Explore Sakleshpura for your next holiday

The travelers are more empowered today to take appropriate decisions while planning a holiday. The technology has helped to design itineraries to one’s satisfaction. The tech and service support given by brands like TravelMalnad is extremely useful and helps save time and money while planning a memorable trip. There are several properties offering hospitality services and shortlisting to suit one requirement is made easy and quick on our portal.

Coming to the destination;

Sakleshpur is at a short drive distance from Bangalore, this magnificent place in Malnad region was a famous market place for the spices grown in and around the region. The vegetation here is prosperous and several crops are grown and with good yields results. Agriculture is the major occupation in the region and in the list are also other industries like tourism. The region has welcomed tourists from all over the region. The local estate owners who have a taste for hospitality which is Malnad region’s USP have started homestays and resorts.

That said;

We were one of the pioneer companies started promoting Malnad tourism to the world and have continued to passionately serve our clients in planning their best holidays. The destinations listed on our portal are handpicked with a pre checked holiday itinerary and accommodations that can make your trip comfortable. The Sakleshpur homestays listed with us are professional service providers with a zeal to serve visitors to experience the authentic malnad lifestyle.

So start booking now;

The booking processes offered from us is very simple. Once your dates of travel is confirmed, get online on travelmalnad.com and use our simple form to get your relevant holiday options. We give you the options as per your holiday requirement and budget. If you are a large group then you can write to us or mention number of pax to get special discount deals if the size is more than 15 Pax.


Malnad Retreat for Holiday – Getaway to Nature

The malnad region is one of the best destination for getaway during all seasons. In Karnataka this is the only region that is full of greenery and vegetation for a refreshing holiday moment. There are several premium and luxurious accommodation for your comfortable staying and holiday experience. Malnad is always a special destination where luxury meets serenity. The region has interesting history and architectural wonders and you should not miss to add them in your itinerary.

Though agriculture is the major activity in this magnanimous region, there are other industries connected to agriculture. You would be a lone traveler or with your gang of friends and family members, there are distinctive holiday places for your stay. Malnad is a destination for every emotion, every mood, every person and every moment. It’s like a magic that lies beyond your comfort zone.

While planning your trip, Travel Malnad will be helpful in your choice of accommodation located amidst lush greenery. The portal has listed some of the state of the art amenities and hospitality providers for your luxurious holiday experience. The premium segment under Travel Malnad meets all your quests for luxury holiday amidst the nature.

Malnad is a magnificent expanse of greenery spread on acres and acres of land with tantalizing aroma of Spices, Arecanut, Coffee and Tea everywhere. You will find it a perfect from the tediousness of hectic city life. Travel Malnad is South India’s most popular theme holiday portal for those who love getaways to nature.

The places in Malnad are at drivable distance from all major cities and well connected with roads. Which means, you can take your car and have that perfect holiday moment with your loved ones. Come to malnad and celebrate the beauty of nature. Choose stays as per your taste and budget and book comfortably after comparison. You can reserve your stay by booking online and getting your voucher to travel peacefully.

Countryside Cottage Rentals for Holiday in Karnataka

How many times have you travelled to a rural or countryside holiday destination for a relaxing experience? Have you tried going to these offbeat holiday places in Karnataka? If Not, then its high time you pay a visit and feel rejuvenated like hundreds of thousands who are experiencing regularly. You could be doing any profession, it’s important to take a refreshing break and escape to nature.

Now renting a cottage in green forests or estates/plantations has made easy with our services. All you need to know is, your travel date and what experiences you are interested to explore. We give you the perfect recipe for having that memorable getaway experience. There are villas, homestays, cottages, estate stays and plantation cottages for your holiday experience with Travel Malnad.

When you are mentioned rural tourism it doesn’t mean you will be deprived world class service. The properties on Travel Malnad are the best hospitality service providers who are working round the clock to give you the best holiday experience. The amenities are carefully designed to meet different requirements of visitors.

