Chikmagalur Homestays for Weekend Getaways from Bangalore

Going for a long drive during a weekend is one of the most common activities for city dwellers and professionals living in Bangalore. Many places in and around Bangalore attract these getaway enthusiasts. Chikmagalur is one such popular hot spots in Karnataka for city dwellers. If you are a nature lover and want to drive/ride amidst the greenery then there is a good news for you. The distance from Bangalore to Chikmagalur is only 244 Kms only and well connected.The roads are very well laid till the last mile connectivity of your destination.

Typically, the homestays in Chikmagalur are nestled in the coffee estates and plantations. The private estates here have now become hospitality service providers for tourists. They are known for offering accommodation with a touch of local lifestyle and cuisines. There are several homestays in Chikmagalur but we have cherry picked the best. Chosen exclusively for their experiential holiday packages designed for visitors. The tariff is customizable and you can pick and choose your planner online.

Why choose Chikmagalur for holiday?

There are pure vegetarian and multi cuisine luxury stays that cater to people from all walks of life. If you are a person who want to spend a weekend reading books in the coffee estates. Spend time just lazing in a village walk or playing in the water stream amidst plantation, then you must choose cottage stay. Pick the best from TravelMalnad as you get transparent booking facility.

You can search and book the homestay of your choice on our portal with complete details. The itinerary can be planned as per your travel dates and choice of holidaying ideas. There are several things you can do by visiting Chikmagalore and you can plan your weekend trip quickly & also book rooms securely. All price range rooms and cottages are available on our portal for your comparison.

Rural homestays in Malnad Region of Karnataka

The word rural need not be equated for bad roads or less amenities for holiday goers. Indian government with its rural development programs has developed most of the rural connecting roads to the highways. Which means it’s a good news for travelers to Malnad region, you need not have to worry about driving to any of the destinations. Visiting a rural homestay for an authentic malnad lifestyle experience is easy now.

Those who are planning a trip to malnad must choose a rural homestay as they will be amidst estate and plantations and you can be closer to nature. Along with that you can cover several sightseeing places in and around your stay. A perfect itinerary from Travel Malnad can help you better manage your time and cover all places during the trip. There are different formats of itinerary which you can get customized from our expert team.

Customize your rural visit:

You can organize your trip by also adding multiple destinations as they can be connecting with hardly 2 hours’ drive sometimes. Why miss a nearest destination when you are already in the holiday mood. All destinations listed on our portal has best homestays and resorts and you can book with confidence about best hospitality. You can take a free quote online using the portal and book your rooms online.

Facilities designed for comfort:

Though these homestays are located in the rural region they are designed with modern amenities. Some rural stays are in rustic architecture and are traditional malnad houses turned into hospitality services. A prudent traveler always plans their trip well in advance keeping several factors in mind and our team can assist in it.

Malnad cuisines:

One of the must mention highlights of visiting these rural stays is their mouthwatering local delicacies. You must try the authentic Malnad cuisine in these places to know how relishing for your taste buds. Many hosts offer both Malnad and Continental cuisines at their rural homestays to give you a chance to try both.

The rural tourism in Malnad Region of Karnataka

The youth from rural parts migrate to the cities in search of jobs, livelihood, career and opportunities. Likewise, city dwellers look forward for opportunities to spend time in the rural India. There are age old terms and proverbs which suits this situation better “longing and belonging” & “grass on the other side always looks green”.  The irony of life is; we are constantly in search of ‘something better’ than what we already possess. The idea of completeness for human beings do not come from single element of experiences. It’s a permutation and combination we all try to understand and strive to cultivate in our daily routine.

The rural Karnataka has seen a paradigm shift in employment creation through development of tourism sector, which otherwise was dominated only by agricultural activities. Several people have migrated from cities to rural parts to take part in hospitality services and its allied businesses. Last few years was good for the tourism sector in terms of increase in number of quality hospitality services offered for travelers. Malnad is a prominent region which attracts a huge real estate investments made for hospitality services annually. It is an inclusive growth for rural Maland region as it creates steady jobs and business opportunities for the local people.

