Coorg Holiday Packages in Karnataka

My parents live in India and since I do get summer holidays to meet them I travel every year. Being a professor I have traveled extensively on work submitting papers and give lectures. But always home coming will be a thrilling and special experience. We dedicate a lot of time for work and often forget spare time with our loved ones. I make it a point every 6 months to spend time with friends and family. Usually we schedule to travel to a nice resort or sometimes choose one of our houses to spend time.

This time trip to India was thourughly enjoyed by me and my family, especially kids were exposed to lot of things which we as parents may have ingonred or forgotten to introduce them. There is always need for expert advice for everything and when planning a holiday it is not spared. We all want to have a quality time with our family and for that a proper holiday planner is required. This time we bumped on to travel service provider in Karnataka who did a excellent job in organizing, executing and advising our holiday planner.

When I started journey from London I was excited and with lots of expectation. When I reached Bangalore and spent 2 nights there I relaxed, taking long walks in the early morning and meeting my friends who are working in Bangalore. We all planned for a visit to Wonder La in Bangalore and enjoyed there. It wasn’t the holiday planner, just a relaxing time. Our holiday planner was designed by our travel partner to Coorg.

I was skeptic about the planner initially but the professionalism maintained by the team at travel chords till we reached back to Bangalore was really great. There were few delays initially only in getting the phoneline since they get a huge number of phone calls in a day. But once our query was processed no looking back, the staff were very polite and professional. Good part is they never delayed in giving information and details. Some of the things which we were not aware were introduced to us.

Holdiay planners should always include activities and facilities for both elders and kids. Sometimes we might forget planners for kids and then realize how much they may get bored if they are not taken care. Once they are busy we can be busy enjoying our holiday. Hey! Wait. This lesson was given to us by Travel Chords team and that’s 100% true. We all equally and thoroughly enjoyed our holiday at home stays in Coorg at Karnataka and we have all written about this fabulous experience on our facebook pages and also blog posts.

Discount coupons for homestay in Shimoga

Planning a trip to Shimoga and need discounts on accommodation? Try homestay in Shimoga and best holiday packages inclusive of all acitivities and food. There are exclusive custom designed packages that travelers can choose and reserve while planning a holiday. There are many places of interests and the package information can be availed online. We offer you the lowest price guaranteed for a package selected.

If you are repeated user of our travel portal and doing a second reservation your discounts will be higher. Why spend more money for your holiday? Plan now and visit travel malnad to get travel information and packages for holidaying in Shimoga. You can compare quote and book the one as per your requirements. If you need assistance there is customer support team which helps you to plan your holiday.

The homestay in Shimoga can be reserved online by travelers without any hassles. Once the rooms are confirmed with availability make a reservation using online booking facility. There is no additional fee or cost for any of the booking services offered at Travel Malnad. You pay only the package cost and on top of it avail up to 30% discounts and make a memorable trip to Shimoga. For more details contact customer support at 09480595888/09483856640.

Malnad – A Paradise for Adventure and Rejuvenation

The Western Ghats belt that runs through the Malnad region in Karnataka is well known for the vegetation, flora, fauna… The hills, mountains, water streams and water falls are the other natural attraction and ample opportunity for travelers to do adventure. The Malnad region offers a sandwiched package of both and adventure and rejuvenation. If you are planning a trip during your summer holidays or visiting during the rainy season you will find an enchanting experience.

Malnad region, people sometimes would confuse it with a district or taluk. It is a region comprising several taluks and districts in Karnataka like Coorg, Thirthahalli, Chikmagalur, Sakleshpur, Shimoga, Sringeri, Sagara, Agumbe… These places and many others that come under malnad belt are covered with lush greenery, estates and plantations. The climate condition will be moderate during most of the seasons and visitors can travel any time when they are free.

Whenever a traveler plans for a trip with family or friends the first thing that comes to one’s mind is accommodation. Travel Malnad is the right place for you to choose a homestay, resort or hotels in Karnataka. The homestays in Karnataka or hotels/resorts can be selected and the rooms can be blocked to reserve online at Travel Malnad. It takes only a few minutes to browse and decide the type of room and have a reservations done. Contact 09480595888 for further information on itinerary, transportation from major cities and accommodation at Malnad.