The packages and rental charges are affordable and it will be like your exclusive bungalow or villa amidst a forest region or green estates and plantation. The benefit of using our service is we can provide you plenty of options at varying budget that can best suit your holiday requirement. Most important is, all these facilities you can compare before booking sitting at your office or home. We were one of the pioneers who offered online reservation for rural holiday rentals in Malnad Karnataka and continuing to give the best service.

Green Route of Karnataka – The Malnad

Driving amidst greenery can be a very soothing experience for a lot of travelers. Those who are living in the cities definitely appreciate a nice drive amidst a plantation or mountainous terrains. That too if these beautiful holiday hotspots are at a short distance from your city then it’s like a blessing in disguise. You can take a quick weekend break and travel to Malnad in Karnataka to experience this driving pleasure by staying in a homestay in the middle of coffee estate / plantation or forest area.


The region is full of wonderful places and is called as a paradise for nature lovers. Malnad offers several places for your bucket list. You would be an adventurer or a nature lover or just want to laze during your holiday, there are several options for your memorable trip experience. If you are a person who would love to take a green route in Karnataka as you’re driving or thinking of road trip destination then it is “The Malnad”.  The more you drive around the region you will discover more falls, more rivulets, more mountains and feel more fun.

You do not have any replace for a destination like Malnad. When you think of greenery, adventure, trekking, hiking, camping, homestays, waterfalls, mountains, hill stations, family holidays… its one place called Malnad for you. It is at a very short and comfortable drive distance from Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad… Wherever you are, whichever the company you are working for; if you are travelling as a team or group then TravelMaland has group/corporate discount price on all your bookings. We have created this campaign to encourage team building activities for corporate amidst the greenery in Karnataka.

The places in Malnad region can be categorized as adventure, pilgrimage, offbeat, rejuvenation, nature study… and you can choose any genre and customize it as per your requirement. The stays that we are partnered are the best in Karnataka and offer the authentic hospitality experience for the visitors. You can try the local cuisine, lifestyle by paying an affordable tariff. We have plantation stays, estate homestays, forest stays and adventure camps for your luxurious accommodation. At all the places, nowhere the basic amenities are compromised. You will be welcomed with clean and hygienic rooms and bathrooms wherever you travel with TravelMalnad.

Malnad is a relevant holiday destination for any season in a year. Every season is flamboyant on its own and you will love your trip each time you visit. There are few places for shopping and buying handlooms/khadi, you can ask us in advance if you are interested to add it to your itinerary while planning your holiday. Take the green route of Karnataka by simply taking a free quote online for your dream trip at www.travelmalnad.com ! plan your trip now and have a memorable vacation.






Green Tourism in Malnad – Where Luxury meets Serenity

If you have not travelled in Malnad region, then this article will give you a gist of what is the place all about and an idea about leisure activities you can expect during your trip. Malnad is the only region in Karnataka that has the best holiday destinations under single roof and offered for nature lovers who visit for a short weekend or a long duration holiday. Malnad is coined by the term “land of forests” and you can expect a lot of greenery, waterfalls, hills, mountains, valleys, estates, plantations, trekking, hiking, camping, homestays…

Malnad is a paradise for nature loving travelers who want themselves and their loved ones spend quality time amidst nature. Nature holidays are invaluable gifts that you can give to your family, children, relatives, friends, colleagues, business partners, members of your community. The time spent amidst the nature is always fruitful and rejuvenating. Nature has a special healing effect on human beings, you can experience it when you are going for an evening walk or a short trek in Malnad region.  The nature around you in Malenadu is pristine and beautiful to give a long lasting relaxation to your mind and body.

Travel Malnad often receives a lot of writers, thinkers, authors, lyricists, entrepreneurs, startups, movie makers, politicians, civil servants, corporates… as its guests in Malnad region. Most of them visit to spend quality time amidst nature and just relax their mind by reading books sitting on a bench near the water stream or self introspect sipping a hot cup of coffee sitting amidst estates and plantations.

