The homestay hospitality service is an unique accommodation service for tourists visiting Malnad region. If you are first time visitor or may have only heard about homestays from friends or family, we will try to explain the merits and limits below. If there are misconstrued elements about the services offered by a homestay we will clarify that too. These answers are for some of the frequently asked questions by hundreds of travelers who book our stays daily.  We will try to cover on all the topics related to homestay services.

Some of the frequently asked questions about homestays?

Q: Is it like a mini resort with restaurant?

A: No, homestays are different segment and will not have a fulltime operational restaurants. They will prepare home cooked food on prior order basis for their in-house guests only. Food served in dining area / common areas only.


Q: Are these homestays located close to / in the city?

A: Travel Malnad offers both in the city and in estates. If they are located in estates the distance from the city would be anywhere between 10 to 20 Kms.


Q: Do we get veg and non-veg food in the menu?

A: Yes, the homestays offer buffet veg and non-veg food for the visitors. You have to confirm you food preference with our hosts in advance. Our customer support team will help you get your menu done.


Q: We are travelling in a big group. Can homestays accommodate us?

A: Yes, Travel Malnad has group discounts for those coming with their office colleagues or friends to our listed stays. There are different stays with group occupancy capacity. We can give details when you request free quotes on our portal


Q: Will there be games / sports equipment at the stays?

A: Yes, we have covered most of the sports equipment (indoor and outdoor). If there is any unique sports equipment you may have to check once and carry yourself if not available.


Q: Are there stays suitable for only families?

A: We have categorized homestays into different segments. There are family homestays where no bachelor groups are taken. Speak to our travel experts 9480595888 / 9480565888 for more information.


Q: Do I have to book in advance or is it easily available?

A: If its weekday travel then you need not worry. If you are visiting during the weekend, most of the stays will be booked full house. It is better to book in advance on


Q: Does mobile networks work at homestays?

A: Though they are remote countryside places most of the networks work. Some homestays may be away from the reception area and could be intermittent connection.


Q: Can we check in at any time at homestays?

A: There is 24 hours or 12 noon check in time. However, it’s not recommended you travel in the middle of the night and check in.  As it might get difficult for you in searching the roads.