Why should you choose a homestay while visiting Chikmagalur? This is one of the most pertinent question asked by lot of our guests. There are several hotels, resorts and other formats of holidaying options but nowadays most likely choice of our registered travelers is a home stay. Answer to the above question is very simple, a homestay can bring you closer to the coffee planter’s lifestyle and make you spend a memorable holiday enjoying all the nature that you want around your accommodation itself.

Coffee planter’s lifestyle

Isn’t it nice that you get an opportunity to live a coffee planter’s life for a short duration, yet cover all sightseeing places around Chikmagalur. Many would vouch on our homestays much more than any star category resorts for a simple reason of getting authentic coffee estate accommodation experience. You can visit a waterfalls, spend time trekking, watching the sunset from a peak, cycling, plantation tour, coffee farming tour…

The visitors to Chikmagalur

A decade ago there were hardly any visitors to these places apart from few friends and family members of Chikmagalur residents. But today we see thousands of new visitors increasing every month on our booking portal, which shows the credibility of all the stake holders of the destination as well as the beauty of nature attracting visitors. We get both inbound travelers from different countries as well as Indians travelling from different parts of the nation and our review system has collected enormous amount of positive feedbacks about this beautiful destination.

Apt for nature lovers

If you are an ardent nature lover and thinking of where to go this summer than contact us to have memorable holiday experience in our homestays in Chikmagalur. We are expecting you to have prior reservations as there would be congestion during peak holiday seasons like summer. Take a free quote now and reserve your stay online without any hassles.