Malnad Vacation Homes in Estates

The holiday services in Karnataka has become more fun for the traveler with estate homestays as accommodation. Earlier, estates like coffee, tea, areca plantations in Karnataka were accessible only to the planters. With the introduction of homestays in tourism, the traditional planters started to accept guests at their homes with stay facilities and food services. Ever since the homestays services opened up in rural parts of Karnataka, the nature-loving travelers looking for countryside holidays started visiting more often. Being a pioneer in this industry promoting rural homestays services in Karnataka, Travel Malnad® has delivered the best services since 2005. The hosts are selected and listed based on a strict criterion for professionalism and passion for tourism.

Malnad homestay concept

In the beginning years, we had a tough time convincing guests to stay in a remote location amidst an estate or forest region. Most people asked us ‘is it safe?’. Once they used our services their impression changed, they visited more often than we expected. Yes, the current pandemic in the world has slowed down all activities and the most hit is the tourism sector. We are most happy about some of our clients who we assisted in difficult times for their long-duration stays at our homestays. Either they were forced to vacate their rented homes or they just wanted to come and work from home amidst an estate ambiance. The best part of this journey is our hosts who have been very accommodating at all times with utmost love towards their services.

Hosts at Best Malnad Homestays

Hosts can list their stays free of cost at Travel Malnad® to receive our guests without any contract, agreement, or any type of silly paperwork. We have been a bridge between homestays in Karnataka and tourists from all over the globe since 2005. One thing we have kept it very clear is the transparent pricing and services offered. Our clients who have been visiting our stays ever since have received improved service quality every time they visit us. This has made them most happy as a consumer who is paying exactly for whatever the services offered. There is a ‘No Booking Fee’ guarantee for all our portal users. This helps you save a lot of money while making a reservation for your future holiday in Karnataka. The compare tool on our portal helps you get an unbiased comparison of price and facility of our listed malnad stays, then you can make an informed booking decision. Write to us or call us any time if you want to clarify more about the packages available for the season.