Malnad is traditionally known as the hub for best hospitality. The people of this region are very friendly and from ages are popular among tourists as warm hospitality providers. In the past, tourists used to visit the destinations of Malnad by booking a hotel or simply staying at their relatives places. Now the Malnad hospitality is wide open and available in several formats like homestays, resorts, cottages, star category hotels… So in other words there are multiple options for your comfortable stay amidst nature in Malnad homestays.

Malnadu for weekend getaway

If you are currently living in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune or any city in India. The city life has its own limitations and the nature is always abundant for human beings. It can teach you, rejuvenate you, relax your mind and even make you a different person altogether. We need to be open minded to receive the vibes that are created by nature. Once we learn to experience those enchanting moments of nature then we will start realizing about the little and most beautiful things that we would have ignored in the past.

When is the last time you have seen a sunrise or sunset? When was the last you saw a flower blossom? When was the time you watched an ocean or a river and listened to its music? Don’t remember? Quiet often it happens in our rat race for ‘Success’ in life in our city routines and schedules. The heavenly activities that happen as a routine around us in the nature might be very beautiful but we would have not realized its irrevocable value to stop and watch them. As mentioned earlier, the rat race would have made all of us ‘so busy’ to consider the blissfulness of nature. If you want to take an actual break from all your work and visit nature then you must choose the Malnad region in Karnataka. It’s an overwhelmingly beautiful region with abundant natural resources everywhere.

Nature as a healing effect for soul

Why you should take those relaxing breaks in nature? The reason is very simple, we all crave for peaceful mind that can make us creative and intelligent. Most often we tend to get too busy in our work life that make us forget about exercising our brain. What if you are offered a weekend stay at a cottage right in the heart of the nature where you can take those walks introspecting yourself or sit on the bench near a stream and read books for hours. That’s called the blissful holiday experience and nature stays in Malnad region can give you that experience.

Once these nice moments enter your memory lane it gets engraved and charges your brain and body to become more creative and productive. Many entrepreneurs who holiday with TravelMalnad services have told us in their feedback “it’s unique and creative and charges them”. This makes us as a team to strive for making our services more user friendly and professional with unique ideas every time you call us or write an email for visiting Malnadu.

Rural tourism promotion

TravelMalnad portal was the pioneer promoter of Malnad as a destination for domestic and international visitors looking for nature holidays in South India. We get a lot of thinkers, writers, actors, musicians, engineers, doctors, students, agriculturists, businessmen, travel agents, photographers, journalists… visit Malnad using Travel Malnad Stays. The common feedback received so far shows that they were all “relaxed” amidst the nature. The time they spend in nature stays are made memorable with a team effort including the staff and owners of the properties.

TravelMalnad is a leading portal for Malenadu Region where you can book your holidays online from any part of the globe. The technology and social presence of the portal has made it reach several travel communities across the globe. We are proud to share with you that we have created hundreds of thousands happy travelers footprints in Malnadu Karnataka.