Holiday in Karnataka

Those who are planning their visit to Karnataka can organize their holiday in a Homestay or Resort. There is a wide array of accommodation facility available in Karnataka that are located in Malnad and Coastal region of Karnataka. People who are looking to explore the malnad region can shop online at Travel Malnad and save their time and energy. The homestays and resorts of Karnataka (Malnad Region) can be accessed online and compared before making a reservation.

Travel Malad web portal helps the travelers have an unbiased access to the information of homestays and resorts that are located in Coorg, Chikmagalur, Thirthahali, Sakleshpur and Coastal Karnataka. The confirmation of reservation can be taken online by the travelers who are planning their holiday in Karnataka. The reservation process is very simple at Travel Malnad and there is no additional fee to book homestays in Karnataka or Resorts in Karnataka.

It is advisable that travelers seek their reservation in advance before starting their journey in any of the homestay or resort selected. The confirmation can be given even a month prior to the visit by the guests. To avoid last minute congestion it is advisable that travelers should reserve their accommodation in the homestays in Karnataka. There is no additional cost for any of the online services provided by Travel Malnad.

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