My memorable trip to Malnad in Karnataka

I work as a business analyst in a renowned company at Bangalore. Many of my friends are from Malnad region. I used to see the photos posted by them during their hometown visits. This attracted me as I also love outdoor activities during my spare time. Nature as we all know is our greatest teacher from whom we draw inspiration. It was a long time for me from going for a holiday to relax since 1 year. I and my wife decided to explore Malnad this time for our trip. Our journey started from Bangalore in our SUV which was also waiting like us for a long drive.

We were struck in planning our effective itinerary till we bumped on The team at Travel Malnad is very professional and knowledgeable about experiential holiday. Normally while planning a holiday there will be lot of confusions about accommodation, sightseeing, best route, time management, itinerary etc. To my surprise Travel Malnad solved all my holiday planner complications with few hours of discussion and email correspondence. As I had less time between my office hours I congratulate Travel Malnad team for being so helpful in solving my problem.

Destinations at close distance;

I lived abroad for a many years before moving back to India on my new job role. We came across Malnad through our friends and TravelMalnad team. It’s surprising to learn that not many people are even aware of these places. These destinations are at a close distance from Bangalore. You can also go for a weekend trip if not a complete vacation. We as couple loved travelling to any destination driving our vehicle and visiting Malnad was a blissful feeling.

Our trip started from Bangalore with a welcoming morning drizzle. Our drive to the first destination, Thirthahalli began at 6 AM. We clocked a drive of 6 hours to reach for lunch break at our designated stay. We were welcomed by a friendly host with a heartily smile on their faces. Malnad people are very good hosts with genuine hospitality intent. We just loved the way we were treated by our host. The authentic food served to us was amazing with varieties that we never tasted before.

Malnad destinations;

The places that we covered in Thirthahalli for next 2 days were Kuppalli, Agumbe, Kundadri, Kavaledurga, Varahi, Chibbalagudde. All places we went were like a testimony for the grandeur of Mother Nature. Our drive to all these places was comfortable as they are well connected by state highway. Since we traveled during the weekdays the places we visited were less crowded. Ample time for photography and bird watching based on the inputs given to us by Travel Malnad team.

After completing the itinerary for Tirthahalli we embarked on a journey of 2 hours to Chikmagalore. The coffee land of Karnataka had equal number of sightseeing to cover for us like Thirthahalli. We stayed in a cozy cottage right in the middle of a great coffee estate. I was new to the coffee planters’ life and watched it closely. It’s amazing we get to meet cultures and lifestyles by visiting places. We appreciate the effort agriculturists put to maintain greenery in these areas with their cultivation. As visitors we should acknowledge the efforts of people living fulltime in these tough terrains.

Coffee country of Karnataka;

As we were in Chikmagalur for 2 nights we wanted to cover maximum places. We went to the hills, played in the waterfalls and took a wildlife safari. You name it, they have it in Malnad region for your perfect getaway experience. We took some of the best pictures till date amongst all our holiday clicks. We got chance to do coffee estate tours, factory visits and coffee curing works in Chikkamagaluru. All our itinerary and planners were designed and fine-tuned by Travel Malnad. Thanks to the user-friendliness of the portal and great customer support.

We had plans to head to Coastal Karnataka from here but work beckoned us to Bangalore. We returned to Bangalore with loads of memories to share with our friends and peers. When we told our travel story everyone jumped on their toes for planning their trip with with our inputs. We were glad for choosing Malnad as our holiday destination than travelling to an unknown country. The reason we loved it so much because the Malnad people are friendly for the guests.



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Homestays in Sakleshpur – Group Holiday Ideas

Sakleshpura is a place close to Bangalore, Mangalore, Mysore, Shimoga and other major cities in Karnataka. If you are looking for a quiet estate stay then choose TravelMalnad homestays in Sakleshpura. The hand-picked stays are like destinations themselves with plenty of things to do. It could be a weekend or a long trip, you can customize your trip on the portal.

Sightseeing in Sakleshpura;

Sakleshpura offers natural sightseeing spots for travelers. One can indulge in adventure activities of choice during the trip. The rural Sakleshpura has several estate stays and they are available for online reservation on our portal. Compare the facilities to choose the right accommodation and book online at TravelMalnad.

Estate stays;

The natural set up around the homestays will certainly rejuvenate you. It will be nice getaway experience from your routine. The destination is drivable with well-connected roads.   There are different segments of estate stays to customize your trip. Experts at can help you plan a perfect itinerary.

