Karnataka Homestays – Home away from Home

What are you doing this weekend?? Taking a break and driving down to one of the best destination in Karnataka? How much you have explored the Malnad region in Karnataka? If you are still wondering where is Malnad region, we are here to assist you with all necessary information and services. Malnad, a beautiful region in Karnataka for its valleys, ghats, greenery, natural landscapes, sceneries, adventure, rejuvenation and what not? You can have a perfect holiday visiting the Malnad region in Karnataka.

Karnataka homestays offer a warm hospitality and a good cater of the local tradition, lifestyle and cuisines. Travel with us and experience the real fun of experiencing the rural Karnataka that too the Malnad region, one of the most celebrated holiday destinations in Karnataka. Those who are planning to visit a destination which is a combination of adventure and rejuvenation is Malnad region in Karnataka.

You can choose some of the best homestays in Karnataka using the Travel Malnad web portal. The information is transparently displayed at Travel Malnad to help travelers understand the differences between the nuances of facilities and tariff of homestays in Karnataka. You can book your choice of homestay online at Travel Malnad. If the travel planning is easy online why not do it and visit Karnataka for rejuvenation.

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