Vacation is a precious time spent beyond your routine activities.  A green destination for such a leisure time would be like a blessing come in disguise. There are only few green holiday destinations in India and Malnad is one such paradise for nature lovers. It is a well-connected region from major cities in Southern India. You can plan a short or a long trip with customized holiday and stay ideas and packages from Travel Malnad.

The forest and plantations in Malnad beckons you for a refreshing time with your friends and family members. Most of the terrains in malenadu is covered with hill stations, forests and plantations. A large chunk of the land is potentially utilized for agricultural activities in this region. The agriculturists of this region are the caretakers of the major forest region and have contributed in securing the green cover. As an additional revenue the farm stays or home stays have been encouraged in the region. There are thousands of best estates who cater to the needs of millions of visitors to Malnad.

Travel Malnad, a pioneer company from the region has been instrumental in shaping a positive vibe among tourists for Malnad. The destinations and stays are carefully listed with a prime goal to provide memorable vacation experience for visitors. Malnad is a place where you can take refuge from your daily city routines and unwind yourself amidst greenery. The charm of Mother Nature is such that you will be awestruck by its beauty.

Malnad is a combination of hill stations, rivers, forests, estates, plantations and if you travel to nearby coastal then its beaches and islands. We have designed holiday packages combining Coastal Karnataka tourism along with Malnad Tourism for your comfort. Interested travelers can seek information while visiting places like Thirthahalli or Coorg in Karnataka from where Coastal is a nearby getaway destination. Take a free quote online at and start planning your memorable trip.


“Out of the city and over the hill,

Into the spaces where Time stands still..

..Crossing the little bridge, losing my way,

But finding a friendly place where I can stay”

  • Ruskin Bond