A visit to Malnad can be called your tryst with many mesmerizing qualities of Mother Nature. The recent past has seen a lot of hospitality service providers offering top quality homestays and resorts nestled amidst the coffee/tea estates and plantations. Your leisure time can be preciously planned with activities amidst the nature.  The homestay or resort accommodation in Malnad region offers not just a holiday package but a tinge of local lifestyle and traditional cuisines of the destination you are visiting.

To plan your holiday in Malnad give a missed call or whatsapp: 9480595888

Awesome driving destinations from Bangalore

When you are working round the clock and dream a long drive to a nice destination then weekends are like a breather. If you are residing in Bangalore and want to take a break and do a quick visit to an awesome destination, then it’s Malnad in Karnataka. This is one of the best driving destinations closer to Bangalore with best and comfortable accommodation. You can plan a short break or an extended weekend to one of the drive destinations in Malnad.

You could be a biker or a car owner who love to take out your machine and cover stretches filled with greenery, waterfalls, hills and valleys. There are different packages and accommodation options for you on our TravelMalnad portal designed exclusively for your requirement to give an enchanting experience of driving through the green woods and plantation trails. The roads are mostly national highways in Malnad and well-connected and maintained to the last mile of all the destinations we are providing holiday for you.

There are itineraries and vacation planners for those who are interested in driving or biking destinations. We are not ignoring here those travelers who love to get their cycles on their trip and do a memorable cycling expedition in Malnad. There are a lot of themes for you to explore your inner self by doing a cool holiday trip to Malnad which can entrench in your memory lane as one of your best escapes in South India.

We recommend you to give us your time frame to plan a holiday for you with fullest inclusions required for an engaging experience. The campfires at the end of your day or a piping hot coffee in the middle of a coffee estate with valley view can all be an exceptional holiday moment. Our travel experts give their best itineraries based on your tastes and preferences of holidaying at homestays in Karnataka. Plan a trip now by just giving a missed call to 9480595888 or whatsapp on the same number.

Homestays in Thirthahalli for exploring malnad region

Thirthahalli is called as the gateway of Malnad in Karnataka. This region rich in flora and fauna and well known cuisines of Karnataka are originated from this region. The place is well connected by road, train and it’s a transitional township towards the Coastal Karnataka. Thirthahalli is also known for its beautiful hills, areca estates, Agumbe, Kodachadri, Kundadri and Kuvempu’s birthplace Kuppalli.

The town is located on the famous Tunga river bank and is spectacular during the evenings and early mornings for a nice walk. Besides this the place hails a lot of homestays nestled in the estate areas of Thirthahalli. You would be surprised to find the best accommodation at very affordable pricing with deliciously home cooked cuisines served on your platter. To enjoy the beauty of nature in Thirthahalli you must try to take a morning treks to small hillocks near the homestays. The sunrise would give you enchanting experience with a tinge of nice morning breeze.

How to book a homestay or resort in Thirthahalli?

Travel Malnad offers a wide list of homestays in Thirthahalli for your comfortable holiday in Malnad region. You can pick and choose services and customize your trip to the maximum with our travel expert inputs. We can also help you avail our vehicle services for your transport in case you are planning to travel by bus/train or looking for cab from your doorsteps from any city in Karnataka. There are cycling, fishing, trekking facilities organized by selected homestays and resort in the area. Early reservation can help you choose from wide array of options of stays.

Best Season to visit Thirthahalli

The climate in Thirthahalli mostly remains tolerable during all seasons in the year. Monsoon can be a feast for eyes to see how nature celebrates bathing in the rains. Spring season gets the whole earth in Thirthalli covered with a green carpet made of grass and vegetation. Summer would be little humid but when you are out for sightseeing or trekking on a mountain, the cool breeze can take care of the humidity.

Online reservation for homestays

We were one of the pioneer companies promoting Thirthahalli as a destination in Malnad from past 10 years. Hundreds of thousand travelers visit Thirthahalli using our services and online room reservation at www.travelmalnad.com. The booking procedure is simple and quick with fully secured payment options. The best part is we have digitalized the booking for homestays and resort in rural parts of Thirthahalli by giving payment options like credit/debit card and net banking facility for online reservation.

