Rainy days in Malnad Region

Monsoon in the Malnad region is like a feast for the eyes to see nature come to its full glory with greenery everywhere. A lot of agricultural activities are taken up during this very crucial period by the people of the Malnad region. Malnad region is one of the highest producers of Paddy, Coffee, Tea, Arecanut, Coconut, Pepper, and Cardamom crops in Karnataka. Of late, some places in Malnad have also started growing fruits, flowers, and other spices. Besides agriculture, this region is a major destination for homestay holiday services. If you have not traveled or stayed in the Malnad region using homestay services with Agri-Tourism offered by Travel Malnad®.

Monsoon special food in Malnad

Lifestyle in the Malnad region during the monsoon means a celebration for the locals. There will be agricultural activities everywhere with busy people in the fields. There will be a fresh food menu at homes with local delicacies like Kotte Kadabu (Jackfruit-Floor-Ball), Mushroom, Seasonal Fish, homemade papad, mango pickles, and many more. A lot of dishes that otherwise not exist during other seasons will come alive during the monsoon in Malnad.

Greenery in Malnad region

If you have traveled already to Malnad during the monsoon you would have seen many things that you otherwise will not get to see. People going to the paddy fields or estates will cover themselves with a black rug that you mostly get to see in rural Karnataka. It’s a traditional umbrella, jacket, and blanket during the monsoon season. The algae grown everywhere makes the whole landscape a green blanket on the earth. Yes, it will be slippery to walkers but a feast for nature lovers and photographers.

Malnad holidays during monsoon season

Life comes to its fullest form during monsoon in the malnad region. travelers visiting destinations in the malnad must be prepared sometimes for incessant rainy days. You may have to just sit with a cup of coffee and a nice book to read at our cottages watching the rain pour gloriously in front of you. Choose a Malnad homestay on Travel Malnad® and spend your monsoon trip to Karnataka in a most meaningful way. During monsoon, one must choose to stay at an estate or plantation homestays. The natural surroundings at these stays will look all the more green and vibrant during the rainy season.