Malnad, a widely known place for its greenery and the Western Ghats habitat has a lot of tourism promotions and safer places for accommodations. The travelers from across oceans have trekked the hills and walked the plantations and estates that are situated in the heart of malnad. Now holiday planners to these areas are not difficult.

The Travel Chords Holidays promoted ‘Travel Malnad®’ is doing a wonderful job in consolidating information as well as planning a holiday for guests effectively with providing them the opportunity to get the best rates for rooms. There is one single Tariff at Travel Malnad which gives equal importance of providing hospitality for both Indians and foreigners visiting these areas.

Being a forerunner in the hospitality services in Karnataka and South India, Travel Chords has nurtured some of the core ethics in listing and promoting places understanding the traveler perspective better. We are here to serve you and promote a destination which should leave long lasting fruitful impressions in your minds. The clarity of holiday packages in Karnataka and options to compare accommodations side by side gives you a credibility of booking the right one as per your individual requirements.

The packages are mainly divided as:
Adventure packages – If you have a love for some trekking, swimming in the water stream, doing a plantation tour, engaging in harvest (seasonal), exploring wildlife…

Serene packages – You want to read some books, relax by the riverside, take a long walk in the evening, spend some time doing village tour, know some local cuisines…

Honeymoon packages – Romantic places in the nature for you to spend that most special and memorable moments with your loved one.

Corporate packages – Planning for your office colleagues and need a refreshing break from your work then choose this.

Family get together -Spend quality time with your family, enjoy a bonfire and chill out on the sand or river banks.

Key Features:
• Spending time in nature certainly refreshes and rejuvenates your senses
• We strongly recommend 2 nights and above stay as you can refresh and also explore during your trip.
• All seasons are beautiful in Malnad region in Karnataka and we guarantee you happiness.
• Best itineraries are planned along with the travelers. We give ample time for you to plan, re plan and reschedule as it’s a holiday not a business meeting.
• Best price and best hospitality by hosts is guaranteed.
• Call any time and reservations are done online without any hassles.
• Currently there are 100 and odd hotels/homestays/resorts for you to compare quotes and book.
• Room availability and confirmation is made in quick time.
• Save you time, money and energy by planning your trip with our holiday services.


Travel Malnad® Holidays Package:

Per Night – 12 Noon to 12 Noon
Standard Stays Per Adult Per Kid (5-12 Yrs) Below 5 Yrs
Only Accommodation Rs 800 Rs 400 No Charges
Bed & Breakfast Rs 1200 Rs 600
MAP (Breakfast & Dinner) Rs 1500 Rs 750
APAI (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) Rs 1900 Rs 950
Deluxe Stays
Only Accommodation Rs 1000 Rs 500
Bed & Breakfast Rs 1250 Rs 625
MAP (Breakfast & Dinner) Rs 1750 Rs 875
APAI (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) Rs 2100 Rs 1050
Super Deluxe Stays
Only Accommodation Rs 1250 Rs 625
Bed & Breakfast Rs 1500 Rs 750
MAP (Breakfast & Dinner) Rs 2000 Rs 1000
APAI (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) Rs 2500 Rs 1250
Premium Stays
Only Accommodation Rs 1500 Rs 750
Bed & Breakfast Rs 1750 Rs 875
MAP (Breakfast & Dinner) Rs 2500 Rs 1250
APAI (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) Rs 3000 Rs 1500