Thirthahalli – An affluent areca growing area with plenty of sightseeing places

The taluk headquarters, Thirthahalli is famous for several reasons. One of the popular reasons is its rich historical and agricultural background. The area is not only known for literary background or history but also for its Areca crop. The areca plantations are spread across the region and are one of the major commercial crops in the area. There are ups and downs in the price of this crop frequently but has remained stable from past couple of years. This unique crop goes as a major raw material supply for the Gutka manufacture and pan masala in India.

The growers were pushed to frustration of price fluctuations on one hand and the court bans on Gutka consumption in the country on the other. Struck with these dilemmas several planters from the area have already looked for alternate sources of income and tried to back it up along with maintaining their estates. However, the small growers are at risk as the crop always stays on the tenterhooks of ban, price loss, heavy rains, fungus diseases…

Recently, from couple of years, these estates have also started to cater for the tourism industry in Karnataka. One biggest contribution made for Malnad tourism by the growers is in the form of homestays which provide good quality food and accommodation for tourists. The holiday planner could be done for 2 nights and above with sufficient activities and things to do as your itinerary. If you need expert advice for planning your travel and accommodation you have our team at your service 24×7.

There are several sightseeing places that attract Thirthahalli as a tourist destination. It is a combination of both adventure and rejuvenation for travellers looking for a reviving break from their daily routine. You can shop on our portal and get packages as per your budget and other requirements. Get a free quote, understand the package and book your rooms online. Reservation can be done online and you will get vouchers and receipts instantly. Booking a holiday at a remotely located estate homestay is made easy with Travel Malnad’s sophisticated technology and support team.

Homestays in Thirthahalli – Get Free Quotes

Malnad – greenery everywhere and relaxation guaranteed

Malnad, a green destination in Southern India is situated in Karnataka. There are a lot of travelers from pan India who visit these beautiful landscapes which includes places like Thirthahalli, Coorg, Chikmagalur, Sakleshpur… Your planning of holiday in Malnad is made easy with travel planners offered by Travel Malnad. The comprehensive package or custom designed package can be designed by closely working with our travel experts. Give your travel information and take quote for your holiday by spending a few seconds online.

Each destination in Malnad region has a specialty of its own and can mesmerize you every time you visit with a new awe thing. With the rise in number of travelers to malnad the hospitality services has also opened their wings and catering to the needs of travellers. We, as pioneer promoters of holiday destinations in these areas have seen consistence surge in the number of footfalls each year. Off late there is a good number hike in the foreign travellers visiting these areas. The simple fact that greenery can heal your mind and soul has reached the hearts of travelers and they have been revisiting the place to enjoy amidst nature.

The best part to visit these areas is the connectivity; the regions in Malnad are well connected with roadways and railways.  The state Government has recognized the potential of these areas and has boosted the promotion of tourism in a scalable manner. We are looking forward for another couple of thousand more tourists visiting the region this year. Though there was an economic slowdown across the globe we have noticed that people have never considered visiting nature as an expenditure or burden on their budget.

There are decent accommodations available in Malnad and you can look at our website by destination and select a property to get quote. You will get discounts, redeemable cards, gift vouchers, free holidays… Multiple times users on the site are given these bonus and attractive package costs. You can take quote from wherever you are and our customer support will guide you with information, availability and booking procedure. The reservation can be done by making advance payment using your credit/debit card or net banking. It takes only a minute or two to complete the transaction and next second you will receive the receipt and transaction status emails.

Best Homestays and Resorts in Malnad Region

Sakleshpur Tourism Packages at Homestays and Resorts

The growing number of working sections of the society has in one way lead to the increasing number of homestays and resorts mushrooming amidst the nature. Sakleshpur is not an exception for this phenomenon as the place is at a drivable distance from Bangalore it welcomes a good number of tourists every weekend to say it precise. Sakleshpur is famous not just for coffee estates and spices cultivation but for many trekking trails amidst the nature. The place was once famous as a trading hub in Karnataka for the spices and has a rich tradition of growing many types of spices. Today, clubbed to this the holiday is also one of the major revenue generating business in the place.

There are many homestays and resorts in Sakleshpura region, some of them in the estates and some of them amidst paddy fields and few with both combinations along with a flowing river next to it added to its natural beauty. One needs to do a little research for planning their itinerary and we at travelchords can customize your tour package as per your requirements. As there are several types of tariffs or packages available one should compare quotes.