Corporate team or group booking in Thirthahalli

There are wide range of benefits and cash back offers from Travel Malnad if you are travelling with a huge group or your corporate team. We offer you the special discount pricing designed only for groups and corporate. You can avail it by inquiring on our portal or by writing an email to us regarding your planner well in advance. You can get add on facilities like trekking, rafting, camping and other activities for your team building at Thirthahalli homestays and resorts.

Nature holiday destinations and homestay booking in Malnad Karnataka

The travel philosophy is as vast as an ocean and you could plan your personal holiday with creative ideas. If you are travelling / living in Karnataka and planning for a weekend getaway from Bangalore, Mysore, Mangalore or Shimoga, Hubli… there are several incredible destinations in and around the region. Especially the Malnad Karnataka has a lot to offer for your vacation for short or long duration stay.

What is Nature Holiday? Why is it become one of the popular genres of holidaying? The idea of nature holiday could be, when you plan your holiday to explore the beauty of nature which can be mountains, valleys, rivers, streams, waterfalls, trekking, rafting, hiking, estate/plantations visit, agriculture visits, plantations studies, camping in the forest…

There could be a different perspective about holidaying in nature than what is described above. We are known in the market for customized holiday packages designed based on your requirement than just pre-checked holiday itineraries in Malnad. You can choose a stay and location based on your requirement about holidaying in nature. There are plenty of new and unique holiday concepts innovated by hospitality providers in the area. Subscribe to our newsletters and get updated information about nature holiday destinations in Karnataka.

Malnad hot spots for holiday

We have prominent holiday presence in spots such as Chikmagalur, Coorg, Sakleshpura, Thirthahalli, Shimoga, Agumbe, Sringeri, Kalasa, Kudhremukh, Kemmangundi, Dandeli.. in Malnad Region of Karnataka. Travelers who are visiting us from past 10 years are our backbone of improvisation in services and up gradation of amenities and facilities at different Malnad Homestays in Karnataka.

The stays we have listed on our portal are well known for their food and hospitality services as well as they are fully secured. Even if you are travelling with your spouse, you need not worry about the safety and security of the premises. The hosts are professional in providing these services from past several years. We recommend you to reach us well in advance to plan a holiday since most of the long weekends and weekends are accustomed to running houseful.

How to Book a Stay in Malnad?

  • Check availability on our portal
  • Receive your quote and cashback offers
  • Book online without any hassles
  • You can also book flight/train/vehicle with us
  • Travel peacefully with all your reservations taken care
  • Receive our special itinerary designed exclusively for you

Plan your trip to Malnad in Karnataka with professional holiday services

The region Malenadu or Malnad in Karnataka is a spectacular combination of places that form the richness of the area and is coined by the term “Land of Forests and Greenery”. This beautiful region attracts travelers like a magnet from all over India and abroad. The greenery, natural habitat, beautiful landscapes, rivers, valleys, mountains, pilgrimage, estates, plantations, paddy fields, water falls, trekking trails, nature trails, rafting, boating, water sports, homestays and resorts, wildlife, birdlife, photography… naturally gets its domain interested people from across districts, states and countries. Just a drive through the Malnad can give you a fabulous experience of being close to the Mother Nature.

Many people who are running round the clock work schedules love to visit this region and feel rejuvenated before getting back to their new assignments. We have come across actors, writers, thinkers, politicians, sportspersons, media persons, musicians, story writers, lyricists, adventure lovers, photographers, businessmen, students… visiting Malnad for a refreshing experience or for their work related enlightenment.  People from different walks of life visit this region several times in a year or sometimes most often on monthly basis. The stunning beauty of nature here brings them back for a certain reason called as rejuvenation.


