It is always a nostalgic feeling when I drive through the woods and plantations of Malnad region. As young boys and girls we were running carefree and in complete sync with the nature. There was no fear at all to enter a forest, play with the plants and trees and return with memorable gifts of nature. The fruits and flowers that we brought home were preserved for months considering them most valuable, which is now replaced by materialism and work life. Malnad is a unique destination for those who want to live in harmony with nature. The more you spend time in Malenadu the better person you will become in the lap of Mother Nature.

Childhood in Malnad;

In our childhood days we used to cycle between places which are now popular as “sightseeing places”. There was no traffic and no worries, we were young and energetic and had covered miles together exploring places from morning till evening. Streams, waterfalls, mountains we scaled have been etched in my memory lane. The birds, monkeys, deers, sometimes bison we had encountered all seem to be extinct. Squirrels and sparrows are a rare sight and the camera lens searches for it today. Why human beings drifted away from nature? I always ask this question myself, sit and introspect and one answer I find is the ‘rat race’ and ‘prosperity’ we seek in city life is one of the reasons.

While I was doing my master degree I used to visit my hometown in Malnad region where I grew up as a child. The love I received from people there made me feel that ‘home coming’ experience. Your roots are always strongest and stay deep in your hearts. Wherever in the world you might be travelling or working, the feeling of your ‘hometown’ is like the love of your mother. It’s irreplaceable and always beautiful.

As a tourism hub;

Over the years malnadu region has evolved from a hub of agriculture to a famous holiday destination in Karnataka. The places here are always green and the temperature is moderate, apt for nature loving travelers. The local agriculturists in rural parts have added homestays and resort facility to welcome tourists. The rooms and cottages amidst the plantations gives a touch special holiday experience for the visitors. You can choose to stay for a short or long weekend holiday and yet cover most of the sightseeing places. I congratulate Travel Malnad team for this tremendous effort of giving seamless and safe booking facility for the best rural holidays in Malnad. We had a tremendous holiday experience by choosing as our travel partner. We will be doing multiple trips in near future. Keep up the good work.

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Narayan, New Delhi, India.