Malnad region can be considered as a model region for tourism development and employment creation in Karnataka. The tourist footfall has increased over the years boosting the economy at large and also in creating skilled jobs in this region. The rural parts now receive tourists and there is infrastructure ready to accommodate and provide food services clubbed with other nature activities for the guests. TravelMalnad has been working with hospitality service providers and continuously striving to make the region as one of the most preferred destinations for domestic and international travelers.

You can plan your itinerary with us as per your requirements. There are different duration holiday planners to experience authentic malnad. We recommend you speak to our travel expert who can help you design your holiday. If you are travelling with children and want to show them nature closely there are places and activities designed exclusively for them.


Your one stop green destination – Malnad

Vacation is a precious time spent beyond your routine activities.  A green destination for such a leisure time would be like a blessing come in disguise. There are only few green holiday destinations in India and Malnad is one such paradise for nature lovers. It is a well-connected region from major cities in Southern India. You can plan a short or a long trip with customized holiday and stay ideas and packages from Travel Malnad.

The forest and plantations in Malnad beckons you for a refreshing time with your friends and family members. Most of the terrains in malenadu is covered with hill stations, forests and plantations. A large chunk of the land is potentially utilized for agricultural activities in this region. The agriculturists of this region are the caretakers of the major forest region and have contributed in securing the green cover. As an additional revenue the farm stays or home stays have been encouraged in the region. There are thousands of best estates who cater to the needs of millions of visitors to Malnad.

Travel Malnad, a pioneer company from the region has been instrumental in shaping a positive vibe among tourists for Malnad. The destinations and stays are carefully listed with a prime goal to provide memorable vacation experience for visitors. Malnad is a place where you can take refuge from your daily city routines and unwind yourself amidst greenery. The charm of Mother Nature is such that you will be awestruck by its beauty.

Malnad is a combination of hill stations, rivers, forests, estates, plantations and if you travel to nearby coastal then its beaches and islands. We have designed holiday packages combining Coastal Karnataka tourism along with Malnad Tourism for your comfort. Interested travelers can seek information while visiting places like Thirthahalli or Coorg in Karnataka from where Coastal is a nearby getaway destination. Take a free quote online at and start planning your memorable trip.


“Out of the city and over the hill,

Into the spaces where Time stands still..

..Crossing the little bridge, losing my way,

But finding a friendly place where I can stay”

  • Ruskin Bond


Malenadu – The Unexplored Paradise in Karnataka

Malnad is a region wrapped with greenery and blessed with enchanting beauty of natural wonders everywhere. You will encounter a lot of landscapes where you would like to click relentless photos on your travel camera. Travel Malnad a premium holiday service provider is striving from past 10 years to successfully create happy traveler footprints in Malnad Karnataka. The team is a headed by a professional holiday and hospitality entrepreneurs. You holiday in Malnad will be the best as it will be planned with customized inputs as per your requirement.

Beyond history and art in the region Malnad is a hub of agricultural activities in Karnataka. While you visit Malnad take from us itineraries that help you visit agriculture plots and processing units where you see the actions. The major part of agricultural lands are utilized for paddy, coffee, tea, areca, pepper, cardamom and floriculture. Choose stay at villas, cottages, homestays, resorts booking through Travel Malnad and experience the authentic lifestyles of Malnad people.

There are multiple destinations in Malnad that you can cover ranging from 2 nights to 3 nights. If you are a nature lover and just want to laze on the riverside, read books, go far estate walk, sip hot coffee amidst plantations, then you choose one destination only for your entire trip. This allows you have ample time for relaxation along with sightseeing visits. There are several options in our itinerary customization which help you know places to cover and make prudent decision.

Travelers visiting Karnataka for the first time and exploring Malnad region must be aware some of these things noted below:

  1. Malnad is a green belt and you see a lot of forests and estates in your destination.
  2. The stays listed on Travel Malnad are fully secured and safe for your family visit too.
  3. Some of the destinations are Eco sensitive places and activities such as trekking, hiking, and mountaineering, camping would be strictly prohibited or requires necessary permissions by local authorities.
  4. Open area cooking prohibited: If you are traveling in a group and planning to camp on an open site or someplace where you think you can cook and party, then do not venture doing it. There are vigilant groups to maintain the cleanliness of the places and you would be royally penalized too.
  5. Do not throw waste on roadside
  6. Please reconfirm the permissions and authorization by local authority if the stays encourage you to camp or trek in eco sensitive forest regions.
  7. Trespassing in forest region is strictly prohibited. Do not get lured by agencies or companies sitting in cities offering you holiday packages including trekking and camping on hill tops illegally.
  8. Enjoy your vacation by witnessing the beautiful Malnad and contribute to nature in securing and safeguarding its sanctity.


