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Weekend Getaways in Karnataka

We have curated top weekend getaway destinations for your holiday and leisure experience. The stays listed by us are relevant for weekend trips where you can drive your own vehicle and stay at magnificent destinations in Karnataka. The homestays and resorts amidst the estates, plantations, and on the riverbanks can be booked online for your weekend trip. Weekend getaway homestays and resorts by Travel Malnad are located amidst the estates, plantations, and forest regions of Malenadu. Plan your weekend trip to Karnataka and stay at the top homestays of Malnad.

Best stays for Malnad road trip

Road trips from the nearest cities to Malnad have become the latest trend among travelers. Several vacation planners are there for your road trips in Karnataka. Malnad road trips are popular because of the nature travel experience. You will experience an abundant rejuvenating experience by doing road trips to Malenadu in Karnataka. We have several stays for your road trips and accommodation requirement. 

Weekend road trip tips for visiting Malnad

  • Always choose the nearest and best destination for your trip
  • Make sure that the roads to the destination you choose are good and you can drive your own vehicle. 
  • Plan your itinerary well ahead of your travel dates so that you can add more points before traveling.
  • Carry your medication even though it's just a weekend trip. You might not get your medicine at the remote destination you are visiting. 
  • Compare and book homestays or resorts so that you will get the best on with the right tariff. 
  • Select the best hosts using our portal so that you can enjoy authentic Malnad Hospitality. 
  • Make sure that you book with portals that give you the real names of properties and do not fall prey to companies who sell rooms with fake property names. 
  • Always remember that the tariff on our portal is given by the stays and THERE are NO FEES for booking homestays. 

