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Weekend Getaways in Karnataka

We have curated top weekend getaway destinations for your holiday and leisure experience. The stays listed by us are relevant for weekend trips where you can drive your own vehicle and stay at magnificent destinations in Karnataka. The homestays and resorts amidst the estates, plantations, and on the riverbanks can be booked online for your weekend trip. Weekend getaway homestays and resorts by Travel Malnad are located amidst the estates, plantations, and forest regions of Malenadu. Plan your weekend trip to Karnataka and stay at the top homestays of Malnad.

Best stays for Malnad road trip

Road trips from the nearest cities to Malnad have become the latest trend among travelers. Several vacation planners are there for your road trips in Karnataka. Malnad road trips are popular because of the nature travel experience. You will experience the abundant rejuvenating experience by doing road trips to Malenadu in Karnataka. We have several stays for your road trips and accommodation requirement. 

Devangi near KuppalliHomestay
Devangi near Kuppalli

2749 2499 Per Night
Malagar in JagaraHomestay
Malagar in Jagara

2750 2500 Per Night
Watervillage in HanbalHomestay
Watervillage in Hanbal

2550 2300 Per Night
Coorg Cliffs in PollibettaResort
Coorg Cliffs in Pollibetta

2750 2500 Per Night
Tamara in NapoklunadStar Category
Tamara in Napoklunad

7250 7000 Per Night
Ajjanamane in ThalaguppaHomestay
Ajjanamane in Thalaguppa

1550 1300 Per Night
Silvergate near HukkundaHomestay
Silvergate near Hukkunda

4250 4000 Per Night
BirdofParadise in KudigeHomestay
BirdofParadise in Kudige

1800 1550 Per Night
Bananki near KuppalliHomestay
Bananki near Kuppalli

2550 2300 Per Night
Machaan in HanbalResort
Machaan in Hanbal

5250 5000 Per Night
Thippanalli in BababudangiriHomestay
Thippanalli in Bababudangiri

2850 2600 Per Night
Coffeeterrain in AvathiHomestay
Coffeeterrain in Avathi

2250 2000 Per Night
Mudanamane near KoppaHomestay
Mudanamane near Koppa

2500 2250 Per Night
Kanaka in SringeriHomestay
Kanaka in Sringeri

1625 1375 Per Night
Parampara in KudigeResort
Parampara in Kudige

2200 1950 Per Night
Coffeegrove in MudigereResort
Coffeegrove in Mudigere

3250 3000 Per Night
Windflower MysoreStar Category
Windflower Mysore

7250 7000 Per Night
Javarain MulainagiriStar Category
Javarain Mulainagiri

7750 7500 Per Night
The Serai ChikmagalurStar Category
The Serai Chikmagalur

8250 8000 Per Night
Eaglefly in MavinaguniHomestay
Eaglefly in Mavinaguni

2450 2200 Per Night
Coffeecamp in NaikeriHomestay
Coffeecamp in Naikeri

1850 1600 Per Night
Coffeecove in JakkanahalliHomestay
Coffeecove in Jakkanahalli

2000 1750 Per Night
Maragodu Estate HomestayHomestay
Maragodu Estate Homestay

1750 1500 Per Night
Orange County KabiniStar Category
Orange County Kabini

7250 7000 Per Night
Chandramukuta in MakoduHomestay
Chandramukuta in Makodu

2250 2000 Per Night
Redberry near MulliangiriHomestay
Redberry near Mulliangiri

1250 1000 Per Night
Aadrika HotelHotels
Aadrika Hotel

2400 2150 Per Night
Meridian Bay KundapurResort
Meridian Bay Kundapur

3750 3500 Per Night
Mayura Deluxe in TownHotels
Mayura Deluxe in Town

2249 1999 Per Night
Prestige MangaloreHotels
Prestige Mangalore

2750 2500 Per Night
Muduvalli in MegaravalliHomestay
Muduvalli in Megaravalli

2750 2500 Per Night
Ashoka Park InnHotels
Ashoka Park Inn

1550 1300 Per Night
7th Heaven ManipalHotels
7th Heaven Manipal

2250 2000 Per Night
Prakruthi near BalehonnurHomestay
Prakruthi near Balehonnur

1750 1500 Per Night
Windflower in  KedakalStar Category
Windflower in Kedakal

8250 8000 Per Night
Naturelight near MallandurHomestay
Naturelight near Mallandur