Compare Estate Homestays Quotes in Chikmagalur

Holiday packages are redefined in the Malnad region of Karnataka with the increase in number of estate homestays in the area. There are a lot of coffee planters and estate owners in the Chikmagalur region of Karnataka who have entered the hospitality business. There could be no shortage of rooms at any given holidays or long weekends. There are plenty of quality homestay rooms that are situated in the estates sold at Travel Malnad.

The exclusivity of service and top class rooms available in the estate homestays of Chikmagalur has increased the number of travelers footfall in the last two years. Our survey and statistics show that we receive guests from not just Bangalore and other towns of Karnataka but from all over India and abroad. We pride in marketing these homestays and allowing access to people who are looking for top class homestay options while coming to Karnataka.

The other places in Chikmagalur district like Koppa, Sringeri, Kalasa, Kemmangundi… also have received a large number of travelers. These places also consist some of the best estate homestays in Chikmagalur and travelers can book these places after comparing free quotes at Travel Malnad. There are a lot of these places which also has corporate and group packages that would bring a lot of business to homestays as well better rates for the guests. Speak to a holiday planner expert at Travel Malnad and get your package custom designed call 09480595888.

Estate Homestays in Karnataka

The popular destinations in Karnataka where you can find estate homestays are Coorg, Chikmagalur, Thirthahalli, Sakleshpur, Koppa, Sringeri… Though there are many destinations to choose from there are unique homestays that have evolved over a period of time with inclination towards delivering quality hospitality services. Finding the best estate homestay is very easy at Travel Malnad which caters to holiday services in Karnataka with a motto of giving quick access and booking service for holiday planners who could be travelling from within India or abroad.

Estate homestays in Coorg that are located amidst the coffee and spices estates or plantations offer best rated services and food for room guests. The tariff can be compared online getting free quotes and travellers can choose the one that can best suit their individual requirements. Complete a simple online application and get free quotes of homestays in Karnataka and select. The rates are subject to change or applicable govt taxes which will be updated regularly.

Homestays in Karnataka are nowadays gained much popularity and lot of travellers are prefer to choose these accommodation to live the local life and try typical cuisines during their holidays. We understand that not everyone would have traveled to these destinations earlier and need more information to plan their itinerary or road trips. We are experts in designing custom packages for holiday planners in Karnataka who can rely on our itinerary for better time management.

Those who have their own cars would not need transportation but travel malnad has facilities to book vehicles from all major cities in Karnataka to travel to any of these destinations. When you have homestays, resorts and hotels with best ratings and transportation at one place, why go anywhere else? Save your time and money on your holiday planner by speaking to our customer support executives while deciding on the destination to visit.

Chikmagalur and Thirthahalli in Malnad Region

Large population in Chikmagalur and Thirthahalli belt in Malnad rely on agriculture as a major occupation. There are many households which also has business links and some of the well established businesses in Karnataka. There are a lot of well-known literary figures, politicians, sportspersons, historians, musicians, artists, actors, singers… from this land. Off late these two destinations in Karnataka gained popularity as nature holiday places.

People who are looking for a getaway of a long duration holiday to spend time amidst the nature would find these places apt. There are many accommodation option for travelers visiting Chikmagalur or Thirtahahalli in Karnataka. The estate homestays in Chikmagalur could be one of the options added to a lot of resorts that are available. One needs to plan the itinerary as per the location of the accommodation and spend time meaningfully.

Travelers can even add both the places as they are hardly 2 hours drive distance and can see all the sightseeing places. Longer duration holiday planners can venture to have both the places in their itinerary provided they have more nights to stay. Else it would be cumbersome or rush experience. Even at Thithahalli there are homestays and resorts for accommodation. Homestays in Thirthahalli packages can be compared online along with the ratings and booked without any hassles. Domestic travelers using online services at Travel Malnad can avail better rates if they are repeated users. Hurry offers are valid till the summer vacation packages are sold.

Coorg homestays and resorts review

Living in the hustle bustle city and crowded lifestyle I planned to step out and have fun with my family in a exotic destination. I did not have a clue where to travel and which destination would choose my requirements. Then I came across the travel services offered by Travel Malnad which is venture of Travel Chords one of the leading holiday services who offer nature properties at best rates. These guys are simply superb in helping my itinerary to book rooms and vehicles without any hassles.