Taking a quote is very simple on travelmalnad, complete the form with your travel dates and other requirements and you will get a list of packges immediately in your email. Once seeing the list of packages you can understand the facilities and other details and reserve rooms online with simple steps. There will terms and conditions, booking & payment terms, cancellation policy for each hotel which will be shared transparently from the team.

Why book with us?
Very simple, we are in the industry from past several years and the loyal customers over the years have accumulated loyalty bonus points and used for the discounts. Every package attracts discount vouchers and all you need is to take a quote, rest we assist in making sure you get the best package irrespective of whichever the property you have chosen on the website.

We also help you design customize holiday packages by adding or deleting facilities and activities which could be a direct relation to the prices.

Book now, get discount voucher for this booking + also accumulate more points for future booking. Use the same email id for all your future booking to make it fairer for both of us.

Homestays and Resorts in Sakleshpur

Explore Malnad in Karnataka

Many travelers have an annual travel plans for destinations they have not explored and plan to do so along with friends or family members. One such event was organized recently by a bunch of friends from Kolkata. The reason for one’s travel is very simple, come out of routine and do something different and indulge something new. Traveling to places and reading a lot of books are like very good coaches in your lives. You get to meet a lot of people and besides networking; it’s an understanding of cultures and lifestyles of the places you are visiting.

The horizon of your thinking can gain different levels of perspectives with travelling to many places in your life time. Travel can have such an impact on the psyche of human beings that none can ever envision. If all these are true, what would be the experience when you travel to a breath-taking destination with mesmerizing things to experience? Simple, you feel enchanted and indulge in activities that you can revive your sensory organs and prepare yourself to face the world with lot more new perspectives. As we were organizing a lot o tours for travelers from different walks of life we realized one thing “Quality is a mind-set and not many are ready to compromise”. If we look at the track record our returning guests are because of the quality of service and the commitment to deliver the best as per their requirements.

Not to deviate further, let’s explore a destination which has been known as one of the top tourist destinations in South India. We are talking about the Western Ghats belt in Karnataka and Malnad Region. This region has now been one of the preferred destinations of people from across other states visiting Karnataka. We are talking about Malnad region in Karnataka. The places that fall in this region are prominently featured on many travel and tourism expos and presentations that happen across the country. Thanks to the intervention of technology, this has given ample scope for introducing a destination to travelers as well as creating awareness among those who have ‘unheard’ of these places.

Guests planning for a homestay, hotel or resort accommodation need not have to worry about the overwhelming options available in these areas. We have made things easy for you and there is a cherry-picked list of properties for you to compare quotes and book rooms online. The places are pre checked holidays, unique, clean, good food and provide top class hospitality for room guests. Planning a holiday much prior to your visit is essential as you get ample time to shop on our portal and also get appropriate room and service as per you requirements. Speak to a travel expert by calling us or complete the quote form on the home page to get free quotes.

Holiday Packages and Planners at Malnad Region in Karnataka

Malnad, a widely known place for its greenery and the Western Ghats habitat has a lot of tourism promotions and safer places for accommodations. The travelers from across oceans have trekked the hills and walked the plantations and estates that are situated in the heart of malnad. Now holiday planners to these areas are not difficult.

The Travel Chords Holidays promoted ‘Travel Malnad’ is doing a wonderful job in consolidating information as well as planning a holiday for guests effectively with providing them the opportunity to get the best rates for rooms. There is one single Tariff at Travel Malnad which gives equal importance of providing hospitality for both Indians and foreigners visiting these areas.

Being a forerunner in the hospitality services in Karnataka and South India, Travel Chords has nurtured some of the core ethics in listing and promoting places understanding the traveler perspective better. We are here to serve you and promote a destination which should leave long lasting fruitful impressions in your minds. The clarity of holiday packages in Karnataka and options to compare accommodations side by side gives you a credibility of booking the right one as per your individual requirements.

The packages are mainly divided as:
Adventure packages – If you have a love for some trekking, swimming in the water stream, doing a plantation tour, engaging in harvest (seasonal), exploring wildlife…
Serene packages – You want to read some books, relax by the riverside, take a long walk in the evening, spend some time doing village tour, know some local cuisines…
Honeymoon packages – Romantic places in the nature for you to spend that most special and memorable moments with your loved one.
Corporate packages – Planning for your office colleagues and need a refreshing break from your work then choose this.
Family get together -Spend quality time with your family, enjoy a bonfire and chill out on the sand or river banks.