2250 2000 Per Night
Canopygreen AttihallyHomestay
Canopygreen Attihally

2250 2000 Per Night
Coffeevillage in MudigereHomestay
Coffeevillage in Mudigere

2750 2500 Per Night
Cluster in DasarahalliHomestay
Cluster in Dasarahalli

2250 2000 Per Night
Orange County CoorgStar Category
Orange County Coorg

8250 8000 Per Night
Flameback in MudigereResort
Flameback in Mudigere

7250 7000 Per Night
Vihangama in BharathipuraResort
Vihangama in Bharathipura

1499 1249 Per Night
Paddington in ThondoorStar Category
Paddington in Thondoor

2750 2500 Per Night
Westwind in MadikeriHomestay
Westwind in Madikeri

1500 1250 Per Night
Shishir in KodachadriHomestay
Shishir in Kodachadri

2500 2250 Per Night
Rainbird in HanbalHomestay
Rainbird in Hanbal

2850 2600 Per Night
The Serai KabiniStar Category
The Serai Kabini

7250 7000 Per Night
Balagatte near KuppalliHomestay
Balagatte near Kuppalli

2750 2500 Per Night
Coorgdreams in GonikoppalHomestay
Coorgdreams in Gonikoppal

1750 1500 Per Night
Foothills near HirekolaleHomestay
Foothills near Hirekolale

2750 2500 Per Night
Eagleeye in BalehonnurResort
Eagleeye in Balehonnur

2750 2500 Per Night
Ctwo in RampuraHomestay
Ctwo in Rampura

2250 2000 Per Night
Thotadahalli in KaimaraHomestay
Thotadahalli in Kaimara

3250 3000 Per Night
Ambattygreens in VirajpetResort
Ambattygreens in Virajpet

5250 5000 Per Night
Contryvilla near AldurHomestay
Contryvilla near Aldur

2250 2000 Per Night
Coorgkarishma in IkolaHomestay
Coorgkarishma in Ikola

2050 1800 Per Night
Wildwoods in ToodalliStar Category
Wildwoods in Toodalli

5250 5000 Per Night
Beach Cottages KundapurHomestay
Beach Cottages Kundapur

1500 1250 Per Night
The Mellows MallenahalliHomestay
The Mellows Mallenahalli

2750 2500 Per Night
Navilubetta in KaradigundiHomestay
Navilubetta in Karadigundi

2350 2100 Per Night
Greatescafe MulainagiriHomestay
Greatescafe Mulainagiri

3250 3000 Per Night
Junglecamp in HerurResort
Junglecamp in Herur

3750 3500 Per Night
Magnolia in VirajpetResort
Magnolia in Virajpet

3250 3000 Per Night
Copperedge ShanivarsantheHomestay
Copperedge Shanivarsanthe

3250 3000 Per Night
Naturenestate BalupetHomestay
Naturenestate Balupet

2250 2000 Per Night
Devigiri in ArasinaguppeHomestay
Devigiri in Arasinaguppe

2450 2200 Per Night
Villaurvinkhan in MudigereHomestay
Villaurvinkhan in Mudigere

5750 5500 Per Night
Littlejungle in BelurHomestay
Littlejungle in Belur

2050 1800 Per Night
Trivik Muliangiri HilltopStar Category
Trivik Muliangiri Hilltop

12250 12000 Per Night
Coffeearoma near KaimaraHomestay
Coffeearoma near Kaimara

2750 2500 Per Night
Forestedge in MudbaHomestay
Forestedge in Mudba

2500 2250 Per Night
Honeyvale in JavalliHomestay
Honeyvale in Javalli

3050 2800 Per Night
Silentvalley near KudremukhResort
Silentvalley near Kudremukh

2750 2500 Per Night
Coffeebean in HeddaravalliHomestay
Coffeebean in Heddaravalli

1450 1200 Per Night
Hulikallu in NelagahalliHomestay
Hulikallu in Nelagahalli

2250 2000 Per Night
Oakridge in KalladevarapuraHomestay
Oakridge in Kalladevarapura

2250 2000 Per Night
Forest HomestayHomestay
Forest Homestay

2195 1945 Per Night
Coffeescape in MudigereHomestay
Coffeescape in Mudigere

2750 2500 Per Night
Krushikoota in BegaruHomestay
Krushikoota in Begaru

1999 1749 Per Night
Junglegreens in MallandurHomestay
Junglegreens in Mallandur

1850 1600 Per Night
Ibbani Mulaingiri HilltopHomestay
Ibbani Mulaingiri Hilltop

2750 2500 Per Night
Sanjivini in SagaraHomestay
Sanjivini in Sagara

2250 2000 Per Night
Riverwoods in MagundiHomestay
Riverwoods in Magundi

3000 2750 Per Night
Banalu in HodachalliHomestay
Banalu in Hodachalli

2550 2300 Per Night
Amanvana in GuddehosurStar Category
Amanvana in Guddehosur

8250 8000 Per Night
Pavanaganga near KemmangundiHomestay
Pavanaganga near Kemmangundi

3700 3450 Per Night
Goodearth in MallandurHomestay
Goodearth in Mallandur

1550 1300 Per Night
Stay in KalladevarapuraHomestay
Stay in Kalladevarapura

2250 2000 Per Night
Nest in AragaHomestay
Nest in Araga

2050 1800 Per Night
Shiveka in AvathiHomestay
Shiveka in Avathi

2750 2500 Per Night
The Serai BandipurStar Category
The Serai Bandipur

8250 8000 Per Night
Coffeeretreat in MudigereHomestay
Coffeeretreat in Mudigere

2500 2250 Per Night
Hemakoota in AttihallyHomestay
Hemakoota in Attihally

2250 2000 Per Night
Kalgreen in KoppaResort
Kalgreen in Koppa

3250 3000 Per Night
Naturenirvana in MuthodiHomestay
Naturenirvana in Muthodi

3100 2850 Per Night
Cardamomgrove AttihalliHomestay
Cardamomgrove Attihalli

2450 2200 Per Night
Greeninn in HanbalHomestay
Greeninn in Hanbal

2500 2250 Per Night
Girigandarva in ArasinaguppeHomestay
Girigandarva in Arasinaguppe

2250 2000 Per Night