Have you been on a trip to Karnataka and chosen homestay accommodation? Something from a reliable source like Travel Malnad®? This is a travelog I wanted to write immediately after my trip to Malnad in the month of Jan. Unfortunately, the pandemic, lockdowns, restrictions, business slowdowns have kind of kept me hooked to one or the other priority tasks. Human beings carry memories with them registered in their mind for a long period of time.

My memory lane was so strongly imprinted by the etches of good holiday experiences created by my visit to the Malnad region in Karnataka using the portal travelmalnad.com (Travel Malnad®). These guys are the best and highly reliable in their commitment to service guarantee. No shoddy offers, no overpricing, and not even booking fee for the service rendered. Besides these fundamentals, they are giving tourists the power of choosing verified stays with pre-check holiday packages.

We were lucky that bumped their portal while searching casually on google. Later when I send the URL to my Bangalore buddy, he recommended going ahead with them as their teams had already used Travel Malnad® services. I am writing a lengthy prologue for this blog because in the past we had experienced a bad service provider and their arrogant attitude after the money is collected from us. This time it was different and even I personally called up the promoter of business and congratulated him on his visionary leadership in training his entire team.

When you hear of homestay service, you think it’s cheap and best accommodation. I found the services, location, ambiance of homestays are beyond the expectation that we had this time. Later we realized that we could actually customize our entire trip and saved a lot of money. No silly reasons were given by anyone during our trip by charging us extra cost. What we agreed had remained the same till we departed Bangalore. We happily tipped a lot of guys on the trip because we knew we had booked a real value for a money holiday package.

Homestays in Karnataka could be at different destinations but you must choose Travel Malnad® as it will add a lot of pampering free services that are essential for your trip. For instance, we had been given a private villa for accommodation, we camped in a private hilltop property with the campfire, we were given glimpses of agri-tourism in Karnataka… All these things we had not even asked while booking our trip with Travel Malnad®. Later we got to know that its passion for showing real Malnad to tourists by the entire team gave all those access to us as tourists who had come all the way from London. It was fun, it was reliable, it was safe, it was incredible malnad holiday experience to my entire family. There are a lot of other guys trying to either copycat Travel Malnad® or could be trying to create their own path in this. But trust me as I have compared different guys, this time it was a very relaxed trip without any bad surprises for my family. Peace of mind guaranteed to anyone who uses the service on their portal. I will be sharing my entire travelogue in a week’s time here so that you can see more photos and locations.