Karnataka has always been a place which I visited with expectations and came back with fond memories. Being in the service industry we always strive round the clock and crave for a holiday with rejuvenating experience. This time we planned to visit Thirthahalli in Karnataka and chose a homestay for accommodation and the experience was simply the best. We all had expectations of a better natural place and we landed our expectation was nothing before the grandeur of nature. First time in my life I felt the touch of Mother Nature by visiting Thirthahalli, a beautiful destination in Malnad region of Karnataka.

There are several places of interest that are close to nature and we loved the entire sightseeing places we visited in a span of 4 days. The reason for our successful holiday planner is because of a trusted travel partner like Travel Malnad. We were introduced to the nuances of holidaying and better time management because of these professional holiday makers. We all salute for the transparency that you showed from the beginning and the out of mile support till we returned back home.

The booking facility for homestays in Thirthahalli is all online and very user friendly at Travel Malnad. We could choose the accommodation and holiday package as per our individual needs. In fact we can call the package a custom designed and carefully knit holiday planner. The best part of Thirthahalli as a destination is the children too loved the place around the homestay. The river, food, bonfire in the evening… all were enjoyed by our team irrespective of the age group.

The reservation of Thirthahalli homestay was made a month prior to our visit to Thirthahalli. The weekends were completely booked and we could manage get rooms with the help of Travel Malnad team. Once we started driving towards Thirthahalli from Bangalore we could feel that we all headed towards deep in nature. The stretch from Chitradurga and Shimoga to Thirthahalli was a picturesque landscape around I did not felt tired driving. That’s the effect of nature, visit Thirthahalli once and you too feel the bliss of being amidst nature.