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Heritage Homestays in Malnad

The homestays in heritage set up at Malnad Karnataka are curated for your best holiday experience. The hospitality services offered by these homestays are one of the top-notch in the industry. If you are looking for a traditional home with a real homestay feel, then you must choose our heritage segment of homestays.

The heritage properties are not only having authentic malnad architecture but also have tuned in to the hospitality industry with the best amenities. Heritage stays in Karnataka are must-visit destinations for nature enthusiasts who love to drive amidst the forests and valleys. 

Best Heritage Homestays in Karnataka

Heritage stays in the Malnad region are those ancestral houses of hosts now converted into homestays. Every destination in Karnataka will have a heritage house with rich history tagged to its name. How do you find the most affordable and best heritage homestay? the best method is to compare quotes, you can request free quotes here from top heritage stays in Thirthahalli, Coorg, Chikmagalur, and Sakleshpur in Malenadu. 

Thotti Mane Homestays in Karnataka

Heritage stays in Malnad are mostly in Thottimane type architecture. If you love staying at an old Thottimane style house on your holiday then you must choose one of the below-listed stays. Thottimane was a very famous and common architecture in Malnad. People used to build a huge houses in Thottimane style with large verandahs.

Coffee Village StayHomestay
Coffee Village Stay
Benakanur StayHomestay
Benakanur Stay
Banadi StayHomestay
Banadi Stay
Bagmane StayHomestay
Bagmane Stay
Kolavara Estate StayHomestay
Kolavara Estate Stay
Heritage Stay AgumbeHomestay
Heritage Stay Agumbe
Guddekeri Estate StayHomestay
Guddekeri Estate Stay
Ibbani StayHomestay
Ibbani Stay
Gabadi Estate StayHomestay
Gabadi Estate Stay
Sanjivini StayHomestay
Sanjivini Stay