Travelling amidst a green destination will certainly create happy memories for travelers to cherish. When you visit nature with an open mind then a rejuvenating factor will be bestowed upon you. You can expect all wonderful things in nature that Mother Earth has created for human beings. If you closely observe nature, simple blossom of flower to the deadly volcanic eruptions on earth are like great miracles. Many poets and writers in India have surrendered themselves to the power of nature and have created thousands of literature inspired by it. They have celebrated the positive spirits of nature through their artistic creations. Several painters, craftsmen, artists and musicians are also inspired by nature.

The prelude is written briefly about nature before coming to the topic because our current generation is living in concrete jungles. The definition of prosperity & success has changes course from being naturalistic to materialistic lifestyle. Cities have become epicentres of creating machine like routines for human beings. You log in and log out of office like a strictly monitored robot. We are cocooned in 24×7 air-conditioned homes and offices. Our children have no spaces in cities to spend safe evenings playing in the midst of nature. We have artificial nature create around our apartments and gated communities. Our future generations might have to study nature only in books.

Summer holidays are coming up and we have our children at home looking for an escape. We could be very busy doing business, going to office or running other schedules. It’s a humble request to all parents that your children deserve to see nature closely. They will be absolutely safe if you visit our homestays and resorts in nature holiday destinations of Karnataka. The homestays in Karnataka we offer are pre checked holiday homes with quality services for your family travel. The rooms will be clean, tasty and hygienic food served with lots of fun & adventure activities for your kids. Just take them outside of your city lifestyle, show them a paddy field or make them trek or just laze in the greenery. It will be an escape for you as well from your busy schedules and round the clock jobs. Start planning your trip now with Travel Malnad where nature is just 0 Kms only.