A family from Mumbai, visited Karnataka for their summer holidays and went back with fond memories of the nature. This travelogue is dedicated for them who joined us for the trip in Karnataka. Mr Sampath, a friend of mine who lives in Mumbai was invited by us to join the tour in Karnataka which we planned with our other friends. Sampath and family accepted our invitation and flew to Bangalore as scheduled and spent a day shopping and visiting places in and around the city. We had met after 2 years and it was all the more fun for us to holiday along with our families. We all took constant recommendation and booking advice from our travel partner Travel Chords.

The resorts in Karnataka are a superb getaway for those who live in Bangalore, as well as holiday destinations for those who visit from faraway places. Choosing a proper destination is the challenging task and we selected very good places such as Coorg, Thirthahalli, Masinagudi… We all wanted to experience the jungle, wild, nature… The resorts that we booked in all these places were very good in terms of hygiene, quality food and activities.

Our journey started from Bangalore to a resort in Thirthahalli and then went towards Coorg and ended at Masinagudi. All we planned was to have good road connectivity as well as lovely natural terrains to drive while visiting these places. We had plans of going to Kerala but the enormous natural habitat we encountered in Karnataka never made us incline to visit Kerala. The Karnataka resorts that are located in the wild life holiday areas are simply the best and give us the first hand experience of nature to travelers. Book a holiday with an expert travel partner like Travel Chords or Travel Malnad and make a memorable trip to Karnataka.