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Vacations are an extended emotion of working class people whether they are from North, South, East, West or any parts of India. Many informed travelers prepare for a holiday like a ritual and some in a slipshod who have less time to plan. No matter when or how your holidays are planned, a well spent vacation remains robust in your travel memories for years. It can be a benchmark to compare with other planners in future. Knowing the seriousness of vacationers and their urge to explore places we have aggregated services that can give them value for money in their holiday experience.

We have served close to 50000 travelers from across India and abroad and counting. More than a brag we are proud to have achieved it with extensively researched and planned holidays. You will get a pre-holiday feel of the place you are travelling to since our team would have covered the lengths and breadths of that place and give you mile to mile guidance on exploring and stays in around the area.

Why we do this and what is this place called Malnad? Many would wonder in the first place what is Malnad? In its true sense the place derived its name from Kannada which originally meant “Male” forest and “Nadu” land. The land of forests. Basically, Malnad region is known for its greenery and warm hospitality.  From several decades people have known this beautiful destination for many reasons. The major crops are Coffee, Tea, Areca, Pepper, Cardamom, elaichi… The place is known for several waterfalls and wildlife sanctuaries in the country.

Malnad region today has most popular destinations as well as top class hospitality services comprised of homestays and resorts. You will get to stay at estate or plantation homestays or resorts and enjoy living a planter’s life. One of the significant things is the hospitality of the people from these areas. They are marvelous in their approach to hospitality for tourists and to experience it you can choose home stay in malnad Karnataka. We leave you at this juncture and come back with more write ups on popular destinations in Malnad region. To explore the places you can visit our official website

Elite homestays in Chikmagalur

Holidaying is a personal experience and many of us who are living in this current tech savvy world come across lot of options for exploring places. The most important factor to determine the quality of any destination is their accommodations and facilities and ease finding information for room reservations. We appreciated the services offered by TravelMalnad in offering the best in class holiday experience at a homestay in Malnad Region. The skepticism on the hospitality offered by homestays is wiped out the moment we landed on the website. We were taken aback with the kind of facilities available at their home stays and the ease of doing a reservation online.

Our trip was planned to Chikmagalur and hence the journey with Team TravelMalnad began with a positive note. These guys are a cut above the rest and the homestays listed on the site are extremely good. When inquired about the process we came to know how the cherry picking of holiday planners are made. The team travels in the trails of these places and figures out which are the homestays who offer top notch hospitality services with professional hosts. Later once they are back in office they connect with all their registered users and give a hint on the exploration.

Thus we also came across this fantastic service provider from our colleague who is a regular visitor to Malnad homestays. Frankly speaking, the name Malnad itself was new to us and slowly we opened up to the beauty of its natural resources with the awesome doorway called TravelMalnad. What more could be demanded in a holiday? Good accommodation, tasty food, nice host, adventure activities, campfire in the evening, barbecue, dance & music… It was beyond our expectations and we thoroughly enjoyed each and every services offered to us.

The best part of these elite homestays in Chikmagalur is the natural surroundings. Coffee estates, water streams, water falls, mountains, plantations, scenic atmosphere… all that is offered on a platter to feast for the visitors. A photography enthusiast will never miss to take thousands of pictures before departing the place. We strongly recommend you to visit for more malnad destinations and best homestays. Book with them and you will see the ease of doing reservations online with real time response.

Best Regards,

Mahendra & Team,

Bangalore, Karnataka.

Pretty pictures do not make a destination but experiences!!!

The tourism promotions in India dates back to several years and the marketing or PR teams of different organizations constantly work hard to promote a hotel or destination. The idea of promoting any destination could be dependent on group of people or companies or ad agencies that come together and depict a destination. The more we dwell on how to market a destination the better to get creative mindsets. Having said all this, the top notch performing destinations are not just about picturesqueness but also about ‘experiences’ that one can expect by visiting the place.

Today, we are in a web savvy world and the holiday places on earth are abundant. We may find a new destination for vacation every day if we are doing enough research.  We are giving you a glimpse of the destination called as Malnad in Karnataka. You might have explored many places on earth and missed our region thinking it’s one another destination in India. But Malnad has its own charm and specialty when it comes to the idea of holidaying for a perfect break or to indulge in adventure and explore new realities.

Malnad hospitality is famous in South India from ages and people of this region are most hospitable as you can expect in any popular destination. Our companies takes pride in taking this destination to the email inboxes and door steps of millions of travellers from across the globe who wished to spend their holiday in style.  Malnad is a combination of places like Coorg, Chikmagalur, Sakleshpur, Thirthahalli, Shimoga, Sagar, Sringeri… All these places are rich in greenery and have most popular destinations tagged to their names.

We recommend you to stay in any of our homestays and resorts in Malnad and experience the true hospitality. The cuisine of this region is also unique and stands out for its richness in taste and varieties.  We have our Malnad Homestays and Resorts situated in the greenery especially in the estates or plantations. These places will have a natural stream in the property and mountain nearby for trekking which are like added advantage for a vacationer in Malnad Region.  Take a free quote for your travel dates, compare accommodations and book your holiday with latest and best deal tariff.

