The growing number of working sections of the society has in one way lead to the increasing number of homestays and resorts mushrooming amidst the nature. Sakleshpur is not an exception for this phenomenon as the place is at a drivable distance from Bangalore it welcomes a good number of tourists every weekend to say it precise. Sakleshpur is famous not just for coffee estates and spices cultivation but for many trekking trails amidst the nature. The place was once famous as a trading hub in Karnataka for the spices and has a rich tradition of growing many types of spices. Today, clubbed to this the holiday is also one of the major revenue generating business in the place.

There are many homestays and resorts in Sakleshpura region, some of them in the estates and some of them amidst paddy fields and few with both combinations along with a flowing river next to it added to its natural beauty. One needs to do a little research for planning their itinerary and we at travelchords can customize your tour package as per your requirements. As there are several types of tariffs or packages available one should compare quotes.

Taking a quote is very simple on travelmalnad, complete the form with your travel dates and other requirements and you will get a list of packges immediately in your email. Once seeing the list of packages you can understand the facilities and other details and reserve rooms online with simple steps. There will terms and conditions, booking & payment terms, cancellation policy for each hotel which will be shared transparently from the team.

Why book with us?
Very simple, we are in the industry from past several years and the loyal customers over the years have accumulated loyalty bonus points and used for the discounts. Every package attracts discount vouchers and all you need is to take a quote, rest we assist in making sure you get the best package irrespective of whichever the property you have chosen on the website.

We also help you design customize holiday packages by adding or deleting facilities and activities which could be a direct relation to the prices.

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Homestays and Resorts in Sakleshpur