Chikmagalur and Thirthahalli are places located in the Maland region of Karnataka which are known for their green landscapes. These agro rich destinations are popular among tourists as nature getaways. They can be covered as twin destinations even during your weekend getaway. If you love Malnad region then these are a must visit locations that are not far away from Bangalore and several other major cities in Karnataka. They are very famous for other reasons like being well connected by roadways and railways from all over Karnataka.

You can plan a trip for short or long duration based on your leisure time but these places will never disappoint you. There are many sightseeing places to visit in and around these places and activities to do to have an adventurous experience.  We at Travel Malnad are promoting these destinations since 2005 with our well designed holiday services. We have specialized in offering boutique homestays in Malnad for nature lovers. We are trying to give name these  places in this piece of article about homestays in Chikmagalur and Thirthahalli. However, speaking to our travel experts can help you understand the itineraries better.

Chikmagalur, as you are aware is popular for its coffee estates and mountains. Thirthahalli on the other hand is a famous destination with literary and arts fame attached to its name. Homestays in Thirthahalli are mostly located amidst the Areca Estates which is one of the major commercial crop in this region. Our portal can help you to draft a meaningful itinerary based on your individual holiday requirement. There is in depth information about the holidaying perspective about Malnad. Travel Malnad is a proud company for being a pioneer in promoting Malnad as a wholesome destination comprising several awesome highlight places in it. Request a free quote and start planning your holiday.