Thirthahalli Homestays

Thirthahalli is a tiny township in Karnataka that you find in the Malnad region specifically. Those of you who have already seen it and explored in and around will be surprised to know more interesting facts about Thirthahalli that you might love to explore in your next visit. Thirthahalli has been a well-known place amongst people of Karnataka for its Nature, great leaders, poets, thinkers, and also tasty cuisines. Besides these facts, there are a lot more things that might be interesting to you.

  1. The month of December every year will witness a great fair called Yellamasye. The entire town gets lighted up for the grand celebrations with Rathabeedi filled with shopping stalls and shoppers from all over the places in Karnataka. You must see the last day cracker celebration that happens at the Tunga river bank. Thousands of people congregate in the moonlight to witness this grandeur.
  2. Chibbalagudde, which is at 4 Km from Thirthahalli town is one of its kind Ganesha Temple with ancient history tagged to its name. This is the only place in the whole district that has a natural fish pond where people can feed fishes and even touch them to take blessings.
  3. Kuppalli, national laureate Kuvempu’s birthplace is now a study center, museum, and gallery for enthusiasts who are interested in Malnad culture, literature, and lifestyle learning. Several literary events take place at this grand place in Tirthahalli.
  4. Agumbe is the Western Ghats junction between the Malnad region and Coastal Karnataka. Just a drive down the Ghat Section you will reach the Coastal region. This is the place where you can think of doing nature photography and trekking. You must be aware that prior permission from the Forest Department is a must to enter the forests in Agumbe.
  5. Arecanut plantations are the most popular agriculture crop in Thirthahalli. You will find a lot of plantations wherever you drive around in the destination. Travel Malnad® has some of the best plantation homestays in Thirthahalli for your luxurious accommodation requirement.
  6. There are selected places you find that give access to River Tunga. The water level will be friendly for swimmers and those who just want to play in the water. Travel Malnad® has waterfront stays exclusively for those who love these types of activities.
  7. You must be aware that open space partying or camping is prohibited in and around the Thirthahalli forest regions. If you want to do camping then do only at private properties suggested by Travel Malnad®. It will be safe & secure along with the best quality services offered on-site.
  8. Thirthahalli cuisine is one of the most popular types of cuisines under Malnad Recipes & Food. You will find a whole list of cuisines and also you can relish them by staying at any of the listed stays under

Nature Homestays in Thirthahalli

There are a lot of nature trails and places to cover in Thirthahalli that hosts at Travel Malnad® can guide you freely and happily. You can customize a holiday package with us to gain the maximum out of your trip planner. The homestays we offer are exclusive properties suitable for a comfortable holiday experience.