Key Features:
• Spending time in nature certainly refreshes and rejuvenates your senses
• We strongly recommend 2 nights and above stay as you can refresh and also explore during your trip.
• All seasons are beautiful in Malnad region in Karnataka and we guarantee you happiness.
• Best itineraries are planned along with the travelers. We give ample time for you to plan, re plan and reschedule as it’s a holiday not a business meeting.
• Best price and best hospitality by hosts is guaranteed.
• Call any time and reservations are done online without any hassles.
• Currently there are 100 and odd hotels/homestays/resorts for you to compare quotes and book.
• Room availability and confirmation is made in quick time.
• Save you time, money and energy by planning your trip with our holiday services.

Travel Malnad – Nature Holidays Redefined

The concept of nature holidays can vary from destination to destination. We can call it a unique experiences if there is something new to explore or experience during our holidays. The summer holidays for kids is not the only season that tourists arrive in any given destination. Thanks to disposable incomes created with the the increasing GDP in Indian economy. More and more people plan their holidays to top destinations in India. We are here introducing you to few of the famous holiday destinations in Karnataka which has comprised to a region called as ‘Malnad’.

There are several things to notice about a destination and the uniqueness of Malnad is its known for forest and greenery. You may be connoisseur about appreciating nature or may be not, but the moment you enter this region you will say this word “wow”!!! We have seen people come back with fond memories who were really skeptic to travel nature worried about the amenities that they are used to. There is top class accommodation in malnad region tailor made for all sections of the tourist community coming to Malnad every year.

What our team says:
The experience shared by both domestic and international travelers who visited to homestays in Karnataka or resorts using our holiday services are carefully documented. The first thing that can be noticed is the 90% satisfactory guest experience at the esteemed homestays and resorts that are listed in our ambit. We are very careful and precise and positioned our services around customer experience as well as willingness for quality hospitality by hosts. The kind of warm hospitality provided by our esteemed and qualified hosts is unmatchable. The invaluable support team effort which keeps a tab on the changes and updates in a destination is also acknowledged by most of our guests.

What our guests said:
“The place was superb, hospitality class apart and the customer support was very cordial. We loved every bit of it…. Thanks for the great holiday planner.”
– Anand Rao, Bangalore

“Incredibly impressive destination chosen for us by our travel partner Travel Malnad. The transport, accommodation, food and activities are the best..”
– David, Hong Kong.

“Must visit place in Karnataka, really we were never aware of the impact of Nature that can have on us. Unbelievable experience. My kids now know what are the species in forests and estates.”
– Gowri Narayan, Chennai.

“Awesome place to chill out for a break from daily routine. One who thinks for a home stay in Karnataka than this is the place where you can hang out. Great hospitality.. Cheers”
– Regards – Pradeep

Compare and book holiday packages at homestays and resorts positioned in the green paradise of Karnataka at Travel Malnad and return your world with fond memories and a refreshed mind.

Getaway to nature and unwind yourself!!!

Nature Holidays in Karnataka

Mother Nature can long lasting and effective impact on human souls in terms of refreshing and rejuvenating them. The more time we spend amidst the nature means that we are becoming healthier and younger. Between the work schedules and busy office life we would not get time to often spend time in the nature or there could be a possibility you have your home in the city and do not have a farmhouse or any such set up back in a village. Here is what that can intersts you in our services. We are experts in delivering farmhouse, estate house, homestay… experiences for travelers coming to the nature.

Malnad region in Karnataka which is a popular nature holiday destination in South India receives several hundreds of thousands travelers every year. Every traveler can have a unique preference while traveling to these destinations, travel malnad is striving to deliver these by customizing the holiday packages. The streams, valleys, mountains, waterfalls… all will be before your eyes while traveling in Malnad region of Karnataka. Plan your itinerary with our holiday experts and know what you will be doing for the days and nights you are going to stay in nature.

We recommend activities like trekking, farming, local lifestyle experience, local cuisines, swimming in water streams, estate walks, hiking the mountains… to rejuvenate you amidst the nature. What is required to do these acitivities? You need a safe place most importantly and a proper guide to all the acitivities without wasting any time.

There are many places to stay in the Malnad region and travelers can shop online at travel malnad to get rate compression and free quote facility. We advice you to take online reservation atleast 2 weeks prior to your travel to malnad region in Karnataka. Since there are many properties it can confuse you while making choice. Speak to our customer support for more information on the place you want to travel and get appropriate Karnataka homestays accommodations facility.

Visit Malnad and Explore wonders of Nature

There were times we used to go and see cities with our family members and enjoy the modernity. When modernity became norm of the day it is evident that a lot of travelers today want to visit their routes that is nature. We all know that nature has a tremendous healing touch on human beings. Many people feel that they are deprived of visiting nature since they work in a city or live in a 24×7 busy schedule. The fact is we should make room for visiting nature quite often and heal our soul and body.

How many of you have heard about the Maland region in Karnataka? No wonder that the name of this region is derived from its literal meaning that is ‘Land of forests’. You love greenery? Have you trieed trekking? Have you ever bathed in a stream? Shown your children how streams flow? You could do all these wonders by visiting Malnad region in Karnataka. For a nature lover this place is a real wonder and a paradise of estates, streams, mountains, lush greenery, clean oxygen, waterfalls…

While planning your trip to Malnad make sure you know a bit about the place and surroundings. Reason is very simple; some people living in posh localities of an urban set up tend to expect their gated community experience again when they are holidaying in these areas. No! Don’t expect it. Leave all your stress, city life, urban lifestyle… and simply come to nature. That is what you have to expect, its nature and you are caressed by the Mother Nature which you can never afford in a bigger city.

The splendid beauty surrounding the Malnad region creates an enchanting effect on the visitor. No matter whether you are vistiing for a weekend or for a complete week stay in Karnataka, you will return with fond memories. There are many sightseeing places you can cover while visiting malnad region. Plan your itinerary well in advance to have a better time management. We booked homestays in Karnataka located in Malnad region and had a mindblowing holiday experience for a week long stay. To get further information on malnad holiday packages contact travel malnad customer support team.

Coorg Holiday Packages in Karnataka

My parents live in India and since I do get summer holidays to meet them I travel every year. Being a professor I have traveled extensively on work submitting papers and give lectures. But always home coming will be a thrilling and special experience. We dedicate a lot of time for work and often forget spare time with our loved ones. I make it a point every 6 months to spend time with friends and family. Usually we schedule to travel to a nice resort or sometimes choose one of our houses to spend time.

This time trip to India was thourughly enjoyed by me and my family, especially kids were exposed to lot of things which we as parents may have ingonred or forgotten to introduce them. There is always need for expert advice for everything and when planning a holiday it is not spared. We all want to have a quality time with our family and for that a proper holiday planner is required. This time we bumped on to travel service provider in Karnataka who did a excellent job in organizing, executing and advising our holiday planner.

When I started journey from London I was excited and with lots of expectation. When I reached Bangalore and spent 2 nights there I relaxed, taking long walks in the early morning and meeting my friends who are working in Bangalore. We all planned for a visit to Wonder La in Bangalore and enjoyed there. It wasn’t the holiday planner, just a relaxing time. Our holiday planner was designed by our travel partner to Coorg.

I was skeptic about the planner initially but the professionalism maintained by the team at travel chords till we reached back to Bangalore was really great. There were few delays initially only in getting the phoneline since they get a huge number of phone calls in a day. But once our query was processed no looking back, the staff were very polite and professional. Good part is they never delayed in giving information and details. Some of the things which we were not aware were introduced to us.

Holdiay planners should always include activities and facilities for both elders and kids. Sometimes we might forget planners for kids and then realize how much they may get bored if they are not taken care. Once they are busy we can be busy enjoying our holiday. Hey! Wait. This lesson was given to us by Travel Chords team and that’s 100% true. We all equally and thoroughly enjoyed our holiday at home stays in Coorg at Karnataka and we have all written about this fabulous experience on our facebook pages and also blog posts.

Discount coupons for homestay in Shimoga

Planning a trip to Shimoga and need discounts on accommodation? Try homestay in Shimoga and best holiday packages inclusive of all acitivities and food. There are exclusive custom designed packages that travelers can choose and reserve while planning a holiday. There are many places of interests and the package information can be availed online. We offer you the lowest price guaranteed for a package selected.

If you are repeated user of our travel portal and doing a second reservation your discounts will be higher. Why spend more money for your holiday? Plan now and visit travel malnad to get travel information and packages for holidaying in Shimoga. You can compare quote and book the one as per your requirements. If you need assistance there is customer support team which helps you to plan your holiday.

The homestay in Shimoga can be reserved online by travelers without any hassles. Once the rooms are confirmed with availability make a reservation using online booking facility. There is no additional fee or cost for any of the booking services offered at Travel Malnad. You pay only the package cost and on top of it avail up to 30% discounts and make a memorable trip to Shimoga. For more details contact customer support at 09480595888/09483856640.