Homestays and Resorts in Karnataka, Southern India

Sitting in an air conditioned office working 9 hours a day and having less time even to peep out of the window; this is the normal techies in multinational companies. You never know when your tasks are going to be finished and relieve you from the work. When you are very much in need to take a break and visit some of the magnificent destinations in Karnataka and get back to work all rejuvenated. When you spend a lot of time before the computer or doing hectic work schedules then you definitely need a break and a holiday plan to visit Malnad.

There are many places that you can visit in Karnataka and especially if you are a nature lover and plan to spend some time amidst a hill station or plantations then you must visit Malnad region. This region in Karnataka comprises a stretch of land that is margined by the Western Ghats. The Malnad region has its own heritage in terms of lifestyle and there is a rich history of kings ruled this region. Even the British who were in this part of Karnataka were mesmerized and chose to reside in these places.

You can expect a pleasant climate and solacing experience amidst the valley, hills and estates in these places. Homestays in Karnataka, especially in Malnad region has become the common weekend getaway for those who need a refreshing experience. Some of the places that comprise the malnad region in Karnataka are Coorg, Chikmagalur, Thirthahalli, Sakleshpur, Jogfalls, Agumbe… There are good numbers of homestays and resorts spread in these region and travelers can easily get accommodation with luxurious hospitality.

What are you waiting for?? Thinking that you have less idea about how to plan your itinerary while visiting the Malnad region? It’s very simple, you can go on Travel Malnad and choose your destinations to cover and you can plan your itinerary with our tailored packages. Each package is delivered on the basis of your individual requirements at resorts in Karnataka. There is an option for you to make prior reservation before you travel to one of the destination selected.

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