There are many places you can think of estates and plantations in Karnataka. One of the place we chose to travel this time is Coorg and it was worth taking a break from our city life and indulge in the fruits of nature. We came back all the more surcharged and rejuvenated after our trip from Coorg. The homestays in Coorg we stayed offered a top class facility. Again we thank Travel Malnad for their expertise in helping is out. It is always good to use these services than shoot an arrow in the dark and end up at wrong places.

The other impressive things about going to nature like Coorg in Karnataka is during our stay my children were introduced to a lot of species and insects which they never realize as existed while at the city. This gave me an immense satisfaction of choosing to holiday in Coorg and then to stay at Coorg homestays to for 5 nights to experience the typical lifestyle and food. As I already acknowledged our holiday was all taken care by Travel Malnad and all the reservation were made online for us.

Holidays at best rated homestays in Chikmagalur

We all live in a tech savvy world that has all information delivered at finger tips and with fractions of seconds. The holiday planners these days have become lot more easy and informative for travel enthusiasts. One of the criteria is that you got to hit the right website with adequate and relevant information about the holiday you are looking. The efforts put for your travel planner should be fruitful and memorable, so we advise compare packages online and make an informed choice.

The ratings of homestays or resorts is one of the important factors one must be aware. The user experience and their inputs will certainly help upcoming travelers to choose after seeing the ratings as one of the criteria and then compare according to the budget and amenities offered by different hospitality services. The options available for those looking for homestays in Chikmagalur are cherry picked at travel malnad with a wide experience of customer inputs from past several years.

The reason for comparison is obvious that travelers will find the information clear as well as they can select the right chikmagalur homestay as per their individual holiday requirements. The customer support team will also assist the travellers get a feel for how they can plan their itinerary and manage routes for sightseeing places while visiting areas which are deep in jungle or interiors of Karnataka where you might miss your GPS network. The team is striving to consistently deliver the best possible end user results for travel planners in Karnataka.

Chikmagalur Homestays in Estates

I being a photographer by profession have a great desire to travel across the country and shoot mesmerizing nature locations. I recently traveled to Karnataka and traveled around clicking pics of history, architecture and natural beauties. I happen to meet one of my friends living in Bangalore who is basically from Malnad region in Karnataka. We traveled around malnad for 3 days and finally stayed for 2 nights at Chikmagalur.

The chikmagalur estates homestays is beautiful and added to that the top class amenities was simply the best for holiday going people. I and my photography world were quite forgotten as I was indulged in the hospitality of chikmagalur homestay host. We were then taken to local sightseeing with the guide provided by travel malnad (our travel organizer pan Karnataka) and it was a nice experience for as I was busy shooting I got a chance to lay back and enjoy the nature.

Totally to remember my experience at Karnataka is unforgettable, once I am back from abroad finishing all my assignments I am planning to spend 15 to 20 days relaxing in Karnataka. Next time I am getting my family to homestay in Chikmagalur, who has equal zest for exploring nature as I have. We had been to places with natural noteworthiness but the estates in Karnataka I travelled is a must visit in view for all the nature lovers out there. Get your holiday organized by travel malnad and plan your itinerary efficiently with expert inputs.

Malnad Homestays in Karnataka

Visitors to Karnataka for their summer holidays can choose Malnad region since it is cooler than rest of the places. Not only the temperature is moderate but the region is very famous for the hospitality. People of Malnad from ages have been providing warm welcome to travellers and visitors who want to spend their holidays. Earlier there was not much concepts about homestays and resorts which is now popular among travellers.

The Malnad homestays have a unique quality that is unlimited hospitality provided for the travelers. If you are staying at homestays in Malnad then you will really pampered by the home away home experience rendered for travellers. The guests are not treated as customers but the host’s friends or family. This special cordiality extended for travelers brings them back to Malnad region in Karnataka for their every holidays.

There is common query in the minds of the travelers that is since there are many homestays, how do we choose the best one? The answer for this is very simple. You can choose homestays in malnad after comparing free quotes at travel malnad. The packages at homestays in malnad Karnataka is designed with understanding of the travelers coming from different regions with taste for different cuisines and expectations of amenities. Speak to travel malnad customer support team at 09480595888 to know more about holidaying in Malnad region in Karnataka.