Weekends are like a break from our work and stressful weekdays. Human beings need revival of energy before getting back working incessantly. Weekends are meant for reading that unfinished novel or cleaning up your room. More than these chores, if you are a travel enthusiast you must dedicate weekends for planned road trips. When you travel to a nice destination it’s not just about seeing places or eating food, you get space for yourself and time for introspections and course corrections.

Explore Malnad;

If you are not aware of Malnad region in Karnataka then we assist you in understanding this beautiful destination. Malnad is a region comprising many popular holiday destinations in Karnataka. If you have heard about coffee estate homestays, waterfalls, hill station cottages, Malnad cuisines, rafting, trekking, plantation holidays… then it’s in Malnad region. You would be surprised to know that within 4-5 hours’ drive from Bangalore you can visit any of these destinations.

Holiday planner for your preference

There are different holiday planners you can shop at Travel Malnad. You can customize your trip as per your requirement and book rooms online. The duration can be 1 night or 2 nights or 3 nights, there are exclusive packages for your needs. Travel Malnad has a wide range of holiday packages with deals to match your vacation ideas.

Birding haven for bird life photographers

Malnad is popular from ages for its rich habitats with wildlife and birdlife and bird lovers will like this place for sure. Since you will be staying mostly in the estates/plantation/forest areas when you choose cottages for your getaway from Travel Malnad. You will get to see birds from your bedrooms in the morning. We have seen a lot of bird photographers wake up in the morning and wait just in the courtyard of their stays and capture awesome bird photos.

Cottage in the woods of Malnad

A lot of our visitors holidaying with us from several years love to stay amidst the greenery. In fact Malenadu or Malnad means “The land of forest and rains”. You can choose from a long list of best cottages amidst the estates and plantations or forest areas of Malnad region, these are absolutely safe and secure destinations where thousands of travelers have already visited and had wonderful weekend getaway experiences. You can email us on info@travelmalnad.com or call/whatsapp these customer support numbers 9480595888 / 9480565888 and plan your trip. Or simply log on to https://www.travelmalnad.com/.