Sakleshpur cuisines;

Sakleshpur hails as one of the best places in Malnad region. The local cuisine here is mainly in malnad style with a delicious diet. If you are a foodie who love to try local cuisines then we have exclusive places for you to stay.  Overall, planning of a trip to malnad has been made simple, time saving and affordable by TravelMalnad team.


Travel harness the learner in you

Go someplace that you never visited in your life. Travel makes you meet cultures, lifestyles, personalities and people different from you. You discover yourself when you stand at a distant from your life physically and metaphorically. Travel makes you humble about the gratifications life has offered you. Your creative mind gets active for the new challenges both at work and life.

The learner inside you is awakened and harnessed by travelling. You become sharper and sensitive for a lot of things in life. When you are in the nature the refreshment can be an enchanting experience. This is irreplaceable with any fun you think you indulge in a city. The senses of human beings are more active when they are in outdoor.

Nature is a teacher;

Researches has proven the innate ability of nature to nurture human beings. The study has proven just by looking at a photo of nature for 30 seconds can improves creativity significantly.  Travel triggers your imaginative spirit of mind, which is the essence of all inventions on earth. Doing things what locals does during your trip makes you identify yourself with cultures.

Your mind’s flexibility to do things differently gets more fuel from your travel. If you are flexible in work means you are more productive. We at Travel Malnad hand pick travel destinations in Karnataka that you can even pick for a weekend. It’s awesome to travel and explore rural tourism in Karnataka. Take that village walk or a bullock cart ride which you never did before. Allow your mind to open up for more ideas and inspirations that travel can throw at you.

Gain perspectives;

Your perspectives widen with more insight into imaginations that your mind generates while travelling. Travelling makes us happier with appreciation for minute things in life. Your gratification level increases with trust for people around you. Travel makes you wiser with information and characters that you pick from places you visit. Visit Malnad for nature holidays and experience the blissful moments of life.

Travel Tips for visitors to Malnad

Travelers coming for the first time need these useful tips while planning a trip. Malnad is a combination of beautiful destinations which can be covered as connecting spots. In Malnad region there are few places that are close to coastal stretch in Karnataka. You can add them in your itinerary if you are a fan of beach games. While touring in Malnad you must be aware that it’s a pristine green destination. Your contribution will be highly valued in preserving such a paradise in Karnataka. The locals have vigilante teams to protect their surrounding from littering or illegal camping sites. The Karnataka forest department in coordination with local community have been working to preserve. Here are few tips for visitors to Malnad Region in Karnataka.

Together we can preserve Malnad Greenery:

  1. Do not litter – Carry all your food and miscellaneous wastage and throw it in garbage bins,
  2. Open parties prohibited – Consuming alcohol in public is anyway prohibited. Beware of strict rules which can put you in trouble if you have parked a vehicle roadside and consuming alcohol.
  3. Camping Rules – Do not fall prey to Trekking and Camping companies running their business without prior permissions from concerned local authorities. They won’t help you when you are caught camping in an unauthorized forest or hilltop location.
  4. Trekking Rules – If you are planning for a trekking in Malnad then you need forest entry permissions. Most of the reserve forest in this region have strict rules. Speak to your host or hotel owner before venturing into unknown forest areas.
  5. Waterfalls Rules – Most of the waterfalls will be crowded during weekends. You need to be careful while playing in the water or posing for a selfie. Water can be a very dangerous place to play prank with friends.
  6. Birdwatching – Carry binoculars and stand at a distance to watch birds. If there is a nest around then beware it’s a bird’s home and needs privacy.
  7. Wildlife – There are several wildlife safaris organised by Govt of Karnataka. Do not venture into forest in the name of adventure and animal spotting. There are cases of wildlife animal attacks because of tourist negligence.
  8. Campfire – We can give you campfire at our Malnad Homestays during your stay. Do not venture into open fields or paddy fields in the name of ‘enjoying in nature’.
  9. Be a responsible traveller – If you find any other travellers misbehaving in tourist spots you can report tourism guards appointed by the Government. Educate your friends and family members by sharing this blog or spreading the word on whatsapp.

