My parents live in India and since I do get summer holidays to meet them I travel every year. Being a professor I have traveled extensively on work submitting papers and give lectures. But always home coming will be a thrilling and special experience. We dedicate a lot of time for work and often forget spare time with our loved ones. I make it a point every 6 months to spend time with friends and family. Usually we schedule to travel to a nice resort or sometimes choose one of our houses to spend time.

This time trip to India was thourughly enjoyed by me and my family, especially kids were exposed to lot of things which we as parents may have ingonred or forgotten to introduce them. There is always need for expert advice for everything and when planning a holiday it is not spared. We all want to have a quality time with our family and for that a proper holiday planner is required. This time we bumped on to travel service provider in Karnataka who did a excellent job in organizing, executing and advising our holiday planner.

When I started journey from London I was excited and with lots of expectation. When I reached Bangalore and spent 2 nights there I relaxed, taking long walks in the early morning and meeting my friends who are working in Bangalore. We all planned for a visit to Wonder La in Bangalore and enjoyed there. It wasn’t the holiday planner, just a relaxing time. Our holiday planner was designed by our travel partner to Coorg.

I was skeptic about the planner initially but the professionalism maintained by the team at travel chords till we reached back to Bangalore was really great. There were few delays initially only in getting the phoneline since they get a huge number of phone calls in a day. But once our query was processed no looking back, the staff were very polite and professional. Good part is they never delayed in giving information and details. Some of the things which we were not aware were introduced to us.

Holdiay planners should always include activities and facilities for both elders and kids. Sometimes we might forget planners for kids and then realize how much they may get bored if they are not taken care. Once they are busy we can be busy enjoying our holiday. Hey! Wait. This lesson was given to us by Travel Chords team and that’s 100% true. We all equally and thoroughly enjoyed our holiday at home stays in Coorg at Karnataka and we have all written about this fabulous experience on our facebook pages and also blog posts.