Magic of Malnad greenery in rejuvenating souls

The sky was clear, the land was green everywhere, roads were good and we were driving amidst the Malnad region in Karnataka which is the paradise on earth for nature lovers. It was spring season and a new life, new beginning for all of us. We had taken a break from our routine and mechanical work life and hit roads exploring the glory of nature. Why we chose Malnad as our destination? This was our much debated and discussed topic before the start of our travel.

We will be honest with you. Our team is one of the senior most software engineers’ team in a leading MNC in Bangalore. Our work schedule demands us to be on our toes all the time clearing project leads and executing projects internally in the organization. The team was overwhelmed with the work pressure and wanted a break to unwind ourselves. Thus came the idea of doing a trip any of the top destinations in Karnataka.

We did a lot of research on this topic and everyone had different perspective about holidaying. Some were keen on a beach holiday place and some voted for coffee estate and some were neutral and ready to blend in for any holiday plan. Thus we concluded the Malnad as our destination of travel with places recommended by team. The expert team at TravelMalnad helped us a lot by providing us meticulous details of travel planning to even taking routes while in Malnad.

The best part about TravelMalnad was not responding like typical travel companies but with lot of care and true reasons to help us and make our trip a great one. We all congratulated them heartily for this fantastic trip for us. Once we were on the move we realized how important it was to have contacted the right people who are domain experts. We all have come back to work with a great deal of enthusiasm and fully charged. We are definitely going to make a revisit to the places we have covered in Malnad.


Mr Ram

Homestays in Coorg – Visit and explore this summer

The best way to holiday these days is to visit a homestay located amidst coffee estates or plantations in Malnad region. A lot of traveler footfall has increased and visitors are enjoying their holiday with worth the price packages. Many of us who are busy and even not getting time for ourselves should think of visiting Coorg and rejuvenating oneself. Summer holidays are around the corner your friends or family members need a retreat from the routine lifestyle. Take a break and plan a journey to Kodagu in Karnataka to get a glimpse of the beauty of Mother Nature.

We are in the holiday and hospitality domain from past 10 years and have noticed a consistent growth in popularity for Coorg as a ‘cool holiday destination’. Many travelers equate Kodagu to any other hill stations in the country and visit regularly for relaxation. We offer you top class homestays and resorts as an accommodation for your visit to Coorg homestays this summer.

Having said all these, we are the first providers who had started this business with ethics of giving the best experience to guests rather than worrying about selling rooms. Now it’s been many years and when we look back we sigh and feel satisfied for walking with our guests in the right direction.

Weekends are mostly busy compared to the week days and we recommend all our guests to take a prior reservation at homestays in Coorg. Once your travel dates are confirmed and the number of pax is decided you can start shopping on website getting packages and deals of the season. All groups above 5 pax will attract ‘Special Discount Voucher 2015’. Ask for it when you are doing the reservation.

Holiday itinerary to visit homestays at Chikmagalur

The itinerary is designed for every guest as per their requirements and time of arrival at the homestay/ resort. However there are a few items that common to most of the itineraries and suitable for group travel to Chikmagalur. If you are a corporate company or colleagues travelling in group then we have packages as low as Rs 1300 / Person with all meals and bonfire inclusive with deluxe category homestays in Chikmagalur as your accommodation.

Proposed Itinerary – This is only Proposed Itinerary and You can plan as per your convenience and arrival time.

DAY 1.

Arrival at The Homestay,

Lunch or Coffee/Tea and Snacks

You can travel to Muthodi for 4 PM Wild Life Safari. There is no booking but you can directly and pay entry fee there.


Relax for the evening and get a bonfire and chill out

Dinner and Rest for the Night

Day 2

If you have not done safari then the same Muthodi Wildlife Safari can be done at 6 Am in the morning – As per your convenience.

Come back, have breakfast, freshen up

Visit to Jagara Falls and Spend First half

Return for the lunch, Take a nap and visit to Maulainagiri in the Evening. There is a Shiva Temple at Mulianagiri also.

Coffee/Tea snacks in the homestay

Evening you can do an Estate Visit and relax with a bonfire late in the evening

Dinner and resting for the night.

Day 3

Freshen up, Breakfast in the morning,.

Check out as per your convenience.

Visit Belur and Halebidu on the way to BANGALORE and Travel Back

*All sightseeing places on your own transport facility.

Best and affordable homestays in and around Chikmagalur

The holidaying experience is made more simplified and affordable with the introduction of home stay services in Karnataka. Large chunk of travelers of today’s world mostly prefer to stay at a homestay to experience the ethnicity of the place rather than just indulge in amenities offered by bigger resorts. There are a handful of best and yet priced with affordable tariff homestays situated in and around Chikmangalore. The recent survey done internally by our company states clearly, that the upcoming hot destination is Chikmagalur which is offering all categories of accommodation and activities to tourists.

The hill station terrains of Chikmagalur make it more glamorous for the eyes of travelers who visit for exploring the area.  Hundreds of thousand acres of Coffee Estates in Chikmagalur region has been a god gift for those enterprising hospitality providers who have created mind blowing homestay services. We have positioned ourselves uniquely among the travelers who either could be visiting for the first time or already been our regular guest; by offering them best estate homestays in Chikmagalur for their accommodation. Our intentions are very clear that along with promoting memorable destinations we are selling experiences for the travelers.

There is no lean season for these areas as there will be continuous footfall of travelers from all over the globe.  Being one of the forerunners in promoting Chikmagalur tourism to the world, we have noticed that there is a strong sense of entrepreneurship among planters from this region. Not everyone can create good hospitality service unless they have zeal within themselves to really serve the guests as best as they can. It’s not easy for any destination to get to the top of the rung in tourism services unless there is an effort from all stake holders positively and with honest motifs.

Over the years we have not just created the awareness to holidaying in Chikmagalur for all our guests but put in an effort to even create in them a great love for nature. Some of the activities we conducted periodically have showed utmost sense of responsibility to conserve nature and its habitats in entire Malnad Region. Since now the travelers are aware of this magnificent destination we welcome more service providers to start their hospitality services in and around Chikmagalur. Reach us anytime to know more about any of the services offered by our company.

Coorg hill station terrains with my new vehicle

I am a travel enthusiast who has covered lengths and breadths of the country on road. Now since I’m settled down in Bangalore it has become common for me to visit Malnad region almost every weekends. The work schedule I’m put through literally demands for a complete revival once in a while. Looking for a reason to head out of Bangalore was, this time my new Toyota Fortuner. I love this vehicle as its suitable for all terrains and I wanted to stretch the muscle of this vehicle on a highway as well as visit some really cool place to take some stunning pictures of it.

Me and my family this time planned to visit Coorg or Kodagu in Karnataka. I assume that many of you are already aware of this place and have travelled at least once. What makes this trip different is I was driving my new car and have opted to take TravelMalnad as my stays provider. Both these unique elements gave us a memorable holiday experience.  We all were skeptic that we were choosing TravelMalnad for the first time as recommended by our good friend Mr Goel. Once we started working on the planned we realized that TravelMalnad scores ahead of any company in the industry in professionalism and transparency.

I chose to stay at their deluxe homestay and also a star category resort in Kodagu. Both the properties were awesome and our entire family gave positive feedbacks. To be honest some of the new places that we explored were really awesome. The travel experts helped us not just book homestays in Kodagu but to plan our itinerary with a lot of precision. The greatest pleasure of exploring my vehicle at a lush green destination came true and memorable. We recommend all those who want to explore coorg to take a look at and book your holiday without any hassles.

Agri-Tourism in Malnad Region of Karnataka

Agriculture is the backbone of our country; we all know this fact and taking a glimpse at this magnificent process will be a thrilling experience. Many children living in the cities are not exposed to the agriculture and some of them wonder when they visit a paddy field or a coffee estate during our holiday trips. We take immense pleasure in promoting Agri-Tourism as a special package for those who love to spend time the agriculturist’s way during the holiday. It would look simple but if you dwell on it further you will realize that it consists all the science and technology which the modern world has embraced.

In the today’s world, being an agriculturist is not the same as it used to be in the past. The days are gone where you had abundant labor force. Now one needs technology to handle a huge estate or do cultivations on paddy fields. The reality has come to a point where the agriculturist has become an innovator and started designing, manufacturing equipment on his own. There are several classic examples for innovative equipment designed in Malnad region some of them are Areca Dehusking machine, Pepper Dehusking machine, Areca bunch separator, Coffee Cultivation Machines…

Agri Tourism packages designed by us are all available online for bookings. All you need to do is freeze leisure dates and then speak to our travel experts.  We advise you the best itinerary as per the duration of holiday you are planning and number of people travelling in your group. All inclusive packages starting at as low as Rs 1500 is available per person per night. The intention is to give access to lot more people who would like to explore the agriculture lifestyle in Malnad region of Karnataka. Do call us anytime or write to us at for further information.

Estate and Plantation Stays in Karnataka

2015 holiday packages in Malnad Karnataka

As the New Year rolled so does new packages are introduced to our guests. We at TravelMalnad are committed to give best holiday services for travelers visiting Karnataka. Our accommodations have increased with more properties in each destination with best deals. You can avail all these services at just couple of clicks on our portal. We are experts in this domain for more than 10 years now and have understood the pulse of travelers better than any service provider in the market. This shows in our annual report of number of travelers, which is always graphed ascending in couple of thousands.

There are several packages designed by our travel experts and you have the liberty to look at each homestay/resort prices separately before doing a reservation. You can easily search accommodation, compare prices as per your travel destination and budget criteria and do online reservations. The ease of reserving your rooms is made easy with our online payment facilities and in time response with room availability and package details.

Some of the types of holiday themes that we have are;

  1. Heritage
  2. Nature
  3. Estate/Plantation
  4. Adventure
  5. Rejuvenation and Therapy
  6. Cottages and Tree Houses

The best part of our holiday themes is; all the properties are located in picturesque place and offer you best in class amenities. We indulge you in nature and make sure that you leave your holiday place with fond memories. The more number of nights you can spend with our holiday packages in malnad is the better as you can cover more activities and sightseeing places.