Travelers or tourists who are thinking to explore a new destination for this holiday can visit malnad. Malnad a land of greenery and exquisite eco diversity is known for heavy rains and hospitality. Travelers can look for historically significant tourist destinations in and around malnad. There are several ancient forts and temples with ancient Indian history reflected on etch of the ruins. Some of those ancient forts are excavated and displayed to the public.

Tourists who are visiting malnad can book accommodation in homestays and resorts. Homestays are native families who provide accommodation and food facility with a unique hospitality. Whereas resorts are places with a restaurant and will operate the same way as any other resort across India. The specialty of homestays and resorts in malnad is they do not call travelers as customers but guests.

Travelers can choose any of the homestays and resorts according to their tastes and preferences at travel malnad. It is better to place a booking prior to the visit since the homestays and resorts find it more convenient to have advance booking. Travelers can place online booking request by completing an online application. Travel malnad team will get back to you after processing your application.