Agriculture is the backbone of our country; we all know this fact and taking a glimpse at this magnificent process will be a thrilling experience. Many children living in the cities are not exposed to agriculture and some of them wonder when they visit a paddy field or a coffee estate during our holiday trips. We take immense pleasure in promoting Agri-Tourism as a special package for those who love to spend time on the agriculturist’s way during the holiday. It would look simple but if you dwell on it further you will realize that it consists of all the science and technology which the modern world has embraced.

Paddy Fields in malnad

In today’s world, being an agriculturist is not the same as it used to be in the past. The days are gone where you had an abundant labor force. Now one needs technology to handle a huge estate or do cultivations on paddy fields. The reality has come to a point where the agriculturist has become an innovator and started designing, manufacturing equipment on his own. There are several classic examples of innovative equipment designed in the Malnad region some of them are the Areca Dehusking machine, Pepper Dehusking machine, Areca bunch separator, Coffee Cultivation Machines…

Coffee Estates in Malnad

Agri Tourism packages designed by us are all available online for bookings. All you need to do is freeze leisure dates and then speak to our travel experts.  We advise you on the best itinerary as per the duration of the holiday you are planning and the number of people traveling in your group. All-inclusive packages starting at as low as Rs 1500 are available per person per night. The intention is to give access to a lot more people who would like to explore the agricultural lifestyle in the Malnad region of Karnataka. Do call us anytime or write to us at for further information.

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