Pavanaganga Estate HomestayHomestay
Pavanaganga Estate Homestay
Foothills Estate HomestayHomestay
Foothills Estate Homestay
Coqueiros Beach CottagesHomestay
Coqueiros Beach Cottages
Muduvalli HomestayHomestay
Muduvalli Homestay
Orange County KabiniStar Category
Orange County Kabini
Hemakoota HomestayHomestay
Hemakoota Homestay
Vihangama Riverside Estate ResortResort
Vihangama Riverside Estate Resort
Jungle Greens Estate HomestayHomestay
Jungle Greens Estate Homestay
Paddington ResortStar Category
Paddington Resort
Mullayanagiri Hilltop VillaHomestay
Mullayanagiri Hilltop Villa
Redberry Estate HomestayHomestay
Redberry Estate Homestay
Jungle Camp Backwater ResortResort
Jungle Camp Backwater Resort
Coffee Retreat HomestayHomestay
Coffee Retreat Homestay
Ibbani Heritage HomestayHomestay
Ibbani Heritage Homestay
Thotadahalli Estate HomestayHomestay
Thotadahalli Estate Homestay
Orange County CoorgStar Category
Orange County Coorg
Canopy Green Estate HomestayHomestay
Canopy Green Estate Homestay
Wild Woods Nature ResortStar Category
Wild Woods Nature Resort
Wind Flower MysoreStar Category
Wind Flower Mysore
Meridian Bay ResortResort
Meridian Bay Resort
Coffee Cove HomestayHomestay
Coffee Cove Homestay
Honey Dewz Exotica Resort Resort
Honey Dewz Exotica Resort
Machaan ResortResort
Machaan Resort
Java Rain Luxury ResortStar Category
Java Rain Luxury Resort
Nature Nestate HomestayHomestay
Nature Nestate Homestay
Forest Edge Hilltop CottagesHomestay
Forest Edge Hilltop Cottages
Estate Stay BalgatteHomestay
Estate Stay Balgatte
Hillside Adventure HomestayHomestay
Hillside Adventure Homestay
Silent Valley Estate ResortResort
Silent Valley Estate Resort
Coffee Terrain Estate HomestayHomestay
Coffee Terrain Estate Homestay
Parampara ResortResort
Parampara Resort
Coorg Cliffs ResortResort
Coorg Cliffs Resort
Prakruthi Estate HomestayHomestay
Prakruthi Estate Homestay
Coffee Aroma HomestayHomestay
Coffee Aroma Homestay
Ajjanamane HomestayHomestay
Ajjanamane Homestay
Magnolia Estate ResortResort
Magnolia Estate Resort
Wind Flower Spa and ResortStar Category
Wind Flower Spa and Resort
River Woods Estate HomestayHomestay
River Woods Estate Homestay
Oakridge Estate HomestayHomestay
Oakridge Estate Homestay
Little Jungle Estate HomestayHomestay
Little Jungle Estate Homestay
Coffe Escape HomestayHomestay
Coffe Escape Homestay
Maragodu HomestayHomestay
Maragodu Homestay
Sanjivini HomestayHomestay
Sanjivini Homestay
Honeyvale Estate HomestayHomestay
Honeyvale Estate Homestay
Flameback Estate ResortResort
Flameback Estate Resort
Estate Stays in ThirthahalliHomestay
Estate Stays in Thirthahalli
Kalgreen Estate ResortResort
Kalgreen Estate Resort
The Serai KabiniStar Category
The Serai Kabini
The Mellows HomestayHomestay
The Mellows Homestay
Coffee Camp Estate HomestayHomestay
Coffee Camp Estate Homestay
Coffeebean Estate HomestayHomestay
Coffeebean Estate Homestay
Cardamom HomestayHomestay
Cardamom Homestay
Villa Urvinkhan Estate HomestayHomestay
Villa Urvinkhan Estate Homestay
Hulikallu HomestayHomestay
Hulikallu Homestay
Water Village Estate HomestayHomestay
Water Village Estate Homestay
Nature Nirvana Estate HomestayHomestay
Nature Nirvana Estate Homestay
Good Earth Estate HomestayHomestay
Good Earth Estate Homestay
Prestige HotelHotels
Prestige Hotel
Krushikoota Homestay in SringeriHomestay
Krushikoota Homestay in Sringeri
Silvergate Estate HomestayHomestay
Silvergate Estate Homestay
Ctwo Estate HomestayHomestay
Ctwo Estate Homestay
Country Villa HomestayHomestay
Country Villa Homestay
Devangi Estate HomestayHomestay
Devangi Estate Homestay
The Serai BandipurStar Category
The Serai Bandipur
Coorg Dreams Estate HomestayHomestay
Coorg Dreams Estate Homestay
West Wind Town HomestayHomestay
West Wind Town Homestay
Nest Estate HomestayHomestay
Nest Estate Homestay
Trivik Resort and SpaStar Category
Trivik Resort and Spa
Mudanamane HomestayHomestay
Mudanamane Homestay
Thippanalli Estate HomestayHomestay
Thippanalli Estate Homestay
Coorg Karishma Town HomestayHomestay
Coorg Karishma Town Homestay
Malagar HomestayHomestay
Malagar Homestay
BirdofParadise Estate HomestayHomestay
BirdofParadise Estate Homestay
Tamara ResortStar Category
Tamara Resort
Cluster Estate HomestayHomestay
Cluster Estate Homestay
Banalu HomestayHomestay
Banalu Homestay
Chandramukuta Estate HomestayHomestay
Chandramukuta Estate Homestay
Navilubetta Estate HomestayHomestay
Navilubetta Estate Homestay
Kanaka Homestay in SringeriHomestay
Kanaka Homestay in Sringeri
Devigiri Estate HomestayHomestay
Devigiri Estate Homestay
Aadrika HotelHotels
Aadrika Hotel
Girigandarva Estate HomestayHomestay
Girigandarva Estate Homestay
Coffeegrove Estate ResortResort
Coffeegrove Estate Resort
Forest HomestayHomestay
Forest Homestay
Copper Edge HomestayHomestay
Copper Edge Homestay
7th Heaven HotelHotels
7th Heaven Hotel
Green Inn HomestayHomestay
Green Inn Homestay
The Serai Luxury ResortStar Category
The Serai Luxury Resort
Amanvana Spa and ResortStar Category
Amanvana Spa and Resort
Shiveka Estate HomestayHomestay
Shiveka Estate Homestay
Eagle Fly HomestayHomestay
Eagle Fly Homestay
Coffee Village Estate HomestayHomestay
Coffee Village Estate Homestay
Naturelight Estate HomestayHomestay
Naturelight Estate Homestay
Eagle Eye Estate ResortResort
Eagle Eye Estate Resort
Rainbird HomestayHomestay
Rainbird Homestay
Coffee County Estate HomestayHomestay
Coffee County Estate Homestay
Ambatty Greens ResortResort
Ambatty Greens Resort
Bananki Estate HomestayHomestay
Bananki Estate Homestay