Explore Malnad Homestays and Resorts

Malnad is a must visit getaway in Karnataka

Nature is a peaceful and abundant creation which is caring all human beings without any discrimination or bias. Whether you are in India or in New York or Antarctica, you need fresh air and clean water to survive on this planet. Besides providing the basic necessities of human existence nature also has several curing and uplifting solutions for human body and soul respectively. You can make your own perfect memories by visiting nature for a blissful holiday experience.

There are many things you can plan to do in a trip to Nature holiday destination. Travel Malnad a specialist holiday service provider in Malnad region gives you umpteen number of holiday planners and stays to choose. You can plan a special occasion or just a weekend getaway to some of the awesome holiday places in Malnad region. The place is well known for its prominence as a nature and ecofriendly holiday getaways.

Malnad has several getaways not just for your adventure trip but for relaxing experience. You can escape your mundane busy city life to a calm and serene homely environment amidst a coffee/areca plantation or forest regions of Malnad. The services are offered for your comfort and memorable trip experience. There are many sightseeing places to cover in Malnad and we will guide you to cover them all.


Experience nature wellness by visiting Thirthahalli

Thirthahalli is one of the most sought after holiday destinations in Malnad. This magnificent place is border by green forests and hills on the one side with Western Ghats cascading and touching the coastal on the other side. You can expect experience beyond locations and nature beyond style by visiting Tirthahalli. There are nice homestays, resorts and hotels built for your comfortable holiday experience with the tinge of Malnad cuisines and hospitality combined.

The nature can have a spellbound healing effect on the minds. Thirthahalli is one such destination where you will feel enchanted by nature even by just driving through the woods. You have a lot of sightseeing places to cover and activities to do at the stays. There are homestays which can organize the village tour or agricultural processing tour for you if you love to experience it.

TravelMalnad a premium holiday service provider in Malnad region has been serving travelers from past 10 years. The team has a in-depth knowledge and experience in customizing your holiday in Thirthahalli. All you need to do is simply take a free quote online. The itinerary, stays booking etc will be taken care without any hassles for you. You focus on spending quality time enjoying in the destination with your loved ones.

Today, taking a trip to a beautiful nature holiday destination like Thirthahalli has been on the top of list for a lot of travelers. It is an essential exercise for mind to have a relaxing experience along with quality time to reflect on the previous works done and future course of actions. Take a trip now and you will be writing blog in your style about the experience of visiting malnad region.

Karnataka’s must visit getaways in Malnad Region

What is your idea of vacation? Where are you planning to visit? Want to experience a blissful holiday? You can try Malnad region in Karnataka. Malenadu is blessed with several fantastic destinations in Karnataka for discerning leisure seekers. There are some spectacular destinations you can visit in Malnad region with hill stations and waterfalls around. The region has best resorts, hotels and homestays which are catering to travelers with different holiday perspectives.

There are several places here known from ages for thick forests and agricultural lands. Several spices, coffee, tea and areca estates & plantations are tucked amidst the forests bordered with streams and mountains. If you are a person looking for a home away from home amidst the nature and with all amenities then you must visit Malnad in Karnataka using

Homestays and resorts in Malnad region has an unique element about their style of hospitality and taste for architecture. You can see a lot of traditional architecture retained at most of the properties. TravelMalnad offers only best accommodations in Malnad and you can be assured of best services during your holiday. The listed properties are cherry-picked with a vision of creating as many happy travelers as possible.

Getaways in Malnad;

Thirthahalli: A destination on the riverbank with several waterfalls, streams and mountains around for your nature holiday experience. Areca plantations and spices are more in this region.

Coorg: Kodagu is a famous hill station in Malnad Karnataka visited by hundreds of thousand travelers every year. You can see coffee and tea estates in Coorg.

Chikmagalur: Also called as the coffee country of Karnataka and has several hills and mountains garnished with waterfalls. Coffee estates are more in this region.

