the best are listed in Travel Malnad. The heritage of Coorg can be understood by travelers by staying in a homestay or a resort. The famous punch line for homestays in Karnataka is “Come as guests and leave as a family”. The hospitality provided here is not as just travelers or guests but as family members. Take a break and visit coorg to relish the hospitality and indulge in activities that can refresh you before going back to work.

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