I work as a business analyst in a renowned company at Bangalore. Many of my friends are from Malnad region. I used to see the photos posted by them during their hometown visits. This attracted me as I also love outdoor activities during my spare time. Nature as we all know is our greatest teacher from whom we draw inspiration.

It was a long time for me from going on a holiday to relax for 1 year. I and my wife decided to explore Malnad this time for our trip. Our journey started from Bangalore in our SUV which was also waiting like us for a long drive.

We were stuck in planning our effective itinerary till we bumped on TravelMalnad.com. The team at Travel Malnad is very professional and knowledgeable about the experiential holidays. Normally while planning a holiday there will be a lot of confusion about accommodation, sightseeing, best route, time management, itinerary, etc.

To my surprise, Travel Malnad solved all my holiday planner complications with few hours of discussion and email correspondence. As I had less time between my office hours I congratulate Travel Malnad team for being so helpful in solving my problem.

Destinations at close distance

I lived abroad for many years before moving back to India on my new job role. We came across Malnad through our friends and TravelMalnad team. It’s surprising to learn that not many people are even aware of these places.

These destinations are at a close distance from Bangalore. You can also go for a weekend trip if not a complete vacation. We as a couple loved traveling to any destination driving our vehicle and visiting Malnad was a blissful feeling.

Our trip started in Bangalore with a welcoming morning drizzle. Our drive to the first destination, Thirthahalli began at 6 AM. We clocked a drive of 6 hours to reach for a lunch break at our designated stay.

We were welcomed by a friendly host with a heartily smile on their faces. Malnad people are very good hosts with genuine hospitality intent. We just loved the way we were treated by our host. The authentic food served to us was amazing with varieties that we never tasted before.

Malnad destinations;

The places that we covered in Thirthahalli for the next 2 days were Kuppalli, Agumbe, Kundadri, Kavaledurga, Varahi, Chibbalagudde. All places we went were like a testimony to the grandeur of Mother Nature. Our drive to all these places as comfortable as they are well connected by a state highway.

Since we traveled during the weekdays the places we visited were less crowded. Ample time for photography and bird watching based on the inputs given to us by Travel Malnad team.

After completing the itinerary for Tirthahalli we embarked on a journey of 2 hours to Chikmagalur. The coffee land of Karnataka had an equal number of sightseeing to cover for us like Thirthahalli. We stayed in a cozy cottage right in the middle of a great coffee estate. I was new to the coffee planters’ life and watched it closely.

It’s amazing we get to meet cultures and lifestyles by visiting places. We appreciate the effort agriculturists put to maintain greenery in these areas with their cultivation. As visitors, we should acknowledge the efforts of people living full-time in these tough terrains.

Coffee country of Karnataka;

As we were in Chikmagalur for 2 nights we wanted to cover maximum places. We went to the hills, played in the waterfalls, and took a wildlife safari. You name it, they have it in Malnad region for your perfect getaway experience. We took some of the best pictures to date amongst all our holiday clicks.

We got a chance to do coffee estate tours, factory visits and coffee curing works in Chikkamagaluru. All our itineraries and planners were designed and fine-tuned by Travel Malnad. Thanks to the user-friendliness of the portal and great customer support.

We had plans to head to Coastal Karnataka from here but work beckoned us to Bangalore. We returned to Bangalore with loads of memories to share with our friends and peers. When we told our travel story everyone jumped on their toes for planning their trip with TravelMalnad.com with our inputs.

We were glad for choosing Malnad as our holiday destination than traveling to an unknown country. The reason we loved it so much because the Malnad people are friendly to the guests.



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