Sakleshpur: Also known as the hub of spices cultivation in Malnad region. Known for its thick vegetation and agricultural lands.

Agumbe: The Western Ghats belt near to Thirthahalli is bordered by coastal region and Malnad region on both sides. You will love the beauty of nature by just driving on the highway itself.

Book holiday in Malnad;

There are several unexplored places in Malnad waiting for you. The holiday planner can be done without any hassles on Travel Malnad. The pioneer tourism promoters of the region have enable visitors with services to make informed choice about booking your holiday. You can compare stays in Malnad and book online in few minutes. The listed homestays are verified stays with best amenities for your comfortable holiday experience.

Visit the wilderness of Malnad for a green escape

Malnad is a popular holiday destination mostly known for its greenery and forest regions. Besides the waterfalls and forests the greatest adventure seeking element in visiting Malnad is a good trekking to the hills. Trekking trails are plenty in this region but you need choose your base camp or stay from Travel Malnad to have a convenient access to the hills. You have Kundadri, Kodachadri, Agumbe, Kavaledurga, Muliangiri, Baba Budangiri, Kemmangundi, Tadaindamodal, Bhadra wild life… Shop online at TravelMalnad and book your accommodation first and then your itinerary can be planned effectively around it.

Trek to engage your mind

Trekking can be a philosophical experience for some travelers. As you climb up the hills amidst thick forests your heart beats for an enthusiastic trail ahead. You get time for your mind to have new thoughts flow and creative ideas to concretize. If you are an entrepreneur and looking for a break before your next big leap in the industry, then you must trek in Malnad. We have received feedbacks and blogs from our regular customers that they had great experience when it comes to creative thinking. Nature is a beautiful place where a lot of natural phenomenon and creations happen on a daily basis. When we visit nature for a holiday it can be a different feel of travelling altogether.

Customer centric holiday planners

The growing demands of our customers enabled us in providing the best itinerary for your future trips. We constantly keep an update travel expert team who love support you in making right choices for your holiday in Malnad. You can share your holiday ideas or request for destination and itineraries to start planning. You can reserve your holidays online from wherever you are with best deals for the season at TravelMalnad. Make an informed choice and save money on your next trip to Malnad.

Malnad weekend getaway ideas for Bangaloreans

Weekends are like a break from our work and stressful weekdays. Human beings need revival of energy before getting back working incessantly. Weekends are meant for reading that unfinished novel or cleaning up your room. More than these chores, if you are a travel enthusiast you must dedicate weekends for planned road trips. When you travel to a nice destination it’s not just about seeing places or eating food, you get space for yourself and time for introspections and course corrections.

Explore Malnad;

If you are not aware of Malnad region in Karnataka then we assist you in understanding this beautiful destination. Malnad is a region comprising many popular holiday destinations in Karnataka. If you have heard about coffee estate homestays, waterfalls, hill station cottages, Malnad cuisines, rafting, trekking, plantation holidays… then it’s in Malnad region. You would be surprised to know that within 4-5 hours’ drive from Bangalore you can visit any of these destinations.

Holiday planner for your preference

There are different holiday planners you can shop at Travel Malnad. You can customize your trip as per your requirement and book rooms online. The duration can be 1 night or 2 nights or 3 nights, there are exclusive packages for your needs. Travel Malnad has a wide range of holiday packages with deals to match your vacation ideas.

Birding haven for bird life photographers

Malnad is popular from ages for its rich habitats with wildlife and birdlife and bird lovers will like this place for sure. Since you will be staying mostly in the estates/plantation/forest areas when you choose cottages for your getaway from Travel Malnad. You will get to see birds from your bedrooms in the morning. We have seen a lot of bird photographers wake up in the morning and wait just in the courtyard of their stays and capture awesome bird photos.

Cottage in the woods of Malnad

A lot of our visitors holidaying with us from several years love to stay amidst the greenery. In fact Malenadu or Malnad means “The land of forest and rains”. You can choose from a long list of best cottages amidst the estates and plantations or forest areas of Malnad region, these are absolutely safe and secure destinations where thousands of travelers have already visited and had wonderful weekend getaway experiences. You can email us on or call/whatsapp these customer support numbers 9480595888 / 9480565888 and plan your trip. Or simply log on to