Please carry a copy of your ID Proof to check in to any hotel/homestay/resort/club in Malnad Region,


Thank you,

Travel Malnad Team,

Homestays in Karnataka for experiential holiday

Homestays in Karnataka has etched a special mark in the tourism industry. Its culture, heritage, art, technology, history is world famous now. The state manages to pull good number of domestic and international tourists. There are lot of things to do for travelers with different tastes and preferences of vacation. Karnataka as a destination is well connected with air, train and road. You can sit in the comfort of your home or office and plan your trip online at TravelMalnad.

Home Stays in Karnataka:

Homestays in Karnataka played pivotal role in offering local lifestyle and cuisine to visitors. The guest is treated like a family member and never as a customer and that made it all the difference. You will be stressed and in need of a peaceful location for relaxation. Homestays are such places where tranquility and serenity overcomes all madness of life.  Result, you feel elevated to an all new level of enchantment by visiting nature.

Malnad in Karnataka:

Malnad is a cocoon of green destinations in Karnataka for travelers. You will be welcomed by waterfalls, streams and estates all over the place. A nature photographer and enthusiast should never miss to visit this blissful world. Most of the homestays are run by locals and mostly estate owners. This gives an opportunity for visitors to live the planters’ life on a vacation.

Plantation Holiday Ideas:

Plantation holidays in Karnataka is essentially originated with homestay concept. Those who want to skip staying in a hotel amidst city atmosphere certainly chose homestay. This encouraged the hosts to become more professional in offering comfortable stay. The properties listed on Travel Malnad are some of the most respected hosts and best hospitality services. You can choose any number of nights to stay and we can design your trip instantly. Your memorable holiday experience is our promise.

Nature Holiday homestays and resort in Thirthahalli

The divine power of nature is such that the visitor will feel its enchanting touch. Thirthahalli is a paradise located in Malnad region of Karnataka. Often called as the heart of Malnad region. Tirthahalli has a lot to offer for the visitors. You can spend quality time doing bird watching or playing in the water streams amidst plantations. Areca plantations are more in this area there are several estate homestays and resorts in Thirthahalli.

Thirthahalli holiday

There are many sightseeing places here which are in proximity to most of the stays. If you are a specific reason like photography, bird watching, macro photography, nature studies, trekking, relaxation.. then you should plan right. You trip planned on TravelMalnad gives an edge of creating unique itinerary based on your requirement.

Book your stay online

The online reservation system with options of card payment has enable urban travelers access these stays. so far has assisted 16 Lakhs travelers looking for experiential holidays in Karnataka. Your trip is your choice and you should be fully able to customize. We as a team has strived to achieve maximum customization for our guests. Join us in creating more happy trips for yourself and your loved ones.


Experience Malnad and Coastal Karnataka through estate and plantation stays

Karnataka’s green belt Malnad hosts a good number of deluxe and luxury estate homestays and resorts. Those who are new to the region need not worry about where to book safe plantation accommodations. Travel Malnad has digitized and simplified quality vacation bookings in Malnad Karnataka. There are several brands and service providers in the region who are now hosts for luxury vacation seekers in Karnataka. Many properties nestled amidst the greenery here are like a destination themselves offering indulgent holiday experience.

The hosts in Malnad;

The hosts listed on portals like TravelMalnad are professionals and cherry-picked by experts in the industry. The advantage of planning your trip with us is we specialize in all segments of the holiday planner. We provide professional services and creative ideas for holiday. Our stays, activities, transfers and cuisines are the best in the market and people travel with us year after year to experience it. You can compare stays & facilities as per your budget to choose one that is best for you.

We also specialize in hospitality services & know the pulse of each traveler to recommend the best for their trip. Your leisure is your precious time and you have all the right to spend it meaningfully. Our services are evolved based on visitors’ inputs and requirements, our promise is that only best services can prevail on our portal. Our services is focused on experiential holidays in Karnataka. Those who look for holiday as a creation of experience should book a homestay with us.

Group travel and packages;

We have exclusive itinerary for group travelers planning to visiting Karnataka. The duration ranging from 2 nights to 4 nights where you can cover entire Malnad hot spots clubbed with beaches of Coastal Karnataka. It’s easy to plan your trip and book your choice of stays with our completely online booking system. It takes only few minutes for making a booking.


Chikmagalur Homestays for Weekend Getaways from Bangalore

Going for a long drive during a weekend is one of the most common activities for city dwellers and professionals living in Bangalore. Many places in and around Bangalore attract these getaway enthusiasts. Chikmagalur is one such popular hot spots in Karnataka for city dwellers. If you are a nature lover and want to drive/ride amidst the greenery then there is a good news for you. The distance from Bangalore to Chikmagalur is only 244 Kms only and well connected.The roads are very well laid till the last mile connectivity of your destination.

