Most travelers who are planning their travel would like to include a place to stay where they can expect a warm hospitality along with all the other facilities. Those who are visiting Karnataka can choose Malnad, a place known for cordial hospitality. The travelers are never considered as the customers by the host but guests. Be it a homestay or resort, travelers can expect a good hospitality along with tasty food and better ambience.

The Homestays in Karnataka offer travelers a unique experience to stay and understand the local culture and heritage. The host family will gladly introduce the travelers to nuances of traditions, food habits and history of the place. These are some of the most appreciated features of homestays till date. Added to these things, homestays and resorts in Malnad region are well known for providing tasty and typical cuisines of Karnataka.

Where to shop for Homestays in Malnad? This is one of the most common questions in the travelers mind. Especially if you are new to the place it is difficult to locate the homestays and resorts that are in exotic places. The best option for travelers is to shop online for homestays in Karnataka and make an informed choice. Travel Malnad can be user friendly travel portal to shop for some of the most popular homestays and resorts in Karnataka.