We all love nature and spending time amidst the green wood’s in the malnad region is one of the bliss. I am a civil engineer in Bangalore and my wife works as a teacher. We both will be quite busy during the weekdays and come weekend we head out of Bangalore city and spend time in the nature. Driving in the picturesque terrains of Malnad itself is a solace for me and my wife. As one of our weekend trip we planned to visit a plantation in Coorg.

The previous weeks before our visit were hectic and I was tired and planned to take a driver to reach Coorg. We started towards on Saturday morning and we were looking forward for a beautiful trip. We stopped at Kamath hotel for refreshment and started our journey again. The entire stretch of drive was amazing and the moment we left Mysore the terrains were more beautiful by leaving the highways behind. We came to a planation homestay in Coorg exclusively booked to us by Travel Malnad. It was superb! The first statement me and my wife made was that.

There are several estate homestays in Coorg and they offer modern amenities for the room guests and top class food. The hospitality offered to us was with warmth and with love as if we are the hosts’ very good friends or relatives. I loved walking amidst the plantations and estates that are well maintained and with natural aromas. The coffee aroma was enticing to the mind and soul. For two days no work calls, no meetings, no reports to review … it was only me, my wife and nature!