The traveler of today looks for more unique options while going for a holiday. The destinations that he visits will be chosen with utmost research and care. So is the case with accommodation, one important area to be looked at while organizing a holiday for your family. When you are travelling from a far off place to a destination you always expect decent accommodation. Quite naturally travelers opt for best facilities and ambiance in a homestay rather than again staying in the concrete forest.

Plantation homestays in Karnataka are a unique option for the travelers to experience. The phrase plantation homestay itself stands for something to do with nature. These homestays are situated amidst the estates or plantations and offer a good view from the rooms one stays in. It could be a coffee, tea or areca plantation these homestays are located in the valleys and definitely a cool breeze is guaranteed along with the scenic landscape.

There are more than two thousand homestay across Karnataka. There are only a handful number of homestays located in the estates or plantations. The best way for choosing homestays is shopping online at Travel Malnad. The unbiased display of all the details of plantation homestays in Karnataka at Travel Malnad allows the travelers to make an informed choice. The online reservation facility is also available for the travelers to book their choice of homestays in Karnataka.