Places in Malnad Region to visit:

Shimoga, Thirthahalli, Coorg, Chikmagalur, Sakleshpur, Dandeli, Sagara, Hosanagara, Jog Falls, Kodachadri, Kundadri, Kavaledurga, Kuppalli, Balehonnur, Koppa, Sringeri, Hornadu, Yaana, Mulaingiri, Bababudangiri, Bhadra Wildlife, Nisargadhama, Talakaveri, Madikeri, Virajpet, Bisle Ghat, Kudhremukh, Kemmangundi…

Best season to visit:

Malnad is the only region in Karnataka known for its tourism activities throughout the year. Every season is magnificent on its own and has traveler footfall. However, you can speak to our travel experts if you have specific reasons like photography, wildlife, bird life, herpetology, forest studies, agriculture studies, agri tourism.. Visits. Our team will help you plan your trip better with suitable inputs.

Cuisines of Malnad:

These are some of the famous cuisines and eateries of Malnad; Akki Rotti, Kadabu, Shevige, Halasina Kadabu, Aape, Benne Kadabu, Pandicurry, Kadambuttu, Kotte Kadabu, Nool Puttu…

Accommodation in Malnad:

Homestays are a famous type of accommodation in Malnad and you find them across all the places. Our portal has a list of homestays in Malnad for you to check room availability and book rooms online. The reservation of your stay is quite simple and you can do it without wasting any time. All the places are pre booked holidays available for you at affordable tariff/cost. Take a free quote online for homestays in malnad and book room of your choice.

Waterfalls in Malnad:

Jog Falls, Sirimane Falls, Kudlutheertha Falls, Jagara Falls, Kalathgiri Falls, Hebbe Falls, Abbi Falls, Mookanamane Falls, Hadlu Falls… Some of the waterfalls include trekking trails to visit the spot. Our trek guides can help you reach safely and with shortest routes. All pre booked holidays will get waterfalls trek as a complimentary inclusions.

Mountains in Malnad for Trekking:

Mulaingiri, Baba Budangiri, Kumara Parvatha, Kodachadri, Kavaledurga, Kundadri, Agumbe, Navilukallu Betta, Jenkal Gudda, Tadaindamol, Pushpagiri, Kudhremukh, Kemmangundi, Agni Gudda, Murkannu Gudda…


Plan your holiday by calling these numbers: 9480595888 / 9480565888

Reach our customer support by email: info@travelmalnad.com

Best travel partner in Karnataka for booking Estate Homestays and Resorts

The paramount reason for a lot of travelers planning their holiday is to have a special and memorable leisure experience. The destination you are visiting could have a lot of hidden information and places to cover which may not be otherwise famous as sightseeing places or tourist attractions. While choosing how to spend your holiday, there could be lot of reasons that can create dilemma for a lot of travelers. Whether to include some adventure activities or just laze at a place that is inside the greenery or amidst a valley.

We at Travel Malnad have simplified the homestay bookings in Karnataka with tools that can help travelers choose the right property as per their holiday requirement. You can choose a location, activities, facilities or budget related search on our portal and book your holiday without any hassles. This will not only help you get the best out of your holiday booking but also saves your valuable time planning your trip.

When you are holidaying with TravelMalnad it is our responsibility to give you the best experience. To achieve this, we are working with partners who are well established and professional hospitality providers only. Over the years, since we place customer first mindset in rendering our holiday services, we have acquired a great position in the hearts and minds of our travelers who quiet often visit our estate homestays in Malnad for refreshment and rejuvenation.


Travel Malnad is not just a holiday company but a very professional service provider striving to give its customers the best of experience of a destination at very affordable holiday packages. Repeated bookings fetch incredible discounts and cashback offers on a regular basis. You could be travelling with your friends or family with varied requirements for your leisure, TravelMalnad caters to all segments of holidaymakers in this country.

We are not only specialized holiday providers in Malnad Karnataka but our parent company Travel Getaways with its web portal www.travelgetaways.in is serving a host of beautiful destinations all over the world. Our services are appreciated by several guests who have cordially spared time to review our services and write detailed blogs about it.

Why choose our service?

  1. You can compare and book a stay online from any part of the globe
  2. Authentic Malnad Hospitality guaranteed
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  4. Multiple holiday ideas and easy booking facility
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