Typically, the homestays in Chikmagalur are nestled in the coffee estates and plantations. The private estates here have now become hospitality service providers for tourists. They are known for offering accommodation with a touch of local lifestyle and cuisines. There are several homestays in Chikmagalur but we have cherry picked the best. Chosen exclusively for their experiential holiday packages designed for visitors. The tariff is customizable and you can pick and choose your planner online.

Why choose Chikmagalur for holiday?

There are pure vegetarian and multi cuisine luxury stays that cater to people from all walks of life. If you are a person who want to spend a weekend reading books in the coffee estates. Spend time just lazing in a village walk or playing in the water stream amidst plantation, then you must choose cottage stay. Pick the best from TravelMalnad as you get transparent booking facility.

You can search and book the homestay of your choice on our portal with complete details. The itinerary can be planned as per your travel dates and choice of holidaying ideas. There are several things you can do by visiting Chikmagalore and you can plan your weekend trip quickly & also book rooms securely. All price range rooms and cottages are available on our portal for your comparison.

Rural homestays in Malnad Region of Karnataka

The word rural need not be equated for bad roads or less amenities for holiday goers. Indian government with its rural development programs has developed most of the rural connecting roads to the highways. Which means it’s a good news for travelers to Malnad region, you need not have to worry about driving to any of the destinations. Visiting a rural homestay for an authentic malnad lifestyle experience is easy now.

Those who are planning a trip to malnad must choose a rural homestay as they will be amidst estate and plantations and you can be closer to nature. Along with that you can cover several sightseeing places in and around your stay. A perfect itinerary from Travel Malnad can help you better manage your time and cover all places during the trip. There are different formats of itinerary which you can get customized from our expert team.

Customize your rural visit:

You can organize your trip by also adding multiple destinations as they can be connecting with hardly 2 hours’ drive sometimes. Why miss a nearest destination when you are already in the holiday mood. All destinations listed on our portal has best homestays and resorts and you can book with confidence about best hospitality. You can take a free quote online using the portal and book your rooms online.

Facilities designed for comfort:

Though these homestays are located in the rural region they are designed with modern amenities. Some rural stays are in rustic architecture and are traditional malnad houses turned into hospitality services. A prudent traveler always plans their trip well in advance keeping several factors in mind and our team can assist in it.

Malnad cuisines:

One of the must mention highlights of visiting these rural stays is their mouthwatering local delicacies. You must try the authentic Malnad cuisine in these places to know how relishing for your taste buds. Many hosts offer both Malnad and Continental cuisines at their rural homestays to give you a chance to try both.

The rural tourism in Malnad Region of Karnataka

The youth from rural parts migrate to the cities in search of jobs, livelihood, career and opportunities. Likewise, city dwellers look forward for opportunities to spend time in the rural India. There are age old terms and proverbs which suits this situation better “longing and belonging” & “grass on the other side always looks green”.  The irony of life is; we are constantly in search of ‘something better’ than what we already possess. The idea of completeness for human beings do not come from single element of experiences. It’s a permutation and combination we all try to understand and strive to cultivate in our daily routine.

The rural Karnataka has seen a paradigm shift in employment creation through development of tourism sector, which otherwise was dominated only by agricultural activities. Several people have migrated from cities to rural parts to take part in hospitality services and its allied businesses. Last few years was good for the tourism sector in terms of increase in number of quality hospitality services offered for travelers. Malnad is a prominent region which attracts a huge real estate investments made for hospitality services annually. It is an inclusive growth for rural Maland region as it creates steady jobs and business opportunities for the local people.

Malnad region can be considered as a model region for tourism development and employment creation in Karnataka. The tourist footfall has increased over the years boosting the economy at large and also in creating skilled jobs in this region. The rural parts now receive tourists and there is infrastructure ready to accommodate and provide food services clubbed with other nature activities for the guests. TravelMalnad has been working with hospitality service providers and continuously striving to make the region as one of the most preferred destinations for domestic and international travelers.

You can plan your itinerary with us as per your requirements. There are different duration holiday planners to experience authentic malnad. We recommend you speak to our travel expert who can help you design your holiday. If you are travelling with children and want to show them nature closely there are places and activities designed exclusively for them.