Travelling as an exploration of lifestyle and perspectives

We feel delighted and relaxed by travelling and exploring new places. Beyond all that, in our subconscious we will be gaining a lot of concrete perspectives about life and lifestyles by just visiting and staying in some of the places on earth. The touch of philosophy to travelling can give you a different angle and point of view to analyze things around you in the present world. Lot of things would look different and your vision can be much clearer and focused just by travelling to new regions rather staying at one place.

Generations of travelling community has experienced the mysticism of nature by staying amidst the woods or forest areas or hill stations. When you are spending time amidst the green pastures of Malnad we can guarantee that you will have rejuvenating experience for your mind and body. Currently the Malnad region has gained multifold increase in traveler footfalls every year with consistent pace. Reason for this surge is very simple, greenery has a natural relaxing factor in it to your mind and soul.

Once you perceive travelling as a philosophy in life it becomes lot more meaningful and enhances your thought process in a big way. Why travel has always been considered as famous pastime? It’s proven in the history that human beings seek knowledge and imagination by visiting different places on earth. We at Travel Malnad are a group of extensive travelers who believe in the philosophy of travelling and decided to bring you closer to the Malnad forests and its special powers to make you a more rejuvenated person.

There are several small hamlets, beautiful villages, tiny townships, waterfalls, hill stations, adventure zones, wildlife, rafting, safaris, campfires, hiking, trekking…. in malnad region. That you can enjoy during your holiday in Malnad region. We have listed the best homestays and resorts with attractive offers for your comfort. Spend some time on our website and book below homestay / resort online using your credit/debit card or net banking online.

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The Monsoon is here!!! Where are you??

Malnad is one and only destination in Karnataka that is unique about its grandeur during every season. The most beautiful season amongst all is the monsoon in Malnad and to give justice to the fact several thousands of travelers visit during this season without miss. Since Malnad has a great expanse of greenery and forest region it will be a feast for the eyes who travel through this direction. There are many places in Malnad which are famous as tourist destinations and there are few which many people wouldn’t be knowing. We offer the best experience for travelers with a nice list of stays and itinerary.

As we are in the industry for a long time now one thing that is noticeable is the increase in footfall of visitors during each year’s monsoon season. The reason is the beauty of Malnad gets more jubilant during the season and travelers will have great fun playing games, visiting sightseeing, photography, bird watching and other activities during their holiday. We are proud to announce on our annual gala dinner meeting the milestone achieved this year is the mark of 75000+ registered travelers from all walks of life and from across India.


What is the specialty which makes Malnad as a beautiful tourist destination? This is one of the common questions we answer during our visits to corporate talks and marketing exhibitions all over the world. We keep it as a simple response, Malnad is a land of greenery, hill stations, water falls, trekking trails, top homestays and resorts, birdlife and wildlife in Karnataka. Currently there are several homestays and resorts in Malnad listed with us and we give online reservations to ease the process of booking for our guests.

We always customize holiday packages to our guests to give the utmost memorable experience during their trips. Your holiday planner will be studied from our travel experts and more inputs are given to make it all the more awesome than you have expected. For those who are travelling from outside Karnataka we give complete tour package with flight tickets, transfers, sightseeing and homestay/resort accommodation in Malnad. Plan your holiday now with our special discount offers for Monsoon season and book with best deals.


Breathtaking expanse of Malnad in Karnataka

Malnad is combo package consisting mountains, forests, plantations, waterfalls and not the least good hospitality services. Malnad is a vast expanse spread on the western and eastern sides of Western Ghats belt in Karnataka. If you are a travelers seeking an escape to nature type of holiday experience then you must visit Malnad and indulge in its mystic stances. Many call this region an abundant bounty of surprises and mystical experiences. Some travel just to relax and read books listening to the rhythms of nature.

Each traveler requirement would be unique and they will be looking for a new and pleasant experience during every trip. Currently there are several homestays and resorts in this region operational with a reason and a commitment to give the authentic holiday experience for visitors. The more we dwell on these qualities of Malnad region more information we can give, however the traveler of today needs customization of holidays which is the sole motif of Team Travel Malnad.

Currently you can choose from 300 + accommodation services in Malnad nestled in the green woods or estates or plantations. The pristine green expanses welcome you wherever you are travelling in Malnad. Take a break and visit malnad for your next holiday with your loved ones and go back rejuvenated and refreshed. The hospitality of the region is such that it can become hard for you to get back to your routine from your holiday mode. Added to all this splendor now monsoon has begun and has made the lands all the more jubilant and green.

Top and best stays in Malnad Karnataka

Escape to Malnad, the land of mysticism and enchantment

As the summer heat is increasing lot of travelers who have kept their travel bags in the attic have dusted and ready to explore. We will throw some light on some of the cooler destinations to cover around Bangalore. For those who are not familiar with ‘malnad’ here is a quick introduction. This region is one of the most celebrated holiday destinations in South India dating back to the ages of Maharajas. Several summer retreat palaces, holiday homes of that era depict the beauty of the region.

The mystic forests and sacred rivers that embody the region are a delight for the travelers who are in search of solitude and rejuvenation. The equation of one’s rejuvenation is unique and if there are several fun activities and things to do in a destination then your adrenaline gush will be more active than you can ever imagine. Malnad has several adventure things to offer your while you might be staying in the plains enjoying a backwater scenery or on the mountains relishing your eyes with the valley view before you.

The accommodation service providers of this region are passionate travelers and holidaymakers who have taken utmost care in arranging things for the comfort of their guests. Today, malnad has several homestays and resorts or adventure camps nestled in the greenery are providing top notch service for the guests. You can get to taste the best cuisines of the locality and live the local lifestyle at a beautiful stay.

The hosts of these homestays and resorts are running these places with a clear conscience of providing the utmost hospitable environment for the guests. Visitors of Indian and overseas origin have given fantastic reviews and ratings for these humble hosts. You can tailor your holiday package and food preferences as per your convenience. Isn’t it nice that your holiday is made more memorable by listening to your innate requirements first and then pampered with more facilities that you wouldn’t even asked? Book a holiday stay in malnad now with few clicks online and enjoy your vacations in malnad which can be your away from home.

Chikmagalur Coffee Estate Homestay Services

Why should you choose a homestay while visiting Chikmagalur? This is one of the most pertinent question asked by lot of our guests. There are several hotels, resorts and other formats of holidaying options but nowadays most likely choice of our registered travelers is a home stay. Answer to the above question is very simple, a homestay can bring you closer to the coffee planter’s lifestyle and make you spend a memorable holiday enjoying all the nature that you want around your accommodation itself.

Isn’t it nice that you get an opportunity to live a coffee planter’s life for a short duration, yet cover all sightseeing places around Chikmagalur. Many would vouch on our homestays much more than any star category resorts for a simple reason of getting authentic coffee estate accommodation experience. You can visit a waterfalls, spend time trekking, watching the sunset from a peak, cycling, plantation tour, coffee farming tour…

A decade ago there were hardly any visitors to these places apart from few friends and family members of Chikmagalur residents. But today we see thousands of new visitors increasing every month on our booking portal, which shows the credibility of all the stake holders of the destination as well as the beauty of nature attracting visitors. We get both inbound travelers from different countries as well as Indians travelling from different parts of the nation and our review system has collected enormous amount of positive feedbacks about this beautiful destination.

If you are an ardent nature lover and thinking of where to go this summer than contact us to have memorable holiday experience in our homestays in Chikmagalur. We are expecting you to have prior reservations as there would be congestion during peak holiday seasons like summer. Take a free quote now and reserve your stay online without any hassles.


Malnad holiday destinations in Karnataka

‘Malnad’ is like synonym in Kannada for Nature and we all love to spend time in nature. The destinations in Malnad Karnataka are beautiful and you can enjoy your leisure time with your friends and family indulging in several activities. We are the pioneer company in promoting Malnad as a destination in Karnataka and have been the reason to have brought more than 50000 travelers from all over the world.

There are several accommodation or hospitality services who are themselves been some of the most popular destinations inside Malnad region. We have in-depth knowledge of the proximity of these destinations to your specific holiday requirements. We specialize in providing the best packages for your memorable holiday in the region. On the Earth Day, different nature conservationists and organizations who are forerunners in saving greenery remembered this magnificent destination.

Malnad is one destination in Karnataka that all will think of when it comes to good temperature, estates, greenery, waterfalls… The more you spend time in this region the better you can understand the mystic qualities of Mother Nature. The freshness of the air and clean serene atmosphere keeps you stress free and rejuvenated at all times. If you are visiting the region for holiday reasons then you have several things to do and places to cover.

You will get to know the small things the nature can pamper you with or surprise you if you stay at one of our homestays and resorts in Malnad which is deep in the woods or estates. There are different types of accommodation and activities that you can pick as per your convenience. Get a package and room availability at our portal and book your dream holiday to spend amidst the nature. All users on our portal will have the best deal and if you are a returning visitor then expect more discounts and special vouchers.

Less explored but very beautiful places of Karnataka

Karnataka as rightly called by State tourism development department as “One State and Many Worlds” throws surprises for tourists in all its destinations. You can pick a destination and then plan all forms of tourism activities at ease as there will be plenty of things to do in every place that you visit in Karnataka. There are lot of places that you may have not explored till now and you can try our portal to plan your next holiday.

The destinations that we offer for your holiday are cherry picked and thoroughly scrutinized to make sure you have a comfortable stay. Some of these less explored places are now becoming equally popular with top destinations for their uniqueness. We have plenty of options for you to choose from and have a memorable holiday. All you need to do is spare few minutes and browse through our website and take a free quote.

Those who are already registered and subscribed to our holiday services will get more discounts on every booking made through us. We on our portal have special corporate discounts applicable for groups and corporate team holidays for those planning to visit for an adventurous trip. As our properties are mostly running full during weekend dates we recommend our guests to make room reservations well advance to avoid any last minute congestion.

Rural holiday destinations of Karnataka

The holiday planners are increased so does the number of destinations mushroomed all over Karnataka. Last 10 Years have seen several new destinations unearthed for holidaying and spending a meaningful weekend with loved ones. There are several factors related to the surge of holiday destinations in Karnataka. We are specifically discussing today about the rural destinations in Karnataka. They are popular for different reasons like hill stations, waterfalls, mountains, valleys, coffee estates, plantations, areca plantations…

The educated and skilled rural population who have opted for serving in the hospitality industry is a boon to the overall tourism development in Karnataka. In the yester years it was only few resorts or hotels in these destinations and less promotions by tour operators. The same has been replaced with several homestay, resorts and hotels operated by top industry players in coordination with smart technology based travel companies and seamless booking experience for the tourists of today.

We at TravelChords from past 10 years are committed to deliver best holiday services for the visitors. We are not just a travel company but a very popular brand for top quality and unique homestay and resort experience in the rural parts of Karnataka. You may log on to to get a feel of some of the top notch accommodation and destinations that we are dealing. The guests who once hit on our website and book their stay are coming back regularly for their weekend or long duration holidays.

Take a free quote now without wasting much time and get your best deal holiday offers for the season.

Get inspired by destination, its people and hospitality

Vacations are an extended emotion of working class people whether they are from North, South, East, West or any parts of India. Many informed travelers prepare for a holiday like a ritual and some in a slipshod who have less time to plan. No matter when or how your holidays are planned, a well spent vacation remains robust in your travel memories for years. It can be a benchmark to compare with other planners in future. Knowing the seriousness of vacationers and their urge to explore places we have aggregated services that can give them value for money in their holiday experience.

We have served close to 50000 travelers from across India and abroad and counting. More than a brag we are proud to have achieved it with extensively researched and planned holidays. You will get a pre-holiday feel of the place you are travelling to since our team would have covered the lengths and breadths of that place and give you mile to mile guidance on exploring and stays in around the area.

Why we do this and what is this place called Malnad? Many would wonder in the first place what is Malnad? In its true sense the place derived its name from Kannada which originally meant “Male” forest and “Nadu” land. The land of forests. Basically, Malnad region is known for its greenery and warm hospitality.  From several decades people have known this beautiful destination for many reasons. The major crops are Coffee, Tea, Areca, Pepper, Cardamom, elaichi… The place is known for several waterfalls and wildlife sanctuaries in the country.

Malnad region today has most popular destinations as well as top class hospitality services comprised of homestays and resorts. You will get to stay at estate or plantation homestays or resorts and enjoy living a planter’s life. One of the significant things is the hospitality of the people from these areas. They are marvelous in their approach to hospitality for tourists and to experience it you can choose home stay in malnad Karnataka. We leave you at this juncture and come back with more write ups on popular destinations in Malnad region. To explore the places you can visit our official website

Elite homestays in Chikmagalur

Holidaying is a personal experience and many of us who are living in this current tech savvy world come across lot of options for exploring places. The most important factor to determine the quality of any destination is their accommodations and facilities and ease finding information for room reservations. We appreciated the services offered by TravelMalnad in offering the best in class holiday experience at a homestay in Malnad Region. The skepticism on the hospitality offered by homestays is wiped out the moment we landed on the website. We were taken aback with the kind of facilities available at their home stays and the ease of doing a reservation online.

Our trip was planned to Chikmagalur and hence the journey with Team TravelMalnad began with a positive note. These guys are a cut above the rest and the homestays listed on the site are extremely good. When inquired about the process we came to know how the cherry picking of holiday planners are made. The team travels in the trails of these places and figures out which are the homestays who offer top notch hospitality services with professional hosts. Later once they are back in office they connect with all their registered users and give a hint on the exploration.

Thus we also came across this fantastic service provider from our colleague who is a regular visitor to Malnad homestays. Frankly speaking, the name Malnad itself was new to us and slowly we opened up to the beauty of its natural resources with the awesome doorway called TravelMalnad. What more could be demanded in a holiday? Good accommodation, tasty food, nice host, adventure activities, campfire in the evening, barbecue, dance & music… It was beyond our expectations and we thoroughly enjoyed each and every services offered to us.

The best part of these elite homestays in Chikmagalur is the natural surroundings. Coffee estates, water streams, water falls, mountains, plantations, scenic atmosphere… all that is offered on a platter to feast for the visitors. A photography enthusiast will never miss to take thousands of pictures before departing the place. We strongly recommend you to visit for more malnad destinations and best homestays. Book with them and you will see the ease of doing reservations online with real time response.

Best Regards,

Mahendra & Team,

Bangalore, Karnataka.