It was quite a long time since me and my team took a break and travelled out for a holiday. We all were searching for a picturesque destination to explore and hence we came across this exotic place in Karnataka called Thirthahalli. When we wanted to book the holiday we came across travel malnad assisting us and guiding us in detail. It was a superb exposure for us when we learnt the nuances of planning an effective itinerary along with travel malnad team.

There are many sightseeing places to visit in and around Thirthahalli. Who will know which the best place to visit is and how we can manage time while travelling in thirthahalli. There are many types of accommodation available for travelers coming to Thirthahalli. You got to understand one thing that there are packages that can be custom designed as per your requirements especially when you are travelling in a bigger group.

We got corporate group package at a homestay in thirthahalli which we had booked for 4 nights. It was a superb holiday experience at Thirthahalli. We had river to dive in and mountains to climb. Nature is just 0Kms as rightly said by Travel Malnad team. We appreciate out of mile support given by the team and the route directions at all points. The booking process was also very simple and the reservation was done without any hassles. We all travelled peacefully and enjoyed holiday at thirthahalli thoroughly.