There are a different ways for writing a travelogue and each destination could be depicted in a unique way. When we are touched by the ecstasy and blissfulness of a place we usually go dumbstruck and look for words to describe. Here is one such beautiful destination in Karnataka which can turn any ordinary person to a philosopher, poet or writer. Nature has its own way of communicating with human beings and destinations in Karnataka like Thirthahalli are blessed with the archetype of natural majesty. This place has given greatest literary figures like Kuvempu to Karnataka, who is one of the national laureates in India.

What is so special about Thirthahalli? Yes, indeed it’s very special, the town of Thirthahalli is located on the river bank and it’s one of the beautiful small towns of South India which reminds travelers of R K Narayan’s Malgudi town. The tourism of this place has been nurtured by few likeminded people who are today offering quality accommodation in exotic locations of Thirthahalli. You can call it a weekend getaway, holiday destination, adventure trip, retreat to nature… Thirthalli has all these features clubbed together.

Thirthahalli is also called as the typical Malnad region in Karnataka. It is suggested for travelers to stay at homestays in Thirthahalli to experience the rich ethnicity, tradition, heritage… of Malnad region. The cuisines of Malnad served on the banana leaf are a real mouth watering recipe any traveler could ever imagine. Most importantly, the hospitality offered with warmth and care touches the heart of the room guests who are staying at the homestays. These homestays also give a perfect estate staying feel since they are located amidst greenery and large estates.

Kuppalli – Kuvempu’s House

Those who are visiting Thirthahalli have a lot do apart from tasting the food and enjoying the hospitality. There are places like Kuppalli with a tinge of history, literature, natural beauties… which travelers, irrespective of ages find as worth visiting in their lifetime. The bridge that connects the Thirthahalli town and rest of the villages towards the Koppa is also worth seeing and it is constructed by Sir M Vishwesharayya.

Thirthahalli Bridge

There is another beautiful place to spend an evening in Thirthahalli which is called as Bheemanakatte. Its pristine sand beach (river Tunga) will be a perfect place for friends and family to play in the water and play your favourite game on the sand beach. The other places of interest for travelers can be Chibbalagudde (natural fish sanctuary), elephant camp, Kundadri, Kavaledurga…Added to the number of homestays there are resorts in Thirthahalli with luxury accommodation and conference facilities. Book a holiday to Thirthahalli and spend your leisure meaningfully.

Thirthahalli Road