In terms of its Geography, Chikmagalur district is placed in a unique manner. One can encounter diverse ecosystem within 5 Kms of radius of the town. The valleys and Giris (mountains) pepper up the beauty of the place and also allow nature lovers to explore the serene landscape. The virgin forest of Bhadra Tiger Reserve is harbouring a health breed of Tiger Population in Karnataka. One can never miss to relish the beauty of Mulianagiri hills of Chikmagalur which is one of the most popular destinations in Karnataka.

As the inflow of traffic has increased with the growing number of Homestays and Resorts in this area, the travelers offered professional hospitality services in Chikmagalur. If you are planning your holiday from any part of the country, you need not have to be in chikmagalur to reserve your accommodation or plan your itinerary, thanks to the web media you can book your choice of homestays in Chikmagalur online and save time.

The government has taken steps to develop tourism along with protecting the eco diversity in Chikmagalur. We humbly request all the travelers to respect the efforts to preserve the eco diversity in this region. When you are in Chikmagalur for your holiday kindly keep in mind that its every traveler’s responsibility to care for Mother Nature. While you are in a resorts in Chikmagalur, probably the management might clean the area around by collecting the waste and disposing. But who is concerned to maintain cleanliness and respect the rights of other animals and birds? It is we the people, we the travelers while we visit such destinations.

This is our sincere effort to create awareness amongst the travelers who are visiting Chikamgalur. We are not entitled or licensed to untidy any single place on this earth. When we are camping on the top of a hill or trekking to these mountain tops we should always carry all the plastic or bottles with us. If we throw waste then it shows our maturity and understanding of the intrinsic relationship between Human Beings and Mother Nature.

Think Green While Touring

• Minimize use of plastic while travelling.
• Keep the area you visit clean.
• Keep noise level to minimum (So that you can listen to the enchanting music of Nature).
• Use cell phones only in case of an emergency.
• Make sure your activities do not harm the sensitive Eco diversity of the Western Ghats.
• Keep binoculars that can be handy for watching birds.
• If you are visiting during June – September keep raincoats, Umbrellas and hats ready.
• Do not scare birds and animals, do not Honk at them while driving on the road.
• Be an Eco friendly traveler.