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Budget stays in Karnataka

The Malnad region in Karnataka has some of the best budget-friendly accommodations. If you are planning a trip to the Malnad region you can compare stays on our portal before making a booking. The tariff on our portal is highly customizable to suit your holiday & budget requirement. You can save a lot on your booking and also get the maximum out of your holiday package.

The stays listed on our portal are highly professional in their services yet offering rooms at affordable tariff. If you are traveling with a big group or large family then Travel Malnad has special discount vouchers for you to save more money on booking. Get free quotes to compare tariffs online.

Budget homestays in Malnad

Malnad is one of the most popular getaways for nature lovers. There are a lot of stays in the region and we have curated the best budget-friendly stays for you to compare and book. The stays would be having a budget package but there is no compromise on the quality of accommodation or food provided here.

You might be in a large group of friends or family looking for decent accommodation, we have perfect matching stays for your upcoming trip to Karnataka. 

Customize your trip and save money

When you are booking a budget stay in Karnataka make sure you are customizing the package.  If you are planning to save more money by opting out of a meal or an add-on feature you can do it on our portal. We have been working with guest-centric booking mechanisms where you get the maximum out of your homestays booking in Malnad. 

Greenpark in MudigereHomestay
Greenpark in Mudigere

2000 1750 Per Night
Northmist MadikeriHomestay
Northmist Madikeri

1500 1250 Per Night
Silverleaf in AmekatteHomestay
Silverleaf in Amekatte

2250 2000 Per Night
Krushikoota in BegaruHomestay
Krushikoota in Begaru

1999 1749 Per Night
Coffeestreet HiremandeHomestay
Coffeestreet Hiremande

1850 1600 Per Night
Devigiri in ArasinaguppeHomestay
Devigiri in Arasinaguppe

2450 2200 Per Night
Naturelight near MallandurHomestay
Naturelight near Mallandur

2250 2000 Per Night
High Point in TownHomestay
High Point in Town

1249 999 Per Night
Guddekeri near AgumbeHomestay
Guddekeri near Agumbe

2199 1949 Per Night
Manjuvilla in MadikeriHomestay
Manjuvilla in Madikeri

1750 1500 Per Night
Vedanta in ChembebeloorHomestay
Vedanta in Chembebeloor

1750 1500 Per Night
Golfview in KarkipetteHomestay
Golfview in Karkipette

2250 2000 Per Night
Neha MadikeriHomestay
Neha Madikeri

1500 1250 Per Night
Gabadi in ThirthahalliHomestay
Gabadi in Thirthahalli

2149 1899 Per Night
Coorgend KushalnagaraHomestay
Coorgend Kushalnagara

2250 2000 Per Night
Nesara in MegaravalliHomestay
Nesara in Megaravalli

2050 1800 Per Night
Silvercloud in ThalihallaHomestay
Silvercloud in Thalihalla

2050 1800 Per Night
Eshwar in MadikeriHomestay
Eshwar in Madikeri

1250 1000 Per Night
Harakere near ShimogaHomestay
Harakere near Shimoga

1500 1250 Per Night
Holidayinn HirekolaleHomestay
Holidayinn Hirekolale

1950 1700 Per Night
Saiestate in HosahalliHomestay
Saiestate in Hosahalli

2250 2000 Per Night
Spectrum in EreallaHomestay
Spectrum in Erealla

2450 2200 Per Night
Naturenestate BalupetHomestay
Naturenestate Balupet

2250 2000 Per Night
Kanaka in SringeriHomestay
Kanaka in Sringeri

1625 1375 Per Night
Westwind in MadikeriHomestay
Westwind in Madikeri

1500 1250 Per Night
Lavi Cottage MadikeriHomestay
Lavi Cottage Madikeri

1250 1000 Per Night
Greenline MadikeriHomestay
Greenline Madikeri

1500 1250 Per Night
Coorgdreams in GonikoppalHomestay
Coorgdreams in Gonikoppal

1750 1500 Per Night
Malnadeco ChikkolaleHomestay
Malnadeco Chikkolale

2050 1800 Per Night
Madhugiri near AldurHomestay
Madhugiri near Aldur

1450 1200 Per Night
Naturesnestle HosanagaraHomestay
Naturesnestle Hosanagara

2050 1800 Per Night
Greennest in KadagadalHomestay
Greennest in Kadagadal

2150 1900 Per Night
Banadi near KuppalliHomestay
Banadi near Kuppalli

1850 1600 Per Night
Hallihithlu in HosahalliHomestay
Hallihithlu in Hosahalli

2750 2500 Per Night
Little Malnad HomestayHomestay
Little Malnad Homestay

1500 1250 Per Night
Pushpa MadikeriHomestay
Pushpa Madikeri

1500 1250 Per Night
Tunga near KuppalliHomestay
Tunga near Kuppalli

2249 1999 Per Night
Redberry near MulliangiriHomestay
Redberry near Mulliangiri

1250 1000 Per Night
Yashaswi in MadikeriHomestay
Yashaswi in Madikeri

1750 1500 Per Night
Benakanur near KuppalliHomestay
Benakanur near Kuppalli

1850 1600 Per Night
Highlands in SallehadluHomestay
Highlands in Sallehadlu

2000 1750 Per Night
Goodearth in MallandurHomestay
Goodearth in Mallandur

1550 1300 Per Night
Bluemist in MavinallaHomestay
Bluemist in Mavinalla

2250 2000 Per Night
Heaven Inn HaandhiHomestay
Heaven Inn Haandhi

1750 1500 Per Night
Harnalli in AnoorHomestay
Harnalli in Anoor

2000 1750 Per Night
Gowri in MadikeriHomestay
Gowri in Madikeri

1500 1250 Per Night
Ayanavalley in KalasaHomestay
Ayanavalley in Kalasa